23 Unbelievable Reasons Why Capricorns Are Hard To Understand

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you struggling to understand a complicated Capricorn?

Do you have no idea why they do the things they do? 

Is this making it hard to develop a strong relationship with them? 

If so, you're in the right place. This guide explains the key reasons why Capricorns tend to be so difficult to understand.  

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23 Reasons Why Capricorns Are Hard To Understand

1. Their polar opposite attitude when they are angry

Normally, a Capricorn is calm and easygoing. When they stay this way a long time, you might start thinking they are the epitome of peace. Then they get angry. Capricorns can be very harsh and ruthless when you piss them off, and they can come off as mean and vindictive.

It is hard to square off the easygoing nature you first saw with the flesh of fury that now stands in front of you. This makes it hard to place their true nature correctly and can be pretty confusing. What you should know, though, is that both sides are real. That is just who a Capricorn is.

2. They have high material standards

Here is the thing, as a species, we tend to view people through our lens, i.e., our history and perspectives. When it comes to material things, most people are simple. They will take and appreciate any gift as long as it is heartfelt and functional.

Nope. Not a Capricorn. 

They are incredibly picky with everything and have no respect for whatever they consider subpar. This is because Capricorns have high material standards, but as you will see next, they rarely share how they determine what counts as high. So, it is hard to understand what they want, enjoy, or like.

3. Capricorns keep many secrets

capricorns keep many secrets

One answer that plays out in different ways among why it is hard to understand Capricorns is that they are very secretive. You will hardly find a Capricorn spilling their guts randomly and barely do it purposefully. This makes it hard to read them because understanding comes from learning about a person’s history and motivations.

It is one of the personality traits that make people of this sign trustworthy and loyal, but it also makes them hard-to-date partners. The slight bit of good news is, they do share, but only with people they consider trustworthy. This is a very high bar to clear.

So, can that be you?

4. They barely talk about anything

It is one thing to keep secrets about intimate issues and personal history, but Capricorns just never talk about anything. Not to randoms, anyway. 

As someone new in their life, this makes it hard to understand them because you are not learning anything about who they are.

Once they trust you and get comfortable with you, though, they share a lot. But have zero ideas of prying anything beyond their interests and passions out of them. The vault is only ever open to the things they want to talk about. Gossip and mindless chattering are a waste of time to them.

5. A Capricorn has trouble trusting others

Out of the several reasons, this one makes you understand the core of why it is hard to understand a Capricorn is their inability to trust others. Their circle, the inner one where all the important insights about who they are is, is tiny and acceptance requires meeting an impossibly high standard.

It is why it is hard to be in a relationship with them, why their friendship can feel one-sided, and why they always seem resolved to lose you. I could say a Capricorn can’t help it as if it is some lousy habit. However, it is just the personality the astrology gods bestowed on them.

6. They are very antisocial

If you are a woman, you probably understand more how important it is to know a guy’s friends. It can reveal a lot about who they are, especially when you are just getting to know them, like a compass about what you might deal with. 

The problem with Capricorns, which makes it so darn frustrating to understand them, is that they barely have friends. The few they might have, are usually like them. 

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The average Capricorn is so antisocial and worse, completely fine with it. They prefer taking walks alone and recoil when people come into their space. That makes it hard to get a reading on them.

7. Capricorns manipulate facial expressions

Understanding people means the ability to predict what they might say or do. The knowledge is comforting. But you rarely get that with a Capricorn because their facial expressions, usually a reliable source of understanding others, lies.

They are very adept at hiding their feelings. Their face might say they hate something they like. Suggest they are angry when they are happy. And most times, it is just still and emotionless. How are you supposed to read someone like that?

Answer? Not impossible. But it is hard. So, whatever relationship you are pursuing with a Capricorn, man or woman, as a friend or lover, you better be prepared.

8. They overthink frequently

A Capricorn is many things, and an overthinker is one of them. From their women to the men, analyzing a situation or action from thousands of layers and angles is second nature. When it comes to making decisions or examining a passing thought, the rest of us consider 3-5 angles, at best.

This difference in mental reasoning often leaves most people confused about the thoughts of a Capricorn. Because we cannot fathom how they reach their conclusions or the speed at which they got there.

Also, they are almost always stressed out from overthinking. This makes it hard to get them to devout brainpower to bonding.

9. They deploy sarcasm at every turn

Capricorns tend to have a dry sense of humor, often expressed through understated comments and sarcasm. There is no harm in this, except it makes it hard to understand them because it is difficult to know when they are cracking a joke or not.

