How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Kiss Him Over Text (23 Original Ways)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you are trying to make a relationship work and keep things sexy, you need to know how to tell your boyfriend you want to kiss him over text. 

Texting is a crucial part of communication in a relationship, as people rely on texts now more than ever before. There are many ways you can establish intimacy with your boyfriend and give him hints you want to kiss him.

Be sure to follow up with your text messages in person, letting him know you meant what you said in your text message. Honesty and authenticity are crucial parts of a relationship! Always be yourself when you move things from a friendship to a romantic relationship. You can talk all about different things (mouth, lips, body, eyes, etc.) in your text messages.

Remember, if you’re real in your texts and take the right steps in your relationship, texting can be fun and rewarding! Send your best text message today with the help of these texts! They will move you in the right direction toward the kiss of your dreams, your best kiss ever!


How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Kiss Him Over Text

1. I want to feel your lips on my lips when I kiss you for at least an hour!

There was an old song I used to love, and they said in the song that she wanted to kiss the guy for an hour. I always thought that was so hot - to kiss for an hour? Wow! I mean, usually kisses just last for a few seconds, so one that lasts for many minutes would be quite a makeout session! You would really be hot for one another!

2. I want to Spiderman you (I want to kiss you upside down)!

If you haven’t seen the movie and need some inspiration, go watch it!

3. I want your hands around my waist and want to French kiss you so bad!

Another idea for words like this in your text is to listen to sexy songs! Listen to the words they use in the songs and steal from the great singers out there! They won’t mind if it’s just in a text that’s for romance with your boyfriend!

4. You make me feel so good when we kiss one another!

It’s good to talk about the way he makes you feel when you kiss each other because it’s telling your boyfriend that you enjoy his smooches. He may not even know if you think he’s a great kisser or not. People need validation even when it comes to the obvious stuff. They want to know they do something well and make someone happy.

5. You drive me mad with your soft lips and yummy breath!

You could leave the breath out, but the point is that you want to describe your man in as much detail as possible. He needs to know that this is a personal message that you created with the original text to him and only for him. That way, you can describe him in detail in only the ways that he would be described. He’ll love it!

6. Pretty please, can I kiss you and hold you tight tonight?

pretty please can I kiss you and hold you tight tonight

This is a sweet way to let your man know that you long to be in his arms once again. 

7. I want to French kiss you and touch you all over your body!

French kissing is also known as the kiss when your tongues touch one another inside your mouths. It can be messy and gross if it’s your first time to have such a kiss, but it can also be hot and magical!

8. I love you and want to kiss your neck like a Vampire!!

Well, since Vampires are all the rage right now or were the rage not that long ago, you can talk like a Vampire if you want to. Talk about how you want to kiss his neck in all the right places and turn him on like never before!

9. Your touch is so sensual. I long to kiss you all over the face!

You don’t have to say “all over your face” or whatever; be creative and come up with your own description of what you are longing to do with your boyfriend. Let him know your true feelings about his touch and how he treats you. He’ll eat this up and want to hear more about what you think of him!

10. I will kiss you on the ear and nibble all night long!!

Make sure you find his ears nibble-worthy before sending this text!

11. When I see you next, I’m going to attack and kiss you from head to toe!

Be ready to deliver on a promise like this. If you two haven’t taken things to this level, you might leave part of this off the text. 

12. I can’t wait for the passionate kiss I’m going to give you when I see you!

i cant wait for the passionate kiss Im going to give you when I see you

Letting him know that you can’t wait to see him again and explaining what you will do when you see him again will make him long to see you soon! This is a great strategy to get a guy hot and bothered!!

13. I want to kiss you in the dark, so my hands and mouth can surprise you!

This will really turn him on and let him know that you mean business when it comes to the sexy stuff!

14. You know how to kiss me in the way a man should. I’m impressed!

Giving him validation like this will surely make him fall hard for you, and he’ll want to show all of his friends how great of a kisser you said he was!

15. I want to kiss you. If I tell you more, my body will explode!

This is a great method if you are wanting to tease your man a bit with what you have to say. You can easily tell him about your burning loins or whatever you think is going on with your body; just be careful when it comes to your words. You don’t want to get too graphic in your texts since someone else can easily read them or see them on his cell.

16. I can’t wait to kiss you and let you taste the cherry chapstick I have on my lips!

Be as descriptive as possible. Describe the smells, tastes, noises, etc., as you talk about the next kiss you will share. This will make him long to be next to you as soon as he possibly can! This is probably what you want, right? If you just want to tell him that you can’t wait to kiss him, just say that. You can be direct. You’ll probably shock him!

17. I want to kiss you soon. It’s going to happen; I can promise you that much!

You can easily just tell him how things will be like a boss lady! Just boss him around and tell him what you WILL do whether he likes it or not. This will be so hot for him. Many guys love it when girls take charge of the situation and show their true colors! It’s very sexy and a great way to establish some dominance in the relationship.

18. I’ll be kissing you under the mistletoe around the tree on Christmas Day!

ill be kissing you under the mistletoe around the tree on Christmas Day

It’s good to be as specific as possible when talking about kissing!

19. Most guys don’t know how to kiss a girl. You do! Now, I want to kiss you more than ever!

Giving his confidence a boost like this is a great way to let a guy know that you think he’s very special. Plus, you are being specific in how he is different from other guys! That’s great for a relationship!

20. Maybe I’m dreaming about my sexy boyfriend right now, but he’s letting me kiss him with my soft lips, and our mouths are forever bonded! 

