19 Ways To Make Him Leave His Girlfriend For You

Last updated on June 11, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you in love with a guy who already has a girlfriend?

Maybe you are constantly attracted to men who are ‘unavailable’?

Are you not ready to let a great guy like this pass you by, simply because he has a girl?

Below is the ultimate guide for women trying to make a man leave his girlfriend. It features 17 tried-and-tested methods to convince a man to escape his relationship. 

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What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. What you do know can help you win him over. With that in mind, here are another 19 strategies for winning over a man in his relationship.


The Unfortunate Scenario...

So you met and fell for the coolest guy ever, but you found out he's got a girlfriend? I know the feeling. It's not every day Mr. Perfect comes along, right? Well, do you want to cry about it or get him on your side? 

If you are going with the latter, I know it's not the coolest thing to do. Perhaps, forgetting about him might even be the noblest move. 

However, I also know how irresistible love can be. Besides, it's not like you planned it; love can be so sneaky sometimes. Look at it this way, he might not be happy in that relationship, so it is not like you will be a relationship-wrecker.  

Research even shows that many people stay in miserable relationships for one reason or another— so let's just assume you're technically his light at the end of the tunnel. Now, if you've decided he's totally worth it, here are 19 ways to make him leave his girlfriend for you.

19 Ways To Make Him Leave His Girlfriend For You

1. Don't rush it

It's not like you want to acquire a property or purchase a snack from the convenience store, it’s a matter that involves the heart, so you need to be patient. When you consider the ways to make a guy leave his girlfriend, please don't be impulsive, things like going up to him to tell him how you feel may ruin your chances even before you get to know him.

2. Look good

Look good

In fact, look stunning! If you are going to have a chance at getting him to fall in love with you, you should at least make an effort to look extra pretty. Try not to over-do anything, no one needs to know that you’re coming on to this guy, keep things sexy but subtle. 

If you will adopt a new hairstyle or dress code, make sure it's a routine you can easily keep up. You don't want to start what you can't maintain once you get into his life. There's no point showing him what you can't keep giving him after you may have successfully won him over.

3. Avoid copying her style

When it comes to making a guy leave his girlfriend, do not copy his girl. The idea is to show him something new or something he's probably missing in his relationship. Because he's dating her doesn't mean he likes everything about her. 

You'd be surprised people dislike some tiny details about their partner even though they are in a serious relationship. You might just be copying a style he overlooks because he loves her. So, uniquely do your own thing.

4. Know your enemy

Okay, I don't mean ‘enemy’ in an evil way, but she's technically the obstacle between you and him. You want to get a sneak peek into her life, so try to know about his girlfriend. 

This tip isn't about digging up dirt to use against her. It’s about understanding the areas she's good at and, of course, her weak areas— which you can use as an advantage to be the missing piece in his puzzle. Knowing the things she does that he doesn't like will also help you to avoid them.

5. Initiate eye contact

It's time to be bold. I know it can be a little difficult looking into his eyes yet hiding your feelings. But it’s one of the ways you’re going to get his attention. You have to be skillful at playing with eye contact. 

While you want to avoid staring at him, steal looks that are just long enough for him to notice and short enough not to spook him. The whole idea is to tease him without throwing yourself out entirely so that he keeps wondering about you.

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6. Ignore him sometimes

While you give him attention, you also don't want to appear desperate. As you make eye contact on some days, completely ignore him on other days. This way, he'll become more curious about you. Look at it as being mysterious, and trust me, guys love a little mystery. As you alternate ignoring and making eye contact, he'll be looking forward to the attention he's getting from you.

7. Get close to his friends

If you are not friends and don't know how to get close to him without spooking the girlfriend, it's time to get close to his buddies. This way, you'll successfully infiltrate his space without looking desperate or making his girlfriend feel uncomfortable. Once you're friends with his buddies, create a good impression, so they’ll be the ones to transmit the good news about you.

8. Be friends with him

Be friends with him

Since he's already dating someone else, one of the best cards you have to play is becoming his friend. Establishing a ‘platonic relationship’ with him will not only bring you to a close, but it will also give you express entry into his life. 

Plus, you'll also get more opportunities to flirt. A little heads-up though, avoid crashing into the friend zone. Make sure the friendship always has the subtle "I'm into you" hint so that you can keep the possibility of being in a relationship with this guy open. 

9. Create scenarios where you need help

Men are naturally obsessed with showing off and being protective. It's an intrinsic part of them to see women as fragile and damsels in distress. Once you can make him feel he's the Prince Charming swooping in to rescue you, he'll offer more kind gestures, which will bring you guys closer. 

However, do not overdo it as he might get used to seeing you as someone to be pitied, like a puppy that needs care rather than a woman that needs passionate attention.

