How To Tell Him You Miss Him Without Sounding Desperate And Clingy

Last updated on June 4, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you hoping to win back your ex?

Maybe you’re thinking about telling him you miss him, but you’re worried about sounding desperate? 

Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s a smoother way to let him know how you feel? 

If so, this guide is here to help you out. It is packed with some useful tips for telling someone you miss them without sounding too desperate. 

However, before I begin explaining these tips, it’s really important for you to understand the following fact.

If your ex is also keen to get back together, it’s almost impossible that he’ll consider you as too desperate. 

It’s only when he’s indifferent or has moved on completely that you need to worry about you the way you communicate your feelings to him. 

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How To Tell Him You Miss Him

The way you say things in your head could affect the way people think about that. How you say it matters for sure, girls. It’s okay for a girl to say she miss a guy to that guy, but it’s important to make sure she said it the right way. This could give rather positive impacts after all.

If you ever wonder how to tell him you miss him without sounding desperate, then this article is just the right one for you. Who knows that these tips might also be the answer to how to make him miss you in long distance relationship, anyway ? These might also be the ways how to tell your ex you miss them without sounding needy, girls.

Sometimes, knowing how to tell properly could beat how to tell someone you miss them without saying it. Even if trying out some ways how to tell a guy you miss him in a cute way might seem a lot harder and risky, it's still effective to deliver the message.

Actually it’s not like you must follow these lines when you want to tell someone you miss him. However, it could be a good references for you to follow at times. You could also use more suitable words to deliver this message, but still in a way that doesn’t make him think you’re clingy. Here are few ideas that should inspire you:

1. Don’t Be Too Direct

don't be too direct

When you love someone, saying I love you is not the only way for you to tell him about what’s in your heart, right? At times, you should be less direct so that he got the message without translating it wrongly. Talk about the last movie you watched together, tell him that you’re in the café that both of you usually take a sip of coffee. He should get what you’ve been meaning to say.

2. Avoid Overdoing

When you want to tell someone you miss them, you should not do it all the times that he himself might feel bored. It’s not just annoying, but it could also make the words meaningless, as you say it too easily and too often. Saying it often doesn’t mean that he will get the message and believe in what you say. Therefore, saying it once in a while could be a lot more impactful and meaningful in the same time.

3. Don’t Be Too Cheesy

Sometimes simple is the queen. You don’t have to make a lines that’s super cheesy and romantic just to tell him you miss him. Of course it’s okay for you to express your love in such creative way or perhaps cute things to say to your boyfriend when you miss him, but since you’re a girl, it might sound a little bit weird and awkward in his ears. Make it simple and meaningful, then you don’t have to wonder how to tell him you miss him without sounding desperate anymore. 

4. Don’t Show Him That You’re Desperate

If you don’t want others to think that you’re helpless and desperate, then don’t act like you are. It’s okay to show him how you’re doing without him, all lonely and less happy. But, this shouldn’t be too obvious that he feels like he’s a kind and you’re just someone who will always miss him.

This could be so dangerous as he might also take you for granted. Show him how you’re doing well, but you know something is missing and it feels incomplete without him. Instead of come off as a clingy, desperate girl who can't live with her boyfriend, you should just remain as a girl who cherish and appreciate his boyfriend's presence.

5. Just Say It

just say it

Saying you miss someone isn’t a sin that you have to be afraid and all nervous when you want to say it. Just say what you want to say without worries, as long as you take a closer look and apply all of the tips above, everything should be just fine. It’s time for you to do something instead of just keeping it all in, girl. Let it out and see what will happen. At least it's better to try rather than just keeping it all in and regret never saying later on, right?

Finding out how to tell him you miss him without sounding desperate will give you a push of confidence when you’re about to tell him you miss him. However, who wouldn’t want such positive impacts on the other persona and yourself when you have said the words? As long as you’re doing it the right way, then you won’t regret ever saying so.

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