Most men and women have distinctive tones and inflections that tell others that they are joking. But not a Capricorn. People of the fish-goat use the same tone for sarcasm and serious conversations. It makes it hard to track when they are trying to be funny or mean what they are saying.

All this does is make it hard for you to understand them, and worse, know if you are supposed to laugh.

10. They believe they are always right

Understanding comes in different ways, one of which is through familiarity with the thought process. But how do you figure out how someone reasons if they never bother to share it because they believe they are always right?

Welcome to what it means to know a Capricorn. Because they overthink, they tend to think everything through and arrive at the wisest conclusion, most of the time. This creates a feedback loop where they are convinced they are always right and have no cause to explain themselves.

Having men and women like that on your team might be great as a business strategy. Not so much in a romantic relationship when you love each other.

11. Capricorns are risk-averse

If you have ever dated a Capricorn or been friends with one, you might notice things can be a bit of a bore. They are rigid in their thoughts, expressions, and actions and often never want to try anything new. When we find ourselves in uncharted waters, we learn more about who we are and what others do.

But since a Capricorn will do anything but take risks, we never find out who they are deep down. We are left to live with the steely image they project to the world every day, which can both be assuring and bland.

Thankfully, we know that under that exterior is a sensitive and deeply emotional person.

12. A Capricorn hyper focuses on work

a capricorn hyper focuses on work

One of the best things about Capricorns is just how hard-working they are. They desire the highest quality material things and are willing to work for them. Unfortunately, this tends to mean they have time for nothing else, including forging the emotional connection that allows others to know them.

For a Capricorn, life is a competition. There is no value in losing and settling for anything less than the best. It is an attitude that might guarantee success but can be hard to relate to. After all, most people are all about work-life balance. 

13. They are unforgiving

This particular one not only makes it hard to understand a Capricorn, but it also makes it hard to love them. Although they are not above seeking forgiveness from others, they are unwilling to give it to others. If you betray a Capricorn, you can expect them to stew over it for years, longer if you crossed them.

One might be able to live with that, but they enjoy a bit of revenge too. And that is just a mindset that many people cannot relate to. It is a helpful quality in many places. As a strategist, businessperson, war consigliere. But not in regular human relationships.

14. Their persuasiveness is distracting

Everything so far shows understanding a Capricorn requires paying full attention to them. To pick out the minor slip-ups. But here is the thing, it is hard to maintain full attention because they are so good at persuasion.

Words roll off their tongue that you get swept up by whatever latest idea they want to implant in your head. It keeps both of you on the same page but on their terms. Not exactly a bad thing. But without a proper explanation that reveals their thought process, it remains hard to understand them.

15. They are overly critical of others

Criticism is something Capricorns know how to dish out very well. From the ground they walk on to life decisions, they want the best out of everything. And when anything that falls within this range falls below what they want, they do not hesitate to let out their displeasure.

All this does is make it hard to understand them because while they enjoy revenge, their criticisms are not always from a place of malice. You are constantly faced with someone who finds fault in everything but yet insists they care about you.

Confusing, much?

16. They refuse to play mind games

The thing about mind games is, no matter how good you are at it, it reveals something fundamental - your motivations. And knowing what a person wants can help us understand them. So naturally, a Capricorn refuses to participate in it.

They also hate it when others play it to get information out of them or manipulate others. For Capricorns, silence above all else if they cannot express the truth. And if they have to speak, they are straight shooters. They don’t hide their truth in humor and will damn the consequences.

Does this personality trait make them saints? Not at all. It is just another explanation of why it is hard to understand them. 

17. Capricorns are intensely independent

Regardless of whatever they might feel for you, people of this sign are fiercely independent. It means even though they like you or are even in a relationship with you, mentally, they are alone. If they find themselves in trouble, big or small, they will go at it alone.

The idea of sharing their situation with others and letting us see into their vulnerabilities is not something a Capricorn does. Not willy nilly anyway. This only makes it hard for others to understand them because you barely know when anything is going on with them.

When it comes to you, though, they have no trouble giving you a ton of advice and helping out. 

18. They are afraid of feeling weak

A lot of the personality traits we have mentioned so far revolve around opening up to vulnerabilities. A Capricorn will do everything to avoid that because they are afraid of the negative feelings that could come from it. It is because, beyond the hardcore exterior, they are emotionally sensitive creatures.

This is a fundamental reason why they barely share themselves with others. The good news is, they can fall in love and let you in if you are persistent and trustworthy. The journey won’t be easy, but with qualities like loyalty and hard work, people of this zodiac sign are worth the effort.

