Why You Should Never Date Someone You Work with at the Office

by Michelle Devani

Spending more than six hours together everyday, locked up between walls to make a living is a stressful daily life you have to get through. To make the day a little bearable, people tend to look for an eye candy at the office. But office romance is not recommended, as there are many reasons why you should never date someone you work with.

When it seems dating a coworker is the best idea—you can see each other everyday and if you get lucky enough you can stay close throughout the day. If it’s anything lovely and happy, it usually lasted only one or two month at the start or dating but the rest will feels like a torture.

Continue to read all the reasons why you should never date someone you work with.

  1. Curiosity of Your Officemates

Once you go public with your relationship, don’t wish your other coworkers would stay cool about it. They will never stop peeking out on you and watch every of you and your beau move. They have their eyes on you every time your beau stop by your desk or purposely staying up late to spend more time together. They never fail to notice every little move you make.

  1. You Don’t Get a Chance to Miss Them

Missing your loved one feel like hell but seeing them everyday makes you get sick of them quickly. You really miss your chance to miss each other since you work at the same place. Even though you are in different departments, you still can see them in the morning or when you get off from work. See also How to Tell a Guy You Miss Him Without Saying It

  1. You Will Become the Talk of the Town

As said above, you make yourself a celebrity if you date your coworker. How could you not when you become the talk of everyone in the office. From junior staffs to managers, they at least have once mentioning your name. And if there’s anything new, they’ll get the update pretty soon.

  1. It’s Hard to Keep Focus

If you think that dating your own officemate would somehow improve your performance at work, get rid of the innocent thought quickly. In fact, dating in the office is the biggest distraction for every worker. You turn your head around every time they walk past you, and during the meeting you can’t get your eyes off of him. Be careful since the decrease of your performance may lead into dismissal. See also How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Kiss Him Over Text

  1. Your Conversation is Monotonous

Meet you partner at the end of the day, exchange stories of what happen at work is the ideal picture of dating. Those things seems so far away since you date someone you work with. All the talk you have revolve around work and the friends you’d talk about is the same person. Definitely another reason why you should never date someone you work with.

  1. A Messy Work/Life Balance

A lot of people nowadays struggle to maintain the balance of life and working. Life outside work often become an escape from the hectic days. But your life is circling in the place if you date your coworker. It’s almost impossible to refrain from worklife since your lover is your own coworker. See also Signs A Coworker Has A Crush On You Secretly

  1. Too Much Jealousy

Jealousy is another thing to face when you date your officemate. If you happen to date your manager or your boss, your other coworkers start to whisper behind your back, suspecting you of receiving a special treatment and in time you will be ostracized.

Another kind of jealousy you have to face is from both of you. You will no longer feel free to have a convo with opposite sex friends and so do they. All office couple can’t avoid this and groundless jealousy could lead into a series of endless drama.

  1. You Can’t Enjoy Lunchtime Anymore

Lunchtime becomes a new problem if you date someone you work with. You will be contemplated whether to have lunch everyday with them or not. What if you want to spend lunch with other but they insist on having it with you? Or the time when you want to eat alone but they won’t let you go. Since when lunch become such a complicated thing? See also How to Get A Capricorn Man to Leave You Alone

  1. Goodbye Vacation

You think dating within the office is comfortable as you get to see each other everyday, right? But everyday is indeed the only time where you see each other. If you dream of having a romantic vacation, your chance is zero. Managers never allow two workers out at the very same time.

  1. You Can’t Escape Them No Matter What

It’s impossible not to have fight and argument when you’re dating. At times where you should be alone, reflecting on the situation to make a reconciliation you still have to see each other. Instead of making things better, it only adds unnecessary drama at workplace. See also Things to Do When You and Your Boyfriend Are Fighting

  1. You May Lose Your Job

Many companies doesn’t allow dating between coworkers as it may affect them. If you take the risk to date, violating the company’s rule you have to be ready to be fired anytime. Is it really worth it?

  1. Breakup is Disastrous

At the beginning of the relationship, everything is butterflies and roses. But no one can guarantee how long your relationship will last. But most office romance didn’t make it and breakup is the most disastrous thing ever. Not only both of you feel uncomfortable, your others coworker will find themselves in awkward situation as they feel forced to choose sides. See also How to Cheer Yourself Up After a Bad Breakup with Your Lover

After reading all the reasons why you should never date someone you work with, are you really up for it? There are more disadvantage than benefit if you do so. Seeing each other everyday is not healthy for your relationship and it’s what you will get if you date within the office.

Michelle Devani
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