10. Make him comfortable around you

Without showing your true intentions, appreciate him when he's around. Remind him how kind he was for helping you previously and tell him it's great to have someone like him around. Furthermore, appreciate him whenever he does anything for you. It’s one of the fastest ways to get him comfortable around you.

11. Resist the urge to speak ill of her

If he ever talks to you about his girlfriend, don't speak badly about her. I know it might be tempting thinking it'll make him start to develop doubts about his relationship and girl; trust me, it won't make him like you either, especially if they don't break up. 

He'll likely tell her all the nasty things you said. Remember, the strategy to make him leave her is to let him see what he's missing in her with you.

12. Find common grounds

Beyond just being friends with him, you might need to break into his world. He's got a girl; why should he hang with another girl? It could be football, video games, movies, music, politics, etc. look for something he likes that'll make him look forward to a conversation with you

Like I said, don't do things you can't cope with; make sure whatever niche you choose, you can effortlessly engage him without any struggle.

13. Throw in compliments

Another way to let a guy know you are into him is to give him compliments. Everyone likes compliments, so you can tell him things like, "nice shoes," "your shirt looks great," "what perfume are you wearing? It's nice.”

14. Have an in-depth conversation

Have an in-depth conversation

Conversations about love, life, and career often get people to open up. It will not only get you to know more about him and his values, but he'll also get the opportunity to understand how deep you are as a person. 

Conversations like these will let you into each others' world. When you tell him about your goals, make sure they resonate with what he stands for in life. You can’t tell him you want to run a bikini line if he’s more of a modest person. 

15. Avoid being too flirty

Take this from me;  you don't want to attract him by being too flirty or sensual; it may not end well. Research shows that men are visual creatures and get turned on easily. If you are overly flirty, he may see you as too cheap and as a free booty call. So play it cool and remain mysterious till you are sure he's really into you.

16. Touch him

Initiate gentle physical contact to send him green light signals. When you guys meet, beyond hugging him, you can hold his hands for some seconds more. You can also combine your display of surprise in your dialogue with a light touch. 

17. Make him jealous

If you've successfully got his full attention, it's time to turn up the heat. Flirt a little with someone else when he's around. If he likes you too, he'll likely start to make more moves because you have created a scenario to make him feel you may soon be out of his reach. If he doesn't want to lose you to someone else, you'll notice massive positive changes.

18. Don't confront his girlfriend

Whether by yourself or proxy, confronting your ‘rival’ is another big no. I like to call this the ‘gangster way’. Some ladies go all out by letting their dream guy's girlfriend know there’s a conflict of interest. 

Sometimes, they can even throw in a lie to make her feel her man is already cheating. If she's the type that rushes into conclusion, she can break up with her boyfriend making him open for the taking. This move has a huge chance of backfiring, so avoid the gangster move.

19. Don't let jealousy consume you

Talking about ways to make him leave his girlfriend. I've been there, and I can tell you for free that jealousy is almost unavoidable. It's a known fact that jealousy is capable of consuming people and making them bitter, which will push him away and make you a more toxic person. 

Therefore, avoid jealousy or envy, not just because you want him, but for your emotional and psychological well being as well.


How do I get him away from his girlfriend?

Getting a guy away from his girlfriend is not that easy. If you are lucky he's not happy in the relationship, your chance of getting him may be slightly higher. Therefore, showing him what he might probably be missing in his current girl could shift his attention towards you.

How do I get my crush to break up with his girlfriend?

The first thing is to know what your crush wants and get close to him as a friend if you haven't. All men are visual creatures; therefore, beautiful ladies manipulate them easily. You can flirt with him, but don’t overdo it. Remember, if this guy is already happy in his current relationship, there’s no need to try to break them up.

How do you get a guy to leave your girlfriend alone?

It’s better you talk to your girlfriend first, ensure she isn’t feeling this guy already. Then send him a message on her phone or call him, sternly but casually warning him to stand down.

How can I make him miss me badly?

The trick to making a man miss you is to make yourself unavailable while giving him a slight hint that you want him. You can begin by canceling your dates but send him a text on how much you regret it.
Reduce the calls and texts yet post tons of activity on social media, so he can see. When he wants to start complaining about how elusive you've been, send a sexy picture of you but say you are busy when he asks for a date.

How can I win a man's heart?

The first thing is to be confident, have self-worth, and always look stunning. You can go further by supporting your man's dreams, brag about him, and ensure you spend time with each other. Men like to play Prince Charming, so allow him to help you from time to time. Furthermore, let him feel wanted in the bedroom and don't forget to tell him you love him.

All In All,

I hope you enjoyed the article. Getting a man to leave his girlfriend may prove a little tricky, but it's not impossible. Keep in mind that you need to be patient because the aim is to let him see what he's missing in his relationship, so that’ll likely take some time. 

With the ways listed above, you may be able to get him, IF, he’s already unhappy with his current girlfriend. If you like the article, please leave a comment and share it.

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