16 Things on Dating Indonesian Chinese – Cultures and Characters

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Seems like we never get enough talk about dating matters. Here I’d like to present a particular topic: reasons to date Indonesian Chinese. Chinese is one of the largest race in the world. They spread practically everywhere. We can find Chinatown in almost ever country in the world. Particularly in Indonesia, Chinese has set their own community in the country. Indonesian Chinese typical is usually owned a large store, sitting in a high position of multinational company, and so on.

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They say Chinese women make a good housewife and Chinese men make a good husband. There must be reasons for it, and here are reasons on dating Indonesian Chinese.

1. They Are Active

Indonesian Chinese has talkative nature. Although they tend to be very noisy sometimes, but let’s take the positive side, you will never get bored with them. You will surely communicate well when you’re dating. And also, they have particular way of speaking, the mixture of Chinese and Indonesian dialect.

2. Indonesian Chinese Women Have Pride

Not in a bad way, Indonesian Chinese women are princess-like. It comes from their family, who will always treat them like a princess. For Chinese family, a daughter is a precious gem. This makes them cherish themselves a lot. They have pride and respect towards themselves, and it won’t be that easy for you to date them.

3. You Should Take the Lead

Not too different from the original Chinese dating etiquette, Indonesian Chinese women are not a risk taker. So when you date them, you have to take the lead in almost every way. Setting a date to meet up, picking the place, and ordering the menu when you’re eating. But younger Indonesian Chinese nowadays doesn’t seem to be like this anymore. They’re more open mind and freely speak up what they want.

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4. Indonesian-Chinese are Typically Smart

This one is so true! Indonesian Chinese descent are usually gifted with brilliant brain, and they still working on it. They usually won first place in academic and (or) athletic competition.

5. They Love Their Family More Than Anything

May Indonesian Chinese live with their family even after they get married and have children. Their love for family is surely undoubted, thus make them a loyal partner both in dating and marriage

6. They Have Their Own Circle in the Community

It’s a familiar sight in Indonesian community where Indonesian Chinese tend to grouped on their own. Not in a bad way, Indonesian Chinese have always hang out with people from their own peers. Their similar culture and background make them well connected with each other.

7. They Have an Unique Accent

By looks, Indonesian Chinese are different with Indonesian origin. They have lighter skin and narrow eyes. Beside those two, Indonesian Chinese have a very unique accent. It’s a mixture between Chinese and Indonesian accent. Just by listening to their way of speak, you don’t need to look at their face to tell that they are Indonesian Chinese

8. Indonesian-Chinese are Religious

On Sunday morning, you will see a lot of Indonesian Chinese packed in church or temple. They are very obedient and devoted towards their religion. You will find praying corner in every house on Indonesian Chinese. Thus, Sunday morning prayer is something they’ll never miss!

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9. They Listen to Their Parents Well

When it comes to dating, whether it’s in mainland of China or in Chinese family in Indonesia, it considered as a serious matter. If grabbing the heart of Indonesian Chinese women is hard, it’s nothing compared to next step: win their family’s heart. Most of Indonesian Chinese family hardly give permission for dating. Not only that they usually liked people of their own race, they are really concern about job, religion, family background, education, etc.

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10. They are Proud to be Indonesian

Despite their Chinese descent, Indonesian Chinese spent almost their entire life in Indonesia. Moreover, they are Indonesian citizen. That is way Indonesian Chinese would proudly say that they are Indonesian.

11. They like Their Partner to be Clean and Neat

When you look at an Indonesian Chinese couple, you’ll find that both the man and woman are dressed very neatly. Indonesian Chinese like to dress simply and neatly. It is due to their natural habit passed down by their parents that, to be a good person, you have to dress well and smells good.

12. They Will Speak Up Their Opinions

While some of Indonesian people keep something to themselves, Indonesian Chinese are the kind of speak them up. When there’s something wrong and they disagree upon, they will speak it straightly. There’s no bad intention or to offense the other side, but Indonesian Chinese don’t hold grudges behind your back.

