What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Kiss You (11 Things to Keep in Mind)

Last updated on February 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Has your boyfriend stopped wanting to kiss you? 

Is he being less physically affectionate in general?

Are you wondering what this means for your relationship? 

This guide has all the answers so read on. 

But before I reveal my ideas for what to do in this situation, I need you to read the following sentences carefully. 

It is perfectly normal to worry about the future of your relationship in this scenario. 

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Read on for more ideas as to why this might be happening...

Physical affection serves as a seasoning which makes your relationship tastier. Being physically close makes each other’s presence felt more real and it will make you love your boyfriend even more. When you miss him, you feel like you want to hug him. When you’re upset, you want him to be by your side and there are many other similar situations where you need him physically.

Speaking of which, physical contact is a must in a relationship. Sometimes, that’s how you show love to each other. You kiss when you are happy, you kiss him to show him that you love him, you kiss him when you need him. But do every man like that?


11 Possible Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want To Kiss You

Are you worried about why your boyfriend doesn't like kissing you? If so, do you often wonder what it could probably mean? 

Well, the truth is, your man could have had a bad day at work and is in a bad mood. Also, he could be waiting for you to kiss him first because he isn't sure what your reaction will be if he does. 

He could also have paid attention to your body language and concluded in his mind you are not interested in kisses. Alternatively, it could also be a sign that he doesn't like kissing you, or you are a bad kisser, so he would rather kiss your face or head rather than your lips.

There could be numerous reasons why he isn't interested in giving you kisses. However, before concluding, you must study his body language and think of how he avoids kissing you. This could give you a clue on what is really wrong

His reason for not kissing you will definitely come with some clues from his body language and the way he acts towards you. These actions will help you ascertain if he is interested in you or not. 

On that note, here are 11 reasons why your boyfriend doesn't like giving you kisses. 

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1. It could mean nothing

Please don't jump to conclusions too fast because he isn't kissing you. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you or care about you. He might just be going through a lot at some point in his life and can't show you any form of intimacy. Kissing and not kissing are both normal things, so it may mean nothing. 

For some men, kissing is not their way of expressing their affection, and that he does not kiss you doesn't mean he is gay or sexually incompetent. He's probably just being careful or trying to respect you by not starting anything that can lead to sex so early in the relationship.

2. You take the lead

you take the lead

Don't be so upfront anytime. Men are pretty egoistic, so they like to be the first to initiate things in their relationship and take the lead. Still, when you are always upfront and starting every kiss, it becomes a big turnoff for him. And at times where you expect him to make the first move, he won't; he will just lay low and let you perform the role you've taken upon yourself. 

So, the problem may not be that your partner doesn't want to kiss you. He is only waiting for you to take the lead and initiate it since that's what you always do. 

No doubt, some ladies are so bold and straightforward with their sexual demands, and it's nice to be bold. However, it becomes a problem when they start to seem desperate, like the desire to kiss is just one-sided. 

Don't put yourself in such a position. Kissing is not a compulsory criterion for a successful relationship. So, if he's not kissing you now, keep your cool one day; it will flow naturally.

3. Health-related issues

There is a probability that he has a health-related problem, which is why he doesn't want to kiss you. Maybe he has something contagious, and he is only keeping that distance to protect you. It may not be any serious illness, maybe just a cold or some other minor fluid or air-borne disease that he doesn't want you to contact. 

So calm down; it's not that deep. And make sure you confirm if there are any health issues. It’s a good idea to find out his health status. This can be very devastating when it is too late.

4. Do you have a mouth odor

This is a complete turn-off for anyone, and he may not tell you about it because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so he can tolerate talking to you but not kissing you. Well, just try to smell your own breath right now and see if it stinks. If it doesn’t, then that’s not the problem after all. So let’s move to other possible reasons.

5. Intimidation

Some men actually feel intimidated by their partner. He can have an inferiority complex whenever he is around you. This could be because you have a wealthier background, a stable job, or are financially buoyant. He is scared that he cannot meet up to your expectations and lifestyle. 

He may go straight to intercourse during sex, neglecting that foreplay is as important, and you may just totally lack any form of intimacy. In a relationship, a guy can also feel insecure if his girlfriend has a better standard of living than his and can deter the flow of affection in the relationship.

