Reasons Why You Should Date The Girl Who Makes You Laugh

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by Michelle Devani

When you are looking for a date, you are actually looking for someone that you could share a part of your life with, another person who you could call home. Well, who should that person be?

If you are looking for a girl you want to date, find someone who makes you laugh. They will make you very happy and make you improve your life because of other reasons. Here are more reasons why you should date the girl who makes you laugh;

1. She Understands You

In order to make a person laugh, you need to know what a person likes and what a person finds offensive, that's why she really understands you.

2. She Remembers Details About You

If she wants to keep making you laugh, they must remember details about you which is important in a relationship.

3. She Will Do Things To Make You Happy

she will do things to make you happy

Her natural drive is to make you smile by doing the things that she knows will make you happy.

4. Her Number One Priority Is To Take Care Of You

Taking care of you so that you can be happy will be one of her traits that will make you show the Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly towards her.

5. She Is A Source Of Joy

Positivity and sunshine is what makes her such a good force to be in your life and in your relationship.

6. Your Life Will Be Happier

So many things about her will make you smile and laugh until it changes your whole life to a happier one.

7. Your Sadness Wouldn’t Last Long

With someone who can make you laugh so fast, how could you stay sad for such a long time? What a blessing to have her!

8. She Is A Good Listener

Someone who jokes around are usually a good listener. This means in the relationship you will always feel understood and loved.

9. She Gives Good Advice

she gives good advice

Because she’s been listening to you, her advice will also be on point since she wants the best for you.

10. She Is A Kind Person

Kindness will radiate from her to everyone she knows and especially you. If you truly want calmness in your life, choose her.

11. She Is Brave

It takes a certain kind of bravery to put out a joke. This bravery is applied to her life and is truly inspiring.

12. Her Confidence Will Inspire You

Confidence will be a theme that travels consistently throughout her life. In the end, it makes the relationship more stable too.

13. Never Running Out Of Things To Talk About

You truly will not run out of fun things to talk about and it makes your relationship even stronger and stronger.

14. You Will See Your Life In A Better Perspective

Her positivity will help bring fresh eyes to the relationship and it is something that doesn’t come around often.

15. Helping You To Relax

helping you to relax

Relaxing and letting you put down your guard is the biggest lesson that she will make you learn.

16. Making You Channel Your Inner Child

The best reasons why you should date the girl who makes you laugh is because she will make you feel so youthful all the time.

17. Self Love Will Bloom

Learning to be happy and having someone that truly loves you is one of the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World.

18. You Will Learn How To Love Better

By being with her, you learn about kindness and unconditional love. From there, you truly learn how to love better.

19. They Will Do Creative Things To Show Their Love

Creativity is a part of who they are and how they love.

20. You Both Will Have A Good Social Life

In the social aspect, your relationship with other people will thrive.

More Ways To Know Why You Should Choose Her

more ways to know why you should choose her

You’re probably still unsure on who to pick. But you need to believe that if you choose a funny girl, she will be the best thing that will happen to you. Here are more reasons why;

1. You Will Be More Healthy

Laughing does good for your health according to many research. Who doesn’t want that?

2. She Is Not Cocky

Their generosity and humility shows in how she wants to make other people laugh.

3. Her View Of Herself Is Not Too Serious

A girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously is fun to be with. 

4. She Is Smart

Good humour equals intelligence. It’s great to have someone smart!

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5. She Have Good Manners

Manners wouldn’t be a problem when you date her.

6. She Isn’t Afraid To Look Silly For You

Discarding her ego and shield is a Wife Material Signs.

Tips To Be Committed With A Funny Girl

tips to be committed with a funny girl

Now that you understand all the charm that a funny girl offers, what does it take to win one? Read the tips on how to stay committed to a funny girl and make a lasting relationship with her;

1. Keep Things Balanced

Balance the conversation and the relationship with something other than the joke. Also form emotional connection until you can feel the Signs A Man is Emotionally Connected to You. That way, the relationship will be strong.

2. Equally Show Your Love

Show the amount of love that she shows and even more. This is the secret to any thriving relationship.

3. Stay Through It All

Staying means that you don’t flinch from the bad side and rejoice the good side.

If you are looking for someone you want to fall in love with, make sure you choose the girl who is funny first because of the reasons why you should date the girl who makes you laugh. Once you find that girl, you need to find how to stay committed to her and build a relationship that you both would stay in.

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