15 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage

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In the name of love, many couple nowadays thinking that living together is the best option. Despite of the young age and unofficial marital status, they think that spending each day together was the best. In many open culture such as in the Western countries, living together brings a particular advantage, that is you know your partner better before stepping into the more important stage in your life: marriage.

But not all culture in the world approve of this cohabitation things. Instead, some of them forbid this. Surely this is for some good reasons. When the idea of living together is appearing in your head, there are more things to consider: the religion, the culture, as well as the worst possibility could happen. What else the goosd reasons why you should not live together before marriage? Check this one out!


1. Avoid The Unnecessary Fights

avoid the unnecessary fights

Fighting is natural in a relationship. We grow together through fights. But sadly it's also the main Reasons Why You Should Break Up with Your Boyfriend. Living together means emphasize the chance of fighting. As become more know of each other, there are more things to adjust.

2. Enjoy Your Single Time

The time when you were single is a period where you should make the most of. You still have that solitary space only for you. It may not seem important, but you will miss how the bedroom were when it's only belong to you. Nobody would be approve or disapprove of how it's look like. Even if you don't clean it for the week, it's really up to you. Nobody gonna say anything.

3. Live According To Your Schedule

You are still single so you have to pursue your success. Wake through the sleepless night if you must or get home at dawn when you have stacks of job to finished. Imagine if you are living together with your partner, as you have to consider them too. It's impossible to leave them all day at home alone.

4. To Cut Off The Living Cost Is Not A Good Reason

Some people, especially the young ones, opted for living together with their partner for the living cost reasons. As the expenses of life is increasing by the day, splitting up into two seems like a good idea. For the installment payment to the water and electricity bills, you should not make this a reason to move in with them.

5. Take Your Time

What's rushing you? Love? Love is not the only thing in your life. You have so much more beyond. No matter how much you love, take your time before you really get married. No need to rush because when the time has come, you will eventually live together.

6. Have Something To Do After Wedding

The idea of finding the right house to live in and how you would like to decorate them after marriage is one particular happiness. You have many plans in your head and listing all the things to do later.

7. Save The Excitement For Later

save the excitement for later

The vision of moving together brings excitement for a newlywed. As they have never been closer to their partner, a lot of fun ahead seems to be fluttering. You can wait no longer to show them you Wife Material Signs that has been hidden all the time.

8. Live Conveniently

Why would you live in inconvenience when you don't have to? Living together means sharing everything. There is no way all your bag and shoes collection could be well arranged. You have to make space for their stuffs! This may be little thing as you love them, but as the time pass by the inconvenience is getting real.

9. Don't Tie Up Yourself

Living together before marriage is like trapping yourself in a cage without anyone asked you to. Enjoy your freedom as much as you can, there is no need to tie up to something like living together.

10. Love Them In The Right Amount

You still have this free feeling in you as long as you haven't married yet. The small things that you never care about can a big trouble once you move in together. Your partner will start nagging once the house is not clean, not to mention you gross little habit. Just love the in the right amount as lover, not spouse.

11. Your Wedding Will Have Less Meaning

Wedding is something that people have been waiting for. It remarks a new phase in your life. But it will become meaningless once you have live together. Before and after marriage bring no different, and the best Words to Say to Best Friend on Their Wedding would meaningless.

12. The Culture Forbid You To

There are country, especially Asians and Islamic are forbidding the cohabitation before marriage. It's not a things in the Dating Culture in Japan.

13. Break Up Will Be Hard

Couples break up all the time. They just simple haven't meet the right person and still looking for one. Break up will be harder if you have living together as you may have a lot to lose.

14. What Is Proposal?

what is proposal

It's exciting for men to think about How to Propose Someone they love. But just like the marriage, proposal doesn't seem like a big deal since you live together.

15. No Commitment

You will have a long lasting insecurity upon living together before marriage. Especially for women, as there is no commitment, there's nothing to tie you up. Things get more complicated once you have a baby.

After finish reading all the reasons why you should not live together before marriage, now the idea doesn't seem really good, right? While many youngsters and single people are enjoying their free single time, why should you sacrifice yours? There will time where both of live together, that is after marriage. Have been tied under the knot, it's natural if you don't have the freedom you used to. Beside, living together give you a safe feeling (especially for the men) that you don't need to get married.

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