Signs You Are Ready For A New Relationship (Move On Done!)

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Speaking about relationship, there are a lot to talk about. All of us wish that our relationship will last long and nothing bad would come in the way. However, when break up becomes unavoidable, we must go through the hard Ways to Get Over a Relationship After Break Up. Never think that it was easy to do the Ways to Forget Your Ex especially when they are truly meaningful to you.

But life must go on, and you have to look up at your brighter future. There will be someone better to come along. Before that, you must look up at the signs you are ready for a new relationship.


1. You No Longer Care About How You Look

After a break up, you must be wanted to look as perfect as you can to make your ex regret. When you finally let it all go and feeling confidence as they way you are, then you're ready to find someone who loves you for who you are.

2. It's Okay To See Your Ex

As you are still resentful to your ex, you tend to avoid them wherever you are. But you are no longer afraid bumping onto them everywhere at any situation. You probably in your worst state and look horrible, but it's okay to see them.

3. You Know Who You Are

People fail in a relationship not only because they don't understand their partner, but also because they don't understand themselves well. You know what kind of person you are when you're in a relationship.

4. You Can Live Your Life Perfectly

you can live your life perfectly

Are you happy with your life now? Can you go out with your friends and doing your responsibilities at the same time? Make sure your life has find its balance before you add another person in it.

5. Your Excited For Blind Dates

As you want to meet someone new, you become excited. You even ask your friend to set blind dates for you! Not only you're going through it well but you also immersed in it. You enjoy the meeting and the conversation as well.

6. You Are Ready To Compromise

Being in a relationship means that you have to lose sometime and compromise with your partner. You perfectly understand it, and after making the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship, you are willing to give in once again.

7. You're Not Quick To Judge

Just because you are traumatized by your previous relationship, you become quick to judge people. Let this go and understand that people make mistakes in life and nobody is perfect. As you also have your own weakness, it's not wise to judge people for their mistake.

8. You Are No Longer Skeptical About Relationship

You still have a hope for better relationship in the future and the fact that you have been through a break up no longer affects you in a bad way. A new person brings new hope and you will make a new story with them.

9. You Open Up Yourself Again

Finally you are ready to open up yourself again. You are eager to meet a new person starting over. You know that you can give your love to another person and you want to be loved too. You have left everything behind and never looked back.

10. You Know What You Want

Knowing yourself is important but what's more important is you know what you want in a relationship. From there you also know what kind of person you need as lover. This means you have learned from your mistake, not regret it.

11. You Have Found The Answer

You have become wiser and more mature if you already found the answered for the questions you had regarding your last relationship. Where did everything goes wrong? Why did you break up?

12. You Are Ready To Be Hurt Again

Being in a new relationship means you are ready to face all of the consequences that come along. You are ready to fail again and get hurt again.

Don't Start A New Relationship If You Are Still...

don't start a new relationship if you are still

Before starting a new relationship, you have to make sure that you are all ready for it since you wouldn't want to fall in the same trap again. Especially when you have finally find the Ways to Leave an Emotionally Abusive Relationship which surely leave a big scar in your heart. Never think of having a new relationship if you are still...

  1. They're the first person coming into mind whenever you're happy or sad.
  2. You still keeping some of their belongings since you want to be attached with them.
  3. They remains your dream lover and you always compare everyone to them.
  4. You consider the date of your break up as a day of grieving.
  5. You purposely going to places where they usually at.
  6. You are obsessed to do things that they used to expect it from you.
  7. You just can't get enough stalking their social media.
  8. Who they date now and how their relationship going is something you always update on.
  9. You think that your wound will be healed once another person come over.
  10. You never get tired of talking about them. Like, all the time.
  11. You keep all the gifts he gave you.
  12. All the things you do, you are always reminded of them.
  13. You still keep his contacts.
  14. You keep updated about them through their friends.
  15. You blackmail them with another number.

Are you sure that you have all the signs you are ready for a new relationship? Or you have more to be checklisted? Think deeply about what do you want in your new relationship and find out is it true that you already over your ex or you still hoping them? Since one of the Reasons Why You Should Not Be Friend with Your Ex is it will harder for you to move on.

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