31 Wild Reasons to Date a Girl Who Smokes Weed

Last updated on May 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

A girl who smokes weed, or simply a stoner, is someone worth to date for. As everybody know, weed makes your life simple. Don't underestimate a girl just because she is a stoner. In fact, a stoner girl who is high is more creative than average sober girl. As long as she use it right, you can always find all the wild reasons to date a girl who smokes weed. What makes them worth to date? Check out all the reasons below.

1. She is Skillful with Her Hands

Most stoners are skillful when it comes to hand using. She can roll her own weed, helping you to roll your weed, and watching her while she doing so. Rather than watching a girl who is skillful at counting the money her boyfriend gave her, it's sexier to watch a girl whose fingers are dancing over papers and weeds.

2. She Likes No Drama

As she simplifies her life with weeds, there is no way she let any drama involved in it. Weed helps to keep things in perspective. She will keep what are matters to her and discard what are not. You will never see the Signs I'm Wasting My Time with Her with this.

3. She is Not Selfish

The general concept of pot smoking is sharing. Which make her not a selfish being since she wouldn't mind to share her weed with you. As she is used to share her weed, she won't mind to share any other things as well. Make sure you share with her too.

4. What Others' Think Doesn't Bother Her

It is true that she doesn't give a shit to what other's say. Anything tat is not useful, she will never waste her time to mind it. It is the best quality we all wish to have, and she already got it. Her mind is independent, and her happiness matter the most.

5. She Knows to Make Her Life Balanced

Okay, smoking is not the best hobby or habits, but there's always a good things in everything. A girl who smoke weed gets high all the time, but she is also responsible in living her own life and doing her duty. Probably she has more well rounded life than the rest of you.

6. She is Humorist

If you want to know the Reasons Why You Should Date the Girl Who Makes You Laugh, because love started with a laugh. In a relationship, laughter works like a glue that sticks you together. Even though you have just bicker with her, once everything settled, you will end up laughing together.

7. She Will Never Make You Bored

Everything taste better when you're high: the food, the sex, even the DVD's seems more interesting. If you are lucky enough to get high with someone you love, then your life is perfect. Everything you do with her always make you happy, because both of you are high. Nobody is holding back because the both of you give your all to make each other happy.

8. It's Easy to Make Her Happy

A stoner girl is not a high maintenance girl. It is guaranteed. Which is a good thing to you because seh doesn't need much to be happy. You don't have to take her to a five star restaurant for dinner, buying her designer brand for gifts, and many more. You know what makes her happiest: weed. The same thing when you're unfortunately break up someday. She knows the perfect Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Breakup on her own.


More Reasons to Date Her

Here are more reasons to date a girl who smokes weed. She's not bad, you know.

  1. It's pretty cheap to go out for date. She wouldn't ask for expensive things you couldn't afford.
  2. She will be happy as long as you have all the Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl Crush.
  3. Isn't it easy to find the perfect gift for her?
  4. She is not afraid to get fat as her appetite is as big as yours. She won't be embarrass to order the second plate.
  5. Don't be afraid to run out of weed at any times. She can be your back up.
  6. Not just hands, she is also good with her tongue. She has plenty of Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend That Will Drive Him Crazy.
  7. She doesn't think life is suck. She knows how to have fun.
  8. She is really, really down to earth and view this live positively.
  9. She has a bunch of cool stoner friends.
  10. She is open minded and always up for new challenges.
  11. Her family is as cool as her.
  12. Whether it's just chilling at home or out for adventure, everything is enjoyable with her.
  13. She is freaking sexy!

She Can Make the Perfect Girlfriend Because...

A stoner girl can be the girl of your dreams. She can make the perfect girlfriend for you because of these reasons:

  1. Her weed rolling ability will bruise your ego.
  2. She can give you endless of fun when you're both high.
  3. She is one independent woman.
  4. It doesn't take much to make her happy.
  5. She doesn't mind sharing her weed with you.
  6. In everything she did, she make sure she is happy.
  7. Music is her best friend.
  8. She is not afraid of change.
  9. She will get close faster with your friends.
  10. She knows how to have fun but also how to be responsible with her life.

None of the reasons to date a girl who smoke weeds are tacky, right? She ia actually cool in her own way, and dating that girl will never make you regret it. Instead, t can be the new adventure and making you see this world from a different point of view.

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