Sometimes, it’s best to close your eyes when you try to picture what you will do when you kiss your boyfriend. This way, you can visualize it all in your head and prepare a response to send him based on your innermost thoughts and feelings. It will give you a chance to be creative with your thoughts and words, too!

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21. I want to kiss you so bad! If only you could read my body language right now!

Once you’ve said something like that, he may want to ask you follow-up questions to find out more about what’s on your crazy, sexy mind. You could go ahead and let him know exactly what you are doing with yourself - if you want to! Be careful what you say because he could show the text to just about anyone he wants to see it!

22. I want to kiss you on our wedding day and never stop as long as we have lips!

Alternatively, you could say “forever” rather than “wedding day” since some guys cringe at the thought of marriage. However, if you are dating a guy who is afraid of commitment, are you with the right guy? Are you giving attention and effort to the right person? Do you see a future with this individual? Do you want him to be your man?

23. I’m dancing alone in my bedroom, thinking of when I get to kiss you again.

Close your eyes as you think about what to say here. Think about what you would do in your wildest dreams! You can then describe what’s going on in your mind in as much detail as you want to. You might let him know that you want him to always remember how great things are between the two of you - for the sake of love!

What Not to Send as a Text Message

When you send your man juicy text messages, I caution you about being too vulgar. There are many ways that other people could find out about the message in the text you are meaning for his eyes only. If you want to talk about more than kisses, it may be best to have a phone conversation rather than a text one, so his friends don’t know what you said!

Also, it is best to be honest about your text message. You don’t want him to have one idea of how you will be wanting to kiss him when you see him if you really have no intention of giving him a kiss when you see him. If you are ready for a good, passionate kiss, go ahead and talk about how juicy of a kiss you will be planting on him. Just make sure you are honest!

Don’t get too gross when you talk about the next kiss you will give your man via text. You want the kiss to be the best, right? To get the best kiss possible, you need to show him you are sweet, sexy, sassy, and romantic, not gross! Don’t talk about how gross your breath is or your braces getting tangled with each other. Avoid messy kiss talk!

How You Should Talk About Kissing

One of the best things you can do when talking about giving your boyfriend a kiss is to talk about your fantasies or dreams. Maybe imagine you are in a romance novel when you describe your kiss. Talk about how it will be the best kiss he’s ever had in his life because this will make him long for the moment when the two of you lock lips again. That’s what you want!

Say something like, “I want us to pretend we are in a sexy romance novel.” Then, I would start talking about the kiss and how long it’s going to last. Explain in detail why it is going to be the best kiss he’s ever had. What is going to make this kiss stand apart from the other ones he’s had in his life? How are you going to stand apart from the crowd of girls that have come before?

One of the best ways you can do this is to describe every movement you will make when you kiss one another. It’s best to be detailed when it comes to the kiss itself. You can talk about how your lips will move with one another and how close the two of you will be at that very moment. This will make him hone in on what you are saying about kissing. He’ll want to know more!

This is when you have him wrapped around your little finger - right where you want him to be. He’ll be so excited for this juicy kiss that he’ll rush right over to see you, which is probably exactly what you want - if you are being honest about wanting to kiss him! You want him to chase you and come rushing over because you’ve made him fall in love with you!

How to Say I Love You In Person

If you’ve played your cards right and your man has come rushing over to kiss you or to get a kiss from you, he may be already head over heels in love with you! Your sexy talk could have made his heart race, and he’s ready for you to claim him your own forever and then some! Many guys fall head over heels with a girl pretty easily because of text messages they get from them!

If you are ready to make him be in love with you when you are together face-to-face with one another, just let him know that you think you might be falling and see what his reaction is. Some guys will back up, and this will tell you that he is not ready to hear the three little words. Instead, you need to wait until you are both ready to hear and say them, so you are in sync. 

If he seems quite excited that you have fallen head over heels in love with him, he’ll give you the signs and signals, and you can say those three magical words - I love you! I know when I’ve said that to guys, I do worry about rejection because you want to hear them say that they love you, as well, but it doesn’t always happen that way. If it doesn’t, just shake it off

We can’t always get our way when it comes to love. Maybe you could just brush it off by saying that you didn’t really mean it, and you could say that you just thought that was what he wanted to hear at the moment, so you felt the need to oblige him. You could also just say that it’s okay if he’s not ready to say it back because you are confident in your feelings. 


How do I tell my boyfriend I want to kiss him?

Tell your boyfriend that the next time you see him, you plan to press his lips on your lips and give him the kiss of a lifetime! He’ll wonder in what ways you want to kiss him (peck, French, Eskimo, butterfly, etc.) the next time you see one another!

How do you kiss a guy through text?

You can kiss your boyfriend without your mouth if you send him pictures of you kissing the air or your hand, batting your eyes at him as you did on your first kiss. Be creative in your text messages. This will be good for your relationship to stay healthy!

How do you ask for a kiss in text?

Use one of the text messages in this article to give you a hint on what to send in your original messages. It’s usually best to wait until the time when you can see one another to kiss in real life, but texting can work! Just be creative!

How do I make my boyfriend want me more, over text?

Tell him that you cannot wait until the next time you see him because you want to kiss him - lips to lips as you did on your first kiss. Give him hints of what you are planning to do the next time you see him; don’t tell all, though!

How long should a first kiss last?

According to research, the ideal first kiss lasts about 10 seconds! That may not seem like a long time for a first kiss, but if you take the steps to get there, you’ll move right along with your first kiss, and it’ll be perfect! Kisses can be quite hot!

To Sum It All Up

When you want to kiss your boyfriend, what text do you send him? What was your first kiss like? How do you best communicate when texting your man? Do you make the first move when you kiss? We’d love to hear it all! Please take the time to comment below!

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