Best Ways to Tell Boyfriend You're Unexpectedly Pregnant

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Some find sex is only because of lust while the rest or even most people do it as a form of love. That case often happens on pregnancy too. There are couples that waiting so long for a baby, however, the unexpected pregnancy could be a bad case for they that don't want it.

Ways To Tell Boyfriend You're Unexpectedly Pregnant

When we talk about how to tell your partner this unplanned pregnancy, most of the ending would be a surprising moment for your loved one. Either you both will happy for it or vice versa, the pregnancy that you didn't wish at the first time should be the thing you must handle.

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With that being said, of course, you have to tell your boyfriend about it to work it out. So, we come to help you with the best ways to tell boyfriend you're unexpectedly pregnant.

1. Work Out Your Feeling

work out your feeling

The first thing to do in the best ways to tell boyfriend you're unexpectedly pregnant, you should work out your own feeling. You feel confused and don't know what to do, yeah it is normal since you don't expect this pregnancy to happen. Before telling your boyfriend, make sure you can control yourself.

2. Make A Plan About What To Say

Instead of using 'ngh..' too much on a conversation, you better make a preparation about what are you going to say to your boyfriend. This isn't some casual discussion even though you can still put it that way. List the point of what you want to say then make a plan.

3. Practice In The Mirror

To perfect that plan, try to practice it in the mirror. This way can help you when you are talking to your boyfriend so you won't miss your important point. Don't let this Signs of Cheating Husband During Your Pregnancy happen to you.

4. Clarify Your Goal

The best way to tell boyfriend you're unexpectedly pregnant? Make it simple and direct when you are talking about it, also clarify your goal for your current pregnancy.

5. Make Your Points Clear

This is also one of the best ways to tell boyfriend you're unexpectedly pregnant. Don't make your boyfriend even more confused than you. After you talking about what you want from this, reply it so you will make your points clear.

6. Tell Him What You Feel

You must also express your feeling to your boyfriend. Tell him that you are scared about this is fine. Your boyfriend should know what you feel too.

7. Prepare Yourself For His Reaction

The best ways to tell boyfriend you're unexpectedly pregnant? It is not only you that confused or even scared, but your boyfriend might also be as well surprised just like you. You should prepare yourself for his reaction and respect that.

8. Don't Light Up A Conflict

There is normal to have a little conflict. However, you need to chill and calm you won't light up a bigger conflict. In order to make a wise decision, both of you have to be in a situation that anger doesn't involve.

9. Don't Give Your Boyfriend Pressure

We all know how confused and scared you are with this pregnancy you didn't wish. But, the best ways to tell boyfriend you're unexpectedly pregnant, never give your boyfriend pressure as this is his only mistakes. Needs two to handle this kind of matter.

10. Consider All The Options

After talking about it, you probably want to consider all the options which you want to keep the baby or not. Think wisely!

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Reaction Is Negative

ways to do if your boyfriend reaction is negative

As well as the pregnancy itself, your boyfriend reaction would also be unexpected. If happen his reaction is completely negative, here are what you need to do.

1. Be Understandable

You should be respectful of your boyfriend reaction. If he shows some negative reaction, it is actually normal so you better hang on.

2. Don't Get Angry

When he is angry, make sure you can control yourself and not getting yourself into conflict. You need to be the one that calms him and take over the situation.

3. Relax For Awhile

Why don't both of you relax for a while? Try to chill maybe you can watch movies or go out for have a dinner to distract what bothering you.

4. Handle The Insecurity Together

This relationship builds by two people which are you and your boyfriend. In this time, you have to handle this matter together to solve the problem.

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5. Discuss Your Future Plan

Persuade him that stay in a negative vibe won't do any good. It is better to make a plan for the future.

More Tips For Your Unexpected Pregnancy

more tips for your unexpected pregnancy

Here are more tips for your unexpected pregnancy.

1. Find A Support System

You might don't want to tell anyone. However, you should find a support system to help you going through this and be strong.

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2. Get Some Rest

No matter what happens, your health is the number one priority. Rest your body and also your mind so you would get this clear and can make a wise decision.

3. Visit A Counselor

Or if you can find someone to trust, you can ask for help to a professional which is a counselor. Feel free to tell them about your problem so you would feel better.

4. Manage Your Stress

We all know it is hard to not think too much about it. However, somehow, you need to manage that stress so it won't affect your health.

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5. Do More Research

Do more research within this matter. The more you know, the more will find how to solve this problem, especially either you want to keep the baby or not. The choice is all yours!

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