What to Get A Sagittarius Woman for Her Birthday -Give Her A Surprise!

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Your Sagittarius woman’s birthday is almost here. A great gift would be a really nice surprise for her.

What to Get a Sagittarius Woman for Her Birthday

The Sagittarius woman loves unique but meaningful things. These are what you should give her:

1. A Scrapbook

A scrapbook is definitely what to get a Sagittarius woman for her birthday. She’s crafty. The Scrapbook will get her to use her creative mind.

She can also keep valuable memories with you. That's one of the Signs Sagittarius Woman in Love .

2. A Music Box

Most Sagittarius women love the music box. It’s small, cute and calming. She will be more than happy to receive this gift from you.

3. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are a great idea for what to get a Sagittarius woman for her birthday this year. You can even match the stuffed animal with her actual favorite animal.

It’s thoughtful. That’ll bring a wide smile to her face.

4. A Romantic Dinner

You can never go wrong with a romantic dinner for a birthday. The Sagittarius would appreciate that very much.

That's one of the best Reasons Why Sagittarius Are The Best Lovers. It’s also a great opportunity for the two of you to have a deep conversation. 

5. A Trip to the Amusement Park

Why is a trip to the amusement park a part of what to get a Sagittarius woman for her birthday? It’s because of the adrenaline rush!

Sagittarius loves roller-coasters and other rides that get their blood pumping. She’ll have a lot of fun.

6. A Perfume

If you know a particular scent that your Sagittarius woman likes then get that perfume. Maybe you know exactly what perfume she uses. Give her another one so she’ll have a stock of perfumes that last for a very long time.

7. Some Great Books

Books are what to get a Sagittarius woman for her birthday especially if she loves reading. In case you’re a bit confused, try to know what books she has on her wish list. You can also ask for some assistance at the book store.

8. Shopping Vouchers

Who wouldn’t want some shopping vouchers? The Sagittarius woman will be ecstatic to receive them. She can finally buy the things she wants at an affordable price thanks to your lovely gift.

9. A Cosy Blanket

Any other ideas on what to get a Sagittarius woman for her birthday? We sure do and it’s a cozy blanket. It’s the perfect time of the year to get all bundled up.

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She’ll think of you whenever she’s wrapped up in her cosy blanket. This kind of thing is one of the greatest Reasons Why You Should Date a Sagittarius.

10. A Notebook

A Sagittarius woman loves to write down her thoughts. That’s why she tends to hoards notebooks.

Get her one to add more into her collection. This one will be special because it’s from you.

Surprise a Sagittarius Woman for Her Birthday

In addition to what to get a Sagittarius woman for her birthday, you must also surprise her. Here are the great ways to do it:

1. Get Her Friends and Family Involved

Friends and family are precious to the Sagittarius woman. If you can get them involved in the birthday surprise, it’ll be an unforgettable birthday.

Make sure to plan in advance! Here's also How to Make Scorpio and Sagittarius Work.

2. Take Her to A Dream Destination

This could also be what to get a Sagittarius woman for her birthday. It would be such a fantastic surprise if you can take her to her dream destination. If you’re tight on budgeting, it can be somewhere local.

3. Celebrate in an Intimate and Romantic Setting

A romantic dinner is really awesome but that’s not the only way to surprise her. You can celebrate in other romantic settings.

Take her to the beach or somewhere far away from the city. A quiet place will be perfect to celebrate her special day.

4. Trick Her

Once you know what to get a Sagittarius woman for her birthday, you can now trick her to surprise her. But don’t be too mean because that would break her heart. So learn Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Sagittarius would be handy.

For instance, you can say that it’ll be a private dinner for two. The truth is her family and friends are already waiting to celebrate with everyone.

5. Treat Her for the Whole Week

Surprise, her birthday is only for the day but you can stretch it for a week. Make every day of that week really special.

Monday could be a treat to the movies, Tuesday to the amusement park and so on.

What do you think of these ideas on what to get a Sagittarius woman for her birthday? Hopefully you’ll find one that makes her happy.

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