How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Want A Promise Ring

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Women tend to take a relationship more seriously than men do and it's a fact. When things are going well with your boyfriend, you feel like he believes you are the one. But that's not necessarily what he has in mind. Not that he doesn't love you but for most men, marriage and dating are two different things. It becomes the reason why most relationships are stuck even when your boyfriend is all right.


How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Want A Promise Ring

When you haven't seen the Signs That Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon, especially when your relationship is quite long you've become impatient. You want him to make it official soon but unfortunately he doesn't know what you want. Now you are the one to make the move. Make sure you know the right steps to take in how to tell your boyfriend that you want a promise ring without being too forcing.

1. Spend Time With Married Friends

Take him to a get together with married friends or better when they have children already. The more he spends time with them, the more he envision having a family with you. Who can resist the innocent charm of kid? Just make sure the ones you're hanging out together with are happy families.

2. Make Yourself The One He Needs

No matter how long your relationship has lasted and he doesn't seem to going to propose soon, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you. Be the best friend he could ever has so that he can't live without you. Soon he would've want to make you his officially.

3. Don't Always Be Available

As much as you love him, you are always there for him. Not that it's a bad thing but it makes him feel save in the relationship. Maybe you must find some good Ways to Get Him to Miss You by disappearing from him sometime. Tell him that you have plans with your girl friends already over the weekend for an instance.

4. Focus On Making Yourself Happy

focus on making yourself happy

You have been a very good and devoted girlfriend all along for him that you forget to take care of yourself. It's time to put this into an end and stop doing all of that. Drive all the focus back on yourself and be happy. It makes you slower and not too worry about the fact he doesn't propose yet.

5. Move Out

If you are in case living together with your boyfriend, it's time to make a change. You probably think that marriage is the answer for What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Wants You to Move in with Him, maybe it's not. Living together doesn't guaranteed marriage though.

6. You Don't Have To Stick with Him

Just because you have been going out for too long, it doesn't mean you have to stick with him forever. Plant a fear in his head by letting him know that other guys find you attractive to make him realize that his position is not secure yet unless he put a ring on your fourth finger.

7. Give It A Break

There is nothing wrong with spending many times with your loved one. But at some point, you need to pull back and give the relationship a break. Maybe you need to reduce the time you spent with him until he notice it.

8. Give Him A Blow

You are only dating with him so you're in a full freedom to do whatever you want to do. Making a big purchase without discussing it with him in advance is one of them. Try buying some luxury such as new car or a new phone. He definitely will be surprise and ask why don't you talk about it with him. It's a good timing for you to say "You're not my husband", or "We're not married".

9. Hang Out More With Your Friends

hang out more with your friends

Thinking about marriage will only stressed you out and you really need to chill. Who can do it better than you best friends? Spend the night out with them to release some of the tense and just having fun. They could give you some useful tricks you get him propose sooner.

10. Don't Ask More Than He Can Afford

Have you ever think that the reason he's not proposing you soon is yourself? Maybe you're too burdensome for him since you ask a diamond for a proposal ring. When he's not financially stable yet, it's almost impossible for him to afford it. Break down the cost a bit since marriage is what you want, not a diamond.

11. Travel Alone

When you feel like your relationship is standstill somehow, you need to find yourself over again. Go travel alone, visit the places you haven't been with him. This will give him a shock but he knows he has not right to not tell you to. Traveling is always the best ways How to Lead a Happy and Peaceful Life in a Simple Way.

12. Open Up The Wedding Talk

Nothing wrong about the wedding talk between lovers. It will eventually come anyway. Start off by telling him how cute wedding decorations are nowadays or the dress you would wear on your wedding day. Just don't talk about it all the time that it makes him sick.

13. Let Him Know How Meaningful Marriage Is For You

The best way How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You are Ready for Marriage is by telling him the reason. Have a conversation with your boyfriend why would you want a marriage and what does it mean for you.

Now that you have mastered the ways how to tell your boyfriend that you want a promise ring, it's time to put an act. The thing you should remember is that you shouldn't make this thing burdensome or else he would run away. Just tell him that you want to make it advanced.

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