13. Indonesian Chinese Women Are Independent

Indonesian Chinese living in Indonesia are extremely rich. Most of them come from well-off family or else they have well-paid job. They don’t need you to pay for her bills or cover up their expense. They manage themselves pretty good.

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14. Indonesian Chinese Men are Hard-Worker

Most of Indonesian Chinese family are extremely rich. Whether they run their own business (usually in trading) or sitting on a highly position of a company. It’s not easy to reach that level, that is why Indonesian Chinese men are very hardworking man. It is also due to their nature that concern to job, future, and wealth.

15. Indonesian Chinese are Honest

One positive traits from Indonesian Chinese are their honesty. They won’t take advantage from you nor using you for their own benefit. This trait clearly seen when we’re trading with them. Indonesian Chinese won’t take a penny of your change into their pocket.

16. Indonesian Chinese Have Their Own Chemistry 

Indeed, you can differentiate by yourself the look of Indonesian Chinese and Indonesian local people. That’s why Indonesian Chinese have their own chemistry to make you feel in love with them. They have cute eyes and white skin, which would you get love in first sight.

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Most of Indonesian Chinese Favorite Places to Date in Indonesia

Chinese people are famous for setting their own place in (almost) every part of the world called Chinatown. In Indonesia, there’s some famous Chinatown such as in Jakarta and Surabaya. Jakarta Chinatown is one of Jakarta’s tourist attraction. Jakarta Chinatown located in a district called Glodok, next to the Old City (Kota Tua). Now let’s talk about things we have to make sure doing while we’re out in Jakarta Chinatown.

1. Visiting Jakarta Kota Station

Built in 1873, Jakarta Kota is one of the oldest train stations in Indonesia, this station is still operating up to this day. It is used as terminus station for commuter lines as well as several inter-city trains. Jakarta Kota station become tourism attraction since it maintains its old Dutch Architecture despite the modernization.

2. Strolling along Pancoran Street

Welcome to the Jakarta Chinatown! Not too far from Jakarta Kota Station, you will arrived at Pancoran Street (Jalan Pancoran), a street lined with various Chinese shops selling Chinese attributes such as lanterns, candles, hio, and also food. This street is always busy, particularly near the Chinese New Year.

3. Visiting old prayer sites

When you visit Jakarta’s Chinatown, don’t miss the ancient prayer sites. There are some prayer sites worth visiting, such as Toa Se Bio Temple, a Chinese temple formerly named Hong San Bio; there’s also Gereja Katolik Santa Maria de Fatima, which looks like a Buddhist temple from the outside. But its actually a Catholic church built with the mixture of Chinese architecture and Indonesian culture. The largest temple in Jakarta’s Chinatown is Dharma Bakti temple. The temple was built in 1650 by Chinese liutenant. This place has always crowded and full of Chinese people praying in there.

4. Petak Sembilan, street of traditional market

Petak sembilan is a Chinese traditional market where the seller is all Chinese. Along the street they sell goods like fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It located in the small alley between Toa Se Bio Temple and Gereja Katolik Santa de Fatima.

5. Visit the market of cheap things

From Jalan Gadjah Mada towards Jalan Mangga Besar, you will find lots of shops, street vendors, even shopping mall along the streets. They sell various things like electronics, textiles and garments, gadgets, and almost anything you need. The sellers here are open for bargaining. So bargain as low as you want the price to be.

6. Tasting Chinese cuisine at Jalan Mangga Besar
Tired after shopping at the shops? Next destination would be Jalan Mangga Besar. In the evening, the street filled with restaurants, small cafes, and street vendors on both sides. You could easily find kwetiaw, Hainan rice, pork and other Chinese cuisine with a very reasonable price. You can also enjoy Durian party with your friend here!

Indonesian-Chinese are part of Indonesian communities. However, they have their distinct feature that tell them apart in some ways from Indonesian origin. Still, there are many special things on dating Indonesian Chinese.

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