To-Do Lists on How to Get a Girl to Like You in Islam

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Unlike other religion or cultures, the Islamic Dating Rules are rather strict and contained many prohibition. That is the reason how to get a girl to like you in Islam is often hard. Relationship in Islam is nothing to joke for, and every Islam girl take it seriously when it comes to dating. But they are not innocent either. Muslim girl always knows when a guy is trying to get her to like him.

How to Get a Girl to Like You in Islam

If you really want an Islam girl to like you, you must choose the way very carefully. Not to be in a rush but not to wait for too long since other guy might steal her from you. She is indeed not easy to get close with, but once you know where to hit you will be guaranteed success.

1. Let It Flow

The first rule when you try to make a girl to like you in Islam: take it easy. No need to be in a rush and don't be too straight in first meeting. This speedy progress is a huge turnoff for a Muslim girl. Let it go with the flow, you will get her eventually if you are patient enough to give her some time.

2. Choose the Words Wisely

Never ever use any harsh words to a Muslim girl. Don't be cheesy, to straight up, or even worse rude when you're talking to her. Talk about things to lead the conversation such as hobbies, work, or school.

3. Show Your Islamic Side

There are still many debate whether Dating in Islam Haram or Halal, seeing that now we are in a modern era. In every way you use to get her to like you, make sure you show your Islamic side. You can say how you value woman as it taught by Islam. But don't overdo it since it only makes you look fake.

4. The Eye Contact

Modesty is everything in Islam. Staring to a girl for too long time is considered rude in Islam. Lower your gaze even when you are face to face talking with her. She won't thin you are rude. Instead, it could be a sweet thing to make her fall for you.

5. Speak with Confidence

Don't hesitate with everything you're going to show. Let her know you are confident enough but don't appear as arrogant. Drive all of your focus only to her to show her how you pay respect for her.

6. Avoid the Physical Contact

One of the best reasons Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy is because he won't touch you so easily like other guy. Islamic rules are very strict regarding this matter. Handshake, brushing arms, hugging, and many other and not allowed between a guy and a girl. So hands off of her.

7. Throw Some Humor

Who doesn't want a laugh in life? This Muslim girl is not an exception. Making her laugh should be on the list of how to get a girl to like you in islam. She probably responds to your jokes modestly, not by laughing her heart off. It's an Islamic modesty, not her mocking you.

8. Get to Know Her More

Muslim girls are typically shy so they won't speak up too much about her. According to the Concept of Taaruf in Islam, if you want to know her more, you can ask to her closest friends or relatives. It's important to see how is she like as a person before you take the relationship to the next level. The best person to be asked is probably the one who introduced you to her.

9. Remind Her About Religious Duty

But Muslim girls are quick to fall in love with a religious guy. Show you Islamic side and you attention to her in one go by reminding her about the religious duty. The main Purpose of Life According to Islam and the Quran is worshiping Allah after all. So when the prayer's time has arrived, don't miss to text her. But keep in mind that it's your duty too.

10. Be Cheerful and Positive

Cheerful person brings a positive vibes around everyone around him. Smile and be happy even though when you're not with her. Let the news spread and reach her about how you are always cheerful and happy. Who doesn't want to keep such a cheerful child by her side?

11. Ask More About Her

Asking more about her is different with getting to know her through her inner circle. At this state, you ask her yourself. The main Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage is to avoid mismatching in personality, so avoid talking too much about yourself that you forget to ask any single thing about her.

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12. Keep Your Speech Modest

When you first meet her, you will be asked to tell about yourself by the one who sets you up. Use this opportunity to impress her. But don't take it the wrong way. No need to boast up about yourself that much and make you look like an arrogant person who likes to show off.

13. Watch Your Behavior

Islam taught every Muslim to behave properly everywhere and every time . You must put this in mind and stay polite with her. Don't force her to shake your hands if she doesn't want to. Don't touch her if she doesn't allow you to. Islam is about respecting woman and you will soon out of her radar once you show that you unable to present yourself appropriately.

Islam is particularly strict about dating, so don't be surprised if finding the ways how to get a girl to like you in islam takes effort. Muslim girl has her own qualities that impossible for you to find in other girls.

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