How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want To Kiss Him Over Text

by Michelle Devani

Kissing could one of the big and the most interesting part when we are in a relationship. We can't help but turned on when we see our boyfriend. Of course it's not a sin. Wanting to kiss your boyfriend is perfectly normal. But not everyone can simple initiate the kiss. Some girls tend to wait for their boyfriend to do it first. Waiting for him may take forever, since we never know that he could be in such hesitation as well.

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Want To Kiss Him Over Text

If you're not that confidence to kiss him first, you can send a signal instead. Send him some flirty messages that indicate you want to kiss him. There are no way he would turn it down. He would be very happy knowing that you want the same thing as he does. Being flirty to your boyfriend is necessary since it's one of the best Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in a Relationship.

How to tell your boyfriend you want to kiss him over text? Here are some useful examples.

1. "Hey, Handsome. My morning would be perfect with your kiss."

hey handsome my morning would be perfect with your kiss

It's always better to start it with a compliment. It will fly him somehow. This kind of text definitely make his day, and soon he will call you for a date night. This eagerness keep his mood up until he meets you. The text you sent in the morning also shows that he is the first come into your mind at the start of the day. Good idea, huh?

2. "Would you come over to my place later. I've got a big surprise for you."

What "big surprise" could mean? He will find himself thinking about it harder than you think. This could happen when you are living separately with your boyfriend, since you have many Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage. The text heated things up as well as you don't get to see each other anytime as you wish.

3. "You're looking good in that shirt. Make me want to leave a mark on it."

Looks like he's just boasting around a new shirt for work and not missing the chance to show you. You can't help but notice he is indeed very hot in it. Turn him on by saying how much you want to leave your mark in it. It's actually the best way to tell him that you want to kiss him. There's no way he would not know what do you mean, right?

4. "Last night was very good I can hardly forget it. Can we have it again?"

A perfect date night should be sealed with an unforgettable kiss. Literally unforgettable. Let him know how happy you are after his kiss last night and that you want more. Nope, there is no way he reject it. Make him hard to forget yours too by learning the best Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend That Will Drive Him Crazy.

5. "I just bought a new lipstick. Fancy taste it?"

Of course he wants! It's very, very inviting for a guy and he immediately get it that you want to be kiss. But the way you say it can't be more flirty. It sticks into his mind until he sees you. He would not mind when some red color sticks into his lips.

6. "I want to kiss you."

The simplest yet not so easiest way how to tell your boyfriend you want to kiss him over text. It's the best choice when you have no idea how to pick the best words but your intention is perfectly delivered. Seeing you want him like this get him overwhelmed. He's going to give you the best kiss ever.

7. "How can someone be so good at kissing?"

how can someone be so good at kissing

Another compliment. Direct compliment to be exact. You girls have to know that after a kiss, your boyfriend would love to see how would you react. Why don't tell him that he is so good? He will know that it means you want some more. It also kind of encouragement that make him more confidence and do better for the next kiss. Learn also All the Sexiest Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Want You More.

How To Be A Good Kisser

Give more than a kiss, something that he would not easily forget and end up loving you even more. To be a kiss goddess, you should know the tips below.

1. Make Your Lips Kissable

If you have read How to Tell Your Boyfriend That He's a Bad Kisser, you will find the best tips to have the best kiss. First of all, you have to make sure your lips are kissable to not turning him into a bad kisser. Brush your teeth before you meet him since you don't want to have a garlic smell comes out of your mouth. To make it more interesting, apply some lip balm so that your lips are tender and kissable.

2. Cherish Every Moment

Why rushing the kiss? Keep it slow to enjoy it so that he can enjoy too. Just go with the flow. Even though you are nervous, he will lead the way so that you can be more comfortable.

3. Learn About Tonguework and Handwork

Just two lips sticking together won't be fun. If you want to give him and unforgettable kiss, learn more about using your tongue and hand. As long as you're not overdoing it, the kiss would be perfect.

Isn't the ways how to tell your boyfriend you want to kiss him over text not that hard? Don't be worry since he would not think any negative about you. In fact, he is very appreciating for your straightforwardness. For guys, it's better for their girlfriend to directly tell what she wants rather than having themselves guessing alone.

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