How to Make a Gemini and Capricorn Relationship Work? - Love Compatibility

by Michelle Devani

Gemini and Capricorn are two different sides. They almost have nothing in common. But love knows no boundaries. Even though they are the likely least compatible couple, with a little work they can make it. In fact, they can be the most perfect couple by complementing each other.

Here are the ways to make their relationship really works.

How to Make a Gemini and Capricorn Relationship Work

1. Put Trust in Gemini

Being flirty is Gemini's nature, not to mention that they are highly sociable. There are always possibility that Gemini may cheat. And Capricorn is the best in catching lies. Capricorn should be a little relax and put their trust in Gemini.

2. Capricorn Must Make Sure That Gemini is in Check

Giving them trust doesn't mean let loose of them. Capricorn need to keep Gemini in check, make sure they're not being "naughty". Gemini would love this since jealousy is another kind of reassurance.

3. Open Up Feeling to Each Other

Geminis love to talk about everything, but sadly Capricorn is not a good listener. They also don't bother to tell their lover about their feeling. It has to be fixed. Capricorn should be more open and focus on what Gemini's saying. Because finding Ways to Apologize to a Gemini is not easy once they get angry.

4. Put Down the Ego

put down the ego

Both are independent and barely need others to depend on. It's good to have and independent lover, but two independent person in a relationship could make it hard. Both need to put down their ego and learn how to value each other's presence.

5. Have a Beneficial Fun Together

Gemini loves to have fun but Capricorn always have the need to gain something in everything they did. Who said they're not compatible? Have an activity where a Gemini can have fun and Capricorn can gain something: taking a morning walk on the weekend. Gemini can enjoy the fresh air while Capricorn's body will be healthier. It's a good ways How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You.

6. Be Honest Whenever Conflicts Arise

It's easy to misunderstood a Gemini due to their playful and flirty nature. It may bother Capricorn at some level and causing fight. Whenever conflicts arise, talk it out and make sure both have nothing left. Open up and be honest to each other. Being honest is the best Things to Do When You and Your Boyfriend are Fighting.

7. Every Little Thing is a New Thing

As both have different personalities, they will learn many new things about their lover. While it may leave you dumbfounded at times, take it as something new to learn. Be accepting and always be prepared for another kind of surprises.

8. Capricorn Must Not Take a Gemini for Granted

As independent a Capricorn could be, they don't realize how much a Gemini's presence meaning to them. Capricorn must learn to be considerate to Gemini and not taking them for granted.

How to Love a Gemini

The celebrity in the zodiac world, the Gemini, could make the best lover, only when you know how love them right. The answer to how to make Gemini and Capricorn relationship work is by knowing how to love a Gemini.

1. Talk About Everything

It's simple but it's important. Since Gemini is a communicator type, you should talk everything to him. They love openness because Gemini never shield themselves from the world. If you can't do this, be prepare to see the Signs Gemini Lost Interest with You.

2. Play Along

Mischievous and playful is Gemini's nature, so enjoy the fun together with them. It's good to live this life seriously but always find a way to laugh.

3. Prepare a Surprise

Gemini values consideration from their lover so much, they always up for a surprise. Be romantic at times for your Gemini. Take them from dinner unknowingly or drop by their place in the middle of night.

4. Assure Them of Your Love

assure them of your love

They may looked highly sociable and fun, but deep down inside Gemini need reassurance from the one they love. Give your loyalty to Gemini. Even though they love to flirt everywhere, they do it without an ounce of sincerity.

5. Learn Something New Together

Gemini always eager to learn something new, so enjoy the process together. Teach them about your hobby and learn about theirs.

How to Love a Capricorn

To find out how to make Gemini and Capricorn relationship work requires efforts, but it will be worth it. Even though they have a different personality, they can complement each other that way. Here are how to love a Capricorn.

1. Bring Some Humor Into Their Lives

The life of Capricorn has always been serious. They always put their lives on the line for anything. So that they expect someone equally serious as a lover. Since things may be boring at some point, be fun with them to balance the seriousness.

2. Romance is Not Romantic

If you think Capricorn would love to have chocolate, flowers, poetry, or a romantic dinner, then you need to know them more. For Capricorn, love is consideration. So when you are considerate enough to pay the bill when they're short of money, then it is love.

3. Get Rid of All the Doubts

Capricorn is someone whose self is full of doubt. To be the best lover for Capricorn, give them lots of reassurance to get rid all of the doubts. Every time unfortunate things happen, tell them that everything is okay.

4. Make a Commitment

As they always full of doubt, they want a secure, long lasting relationship. Be committed to the, even though you don't fell like they're the one. While thinking about How to Propose Your Crush on Valentine's Day seem to be too much, you can offer commitment to some certain level.

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