27 Worst Signs She's Not Worth Your Time

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In a relationship, how long it will last doesn't matter that much. There are more important things that people often ignore: how to make each other worth the time. It's no secret that by being in a relationship, we have spare some of our time for our significant others, in the name of love.

As time is a thing that we can never return, make sure that she is really worth it. But you need to open your eyes to reality that not every girl is that good and she is just wasting your time. So how to know whether she's worth it or not? Here are the signs she's not worth your time.


1. Relationship Centered Around Her

It's always about her and her. You talk whatever she wants to talk, you go wherever she wants to go. She never put your opinion into account nor she really cares about you. It's the Signs She's Not Into You.

2. You Have A Difference In Values

It's okay to have different views on things. But it's not when you don't share similar values as her. It doesn't matter if the differences is just debating over where to go for dinner. Things get complicated when you and her have different religions and it can't be reconciled somehow.

3. She Doesn't Have Time

A woman should live her life so that she won't be depending or her man. The signs she's wasting your time coming when she becomes too busy that you can't fit in her schedule nor she tries to make time for you.

4. She Hasn't Moved On

she hasn't moved on

She said she doesn't love her ex anymore but she constantly drop her ex's name from time to time. As if it's not enough, she tends to compare you and him. Don't you think it's an initial Signs Your Girlfriend Would Cheat on you?

5. You Are The One Who Call First

No secret that who calls first is the one who like the other more. As a man you have made the first move and it's not right if she never do the same. Not after you show all the Signs When Guys Fall in Love to a woman.

6. She's Up And Down

It's impossible to keep the mood stable in a relationship. But it doesn't mean that she can do whatever she likes without considering your feeling at all. It could also be a trick from a woman to prove that do you really the right man for her. You really need to reconsider her because if the same thing happens to her, she take it as the Signs of a Bad Relationship with Your Boyfriend.

7. She's Changed

You know that she's not the woman you fell in love with shortly after you started dating. All her true behavior comes out and you can no longer find the girl with whom you used to watch basketball with.

8. You Can't Be Your Best With Her

When two people are dating, they should be able to bring out the best from each other. One of the signs she's wasting your time is when you can't be the best version of you. She doesn't help you to grow and there are too many drama in your relationship.

9. She Acts Like Needing Your Help All The Time

Some people fall in love because the other person look vulnerable and helpless. But if she looks like that all the time, all she needs is mental therapy and support, not your love. You better do the Ways to Ignore Someone without Hurting Their Feelings. You're not Superman and you don't have to save her life.

10. She Is Unfaithful

she is unfaithful

Why would you