15 Cute Ways On How To Tell Your Boyfriend You're Pregnant

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Pregnancy is considered one of the most beautiful moments in a woman's life. When they're expecting, everything in their lives changes, including the relationship with their boyfriends when they haven't married yet. Finding all the cute ways on how to tell your boyfriend you're pregnant is indeed more difficult than knowing the Cool Ways to Tell Your Best Friend You're Pregnant.

As you are afraid of how will he react, it's important to be able to read the situation. Would he want the baby? Yes, most of the men wouldn't. Not because he doesn't love you simply because dating and being a dad are two completely different things for them. That's a good Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage.

But let's forget about it for now. Here are many cute ways on how to tell your boyfriend you're pregnant and see whether the Signs That Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon Will Appear.


1. The Ultrasound Picture

the ultrasound picture

Do this when you're having a romantic dinner to make it perfect. After he paid the bill, take out the receipt and give it back to him, along with the ultrasound picture you've had earlier. There are no ways he doesn't get it.

2. Tell Him You're Going To Be Really Fat

Every girl hates to get fat and men know that. You ask him if you're gaining some weight like 100 times a day. And now you're going to tell him that you'll be getting really fat and you just can't help it. Instead of saying it through words, write the word on the paper. Pretend you're very sad about it and when he asks why, surprise! You're pregnant!

3. Via A Designed Mug

Buy him a new mug with a hidden message in it. On the bottom of the mug, write the words "You're going to be a dad." Make him coffee, tea, or whatever drink he likes using that mug. Let him finish it and see how he reacts when he finally read the written words.

4. A New T-Shirt

Give him a thoughtful gift regarding your wish to tell him that you're pregnant. Get a new T-shirt with certain printed words: Soon to be a Dad. He will be wondering why and might be thinking that you're joking. However, when the truth has been unveiled, he will be really thrilled.

5. The Love Note

With all the technologies nowadays, you hardly find anyone who writes a love letter to his boyfriend. Take this as an opportunity to create cute ways on how to tell your boyfriend you're pregnant. Leave some note in his bag or pocket, or anywhere that he reaches often.

More Ways To Tell Him You're Pregnant

more ways to tell him you're pregnant

If you're still confused about how to tell him, here are more ways. Honestly, it's harder than the Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Get Married, right?

  1. Tell his mother first! Yes, if you're really close with his mother, take the benefits out of it. She will say, "I'm going to be a grandmother" in more creative ways than you do.
  2. Fill the room with a floating balloon and let him wonder what happened. He will ask what happen, you will say it's a celebration. For what? For him who about to be a father!
  3. Make a photo morph from the app you can download on your phone. Show it to him in a playful manner. If he doesn't give the response you want, tell him why you make it. Because you want to see how your future child looks like!
  4. You can also say it through a cake. It's another celebration to welcome the baby. Put the cake on the table when you're having dinner and let him see the words written on it on his own. You can either write "I'm pregnant" or "You're going to be a dad."
  5. Take a selfie together with him. Comment on that, saying that soon there will be even narrower room on the screen because two people selfie is about to become a selfie for three!
  6. Greet him when he's about to have his breakfast or dinner. Appear with ribbons tied on your waist and hang a gift tag. Let him read the words in the tag first: "I'm pregnant" and let him unwrap his gift!
  7. Write on your belly something funny. You can draw a bar and the words below it read: 10% loading. Wear a short T-shirt and crop top around the house and let him see the message.
  8. Bake him a personal cupcake to be taken to work. Act like it's nothing big and it's only the usual thing you do. He may not notice it at least until lunchtime, so you can take your time wondering about how will he react. Oh, don't forget to put the "I'm pregnant" tag on it.
  9. Ask him to accompany you to buy clothes and try only the very big ones. Ask about how does he think of you wearing those big dresses, and he will ask you why you choose that big one. "Because soon I'm going to be doubled in size. I'm pregnant!
  10. A pair of baby shoes can tell everything. This is simple but somehow very cute. Leave a note with a pair of baby shoes, and the words are" "We're going to buy these a lot in the future. We're going to have a pair of little toes filling in those shoes!"

So those are all the cute ways to tell your boyfriend you're pregnant. Choose the way and the words carefully because it has something to do with the Signs Your Boyfriend Sees You as His Future Wife or not.

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