19. They believe in speaking through actions rather than words

A common complaint among people who have dated Capricorns, especially from women, is how much their words barely align with their actions. And often, they mean that in the reverse where their words don’t necessarily say they love or miss them, but their actions do.

The problem with this is, it makes it hard to understand them fully and accurately place how they feel about you. Also, human beings are a species of words. We love hearing it, we enjoy reading it, and it has a more significant effect on us.

Until you get to a point where a Capricorn feels comfortable enough to align their words with their actions, it will keep being hard to understand them.

20. They are outwardly emotionally plain

Is he angry? Is she sad? Did he mean it when he said I love you? A Capricorn will leave you confused a lot because they barely display any emotion that reveals their state of mind. Most times, they adopt one facial expression and stick with it through the day or week.

And don’t even try asking if they are in a mood. It is one of the many things a Capricorn hates being asked because they do not enjoy explaining themselves or someone picking their brain. The result? A lot of confusion.

21. Capricorns are a beacon of high expectations

capricorns are beacon of high expectations

The quest for the best isn’t just limited to material things. A Capricorn man or woman really expects the best in everything, including the people in their lives. They have no time for slackers, people who can’t keep promises, and other flaws that many of us might be willing to forgive in others.

This almost religious desire for the best often means they do not have time to ‘understand’ others’ limitations. Once they find a flaw they can’t accept, they leave. When you don’t know this, understanding their behavior is tricky because they seem ridiculous and unnecessary from our own perspectives. 

22. They detest interrogation

If there is one thing a Capricorn definitely does not like, it is interrogation. They simply do not like explaining themselves. They often believe that one) they are always right, and thus, everyone should trust them two) if you are in their circle, you understand them already.

It is a worldview that emphasizes who they are and ignores the diversity of personalities out there. But they are rational people. If you play your cards right, let their mood pass, and display zero insecurity, you might get your Cappy to open up to you.

23. They are always on

The journey to understanding a person starts when you meet them. Most people have an inviting nature that teaches you more about them over time. Not Capricorns, though, and it is all in their eyes. They have deep and mysterious eyes that are mostly repelling unless you share their character traits.

The eyes feel like they see through you, yet, you have zero clue about what they are feeling or thinking. When they crack jokes, you don’t know if it is their sense of humor or they are being serious. And it never ends.

With no off switch, only those who love them can commit to the gigantic task it takes to try and understand a Capricorn because it is hard as hell.


Why is a Capricorn’s life always hard?

Among the signs, a Capricorn has one of the most stubborn personalities with resolute independence. A Capricorn rarely asks for help or lets others into their lives. This lack of a solid and informed support system often means they go through life alone, with little assistance.

Why does everyone hate Capricorns?

Most of the negative feelings towards Capricorns come from the fact they are boring, often melancholic, and unapologetically ambitious. In the zodiac sign, Capricorns are the slave drivers, and they relish the role in the pursuit of their goals. 

However, hate might be too strong a word. Capricorns are also extremely loyal and wise, which many people equally appreciate.

Why do Capricorns push you away?

If a Capricorn pushes you away, it is because he or she senses that you are not entirely in their corner. Remember, they are picky people, and this extends to their relationships. They demand complete commitment if you want to be in their life.

When they sense that you can’t or aren’t willing to give that to them, they will not hesitate to push you away.

How do you make a Capricorn miss you?

Ultimately, make yourself relevant to them. Man or woman, a Capricorn wants to be thrilled in their interactions with others. Most times, this means catering to their interest and passions (they have zero interest in nothing else). If they can learn from you, see something to live up to in you, a Capricorn will miss your absence.

Also, embrace their love for the best material things. A Capricorn has no time for people who judge their extravagant lifestyle.

Why are Capricorns so attractive?

Physically, this sign is obsessed with looking the best they can be, so they put in a lot of work in the gym. It also helps that they are also naturally solidly built with tough bodies that can endure high amounts of stress. Mentally, they are overthinkers, so they are wise and knowledgeable.

A combination of excellent physical features and a mind constantly working gives Capricorns confidence. That, in turn, makes them attractive.

In Conclusion

Capricorns are a divisive sign among the zodiac. They are easy to love and hate, and ultimately, they are plain hard to understand. The reasons range from a fear of emotional vulnerability to an overly critical nature, leaving many confused about their true motives. These reasons may not unlock your Capricorn, but they can serve as a start on the journey to do so. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Please share with others and let me know what you think in the comments.

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