8 Strong Reasons Why Capricorns Are Hard to Understand

by Michelle Devani

Understanding people in general is already hard itself. People develop their character based on many things. From family background, environment, social peers, personal experience, country’s culture, even their zodiac signs. That explains well why there are nothing such as two person with exactly the same character in the world. People have different personality, habits, and attitude that can make it hard for us to understand them one by one. That’s the reasons why Capricorns are hard to understand.

Understanding them is not like understanding math equations that has a particular rule that you have to follow and look up to. Understanding each other requires something much more than just mind and logic. You’ll have to spend your whole attention, thought, heart, and time in order to understand someone else.

Understanding someone else might burden you somehow, but it’s never a loss once you get to do it right. You’ll soon feel like life is a lot easier once you stop being selfish and try to care for each others. There might be a lot of reasons why Pisces are the most difficult to understand, or maybe even reasons why Scorpios are hard to understand. However, as long as you work hard enough to understand someone, you'll get to get rid of any question such as how to solve misunderstandings between friends.

Why is it Hard to Understand them?

Beside a lot of factors that can affect how someone develop their character, there another reasons why understanding someone is hard. People sometimes have character that is confusing and make us can’t help but getting lost in the middle of trying. Sometimes, it might be us who are not giving enough effort for that, but most of the time, it’s just because we don’t know why can’t we understand them. Once we get to know why, we’ll eventually find the answer of the how.

So, here are few reasons that you might ever experience while dealing with your Capricorns friends or lovers:

1. Their attitude while getting angry

Although capricorns might come off as a calm person who are down to earth and just simply calm, there’s one thing you might not know yet. Capricorns might get quite too much with their words. Once you pissed them off until the maximum level, then they ain’t got to hold back.

You got to know for sure how to make a Capricorn calm down whenever such situations come up. They truly let their anger out even if it’s through harsh words that will shock you. This is something you won’t get to understand easily if you never see a Capricorn getting upset.

2. Their high taste

their high taste

Getting a gift for a Capricorn might not be an easy task for you, since they’re famous for being picky. They have high taste in almost everything, which can be quite overwhelming for you. Be it in potential partner, clothing, food, music, and any other stuffs, they’re hard to understand.

More precisely, it’s hard to understand their taste in something simply. Better pick a gift that’s as high as their level if you really want to impress them.

3. Their independent behavior

Being independent is good, of course. But, somehow this is one of the reasons why Capricorns are hard to understand. One they get a problem, be it big or small, they’re those type who won’t even bother sharing with other to reach out for help.

They’ll try to solve it, or at least, endure it themselves rather than telling you and hoping you’ll help them. Instead, they’ll help you often when it comes to giving advice. 

4. Their sarcasticness

Capricorns love sarcasm. To a level that you might find it hard to understand their unique way of enjoying humor. Well, if you know them well enough, then you’ll get to know what they’re trying to joke about.

But, if you can’t adapt to their sarcaticness, then you might find those jokes weird and dry instead of funny. This is what make you have to walk extra miles to understand a Capricorn inside out.

5. Their habits of overthinking

Overthinking about mainly everything is something that a Capricorn would likely to do. They’re those people who will always settle for the best in everything that they do. This is why they’re worried that they will make mistake or something bad like that.

Their habits of overthinking over too many things that maybe even out of their controls can actually cause them to stress out. This kind of habits might be hard to understand, especially for you who’re a light person who rarely think too much about things. 

6. Their persuasiveness

Capricorns are great in convincing people. They just seem to know and have the strong will to make people do or think the way they like. Well, this isn’t a very bad thing, but at times it can be quite hard to understand by other people. They can use any way just to persuade someone, which is quite troublesome sometimes.

7. Their way of handling betrayal

It’s not like betrayal is a light thing that we shouln’t be bothered of or should ignore. But, for Capricorns, they surely have a not-so-light-way of handling betrayal of other person. They aren’t those person who will easily forgive and forget what other has done to them.

This is a serious warning for you, though. You should never take them easily unless you want them to kick you out of their live instantly. Well, perhaps this is why you should also make sure you hadn't betray or do something wrongly to them that can possibly be the reasons why a Capricorn man ignores you.

8. Their mysterious side

their mysterious side

Capricorn are okay with being alone. They enjoy spending time by themselves, and they find it hard enough to open up to others. Just like how they tend to stay strong and endure problems themselves, they’re quite mysterious. You might be their bestfriend, yet knowing nothing about them in the same time.

Well, it’s Capricorns anyway. They’re naturally mysterious and somehow it can also be their charms beside being the reasons why Capricorns are hard to understand.

Michelle Devani
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