6. He is trying to be extra careful

he is trying to be extra careful

Yes, he is in love with you; that’s why he doesn’t want to rush you or put you in a position that you feel pressured. He’s not kissing you because he is extra careful, so you don’t think the only thing he is interested in is your body. 

Kissing, intimacy, physical touch, and such aren’t all a relationship is about. Your guy will probably just kiss you anywhere on your face - maybe your cheek or forehead but not your lips—until he sees that you are comfortable with him and not going to feel some kind of way.

7. He is not into you

He is not really so into you yet, or he is still missing his ex. And you can notice this from his body language. Maybe she’s a better kisser than you are, and you are not just matching the action now. So, he would rather abstain than indulge in something he isn’t enjoying.

If this is the issue, then it’s a big problem because he really needs to move on. He is with you now, so he has to enjoy your company, and if you are not kissing the way he likes, he should teach you his kissing skills—so the relationship does not suffer due to lack of intimacy.

8. No first kiss yet

Did you even think that there is a probability that he has never kissed a girl in his life? This is another factor to consider. Maybe, he's yet to have his first kiss, and he's just avoiding that awkward moment. It is possible. Maybe he is completely inexperienced and has never had a girlfriend in his life. 

Even if he has an ex-girlfriend, maybe they never kissed. So the whole kissing in a relationship is new to him. But that physical feeling will eventually flow in, then you can teach him how to kiss. Or, you learn together. Remember, where there is love, there is a verbal and physical outburst of emotion. 

When couples kiss, it's just the natural instinct to connect with the love they feel, so it will occur naturally. It's not forced.

9. You are not his class

A man can date or marry a girl who is way out of his league for different reasons. This is common in marriage because when some men want to get married, they don't just go for the woman because of love. 

They think of her character and their peace, so he may get a partner who is way out of his league just for stability. But after some time, he gets bored and tired already, and the whole sexual activity with your husband is reduced.

10. Maybe you are not giving him the right sign

maybe you are not giving him the right sign

Maybe he has not kissed you yet because he doesn't see that you want to be kissed. You cannot force him to kiss you, and you cannot just come at him directly and demand that he kisses you. However, your body language and eyes can send him a message. 

Your touch can ignite things in his mind and drive him crazy. Seduce your partner the way you can. You'd be glad you tried. Do it slowly and take it easy on him. 

11. He is a religious person

It's possible that kissing is against his religious beliefs. You know that sex is whatever you and your partner consider it to be. Some people abstain from any penetration because of their religious beliefs. Some believe in sexual intercourse, while some completely abstain from romantic physical contact, even if it's only kissing. 

So, maybe your boyfriend is a religious person, and his culture and belief do not permit kissing. Or, he chooses to avoid kissing, so it doesn't lead to sex and regret later.


What to do when your boyfriend doesn't want to kiss you? 

Make the first move. Try kissing him on his head, lips, or checks. Give him a sign that you are interested in kissing him, talk to him about it—if you think he doesn't understand how you feel.

Is it normal for couples to not kiss?

Yes, it is normal, mostly if you both are not the kind of people really interested in kissing. This solely depends on the couple. For some people, they don't like giving kisses. They see it to be irritating. If you are with such a person, then you have to let him know you are not comfortable with it.

Can a relationship work without kissing? 

Yes, it can work perfectly well. This depends on you and your partner, your values, and your culture. If you both decide not to kiss in your relationship, then yes, it can work out. It will only not work out if it is a one-party thing. Both parties must be involved.

Is it normal not to want to kiss your boyfriend? 

Yes, it is perfectly normal if you don't feel like kissing your man, especially when you have been together for a while, you might not feel the same chemistry or excitement like you used to when you just started dating.

Does a kiss mean anything to a guy?

Yes, it does, but this depends on the kind of kiss and who you are to him. If it was just a one-night stand, it might mean nothing to him, but it definitely meant something to him if he is your man.

In Conclusion

As a woman, it may feel awkward talking to your partner about how you feel about the whole situation. But you just have to talk about it, because these little things matter. A lot of relationships have ended due to things we think are not important.

I hope you found this article helpful. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others. 

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  1. It means maybe he has some standards, and a kiss means something special to him. Or, if he doesn't ask you out again, it obviously means he doesn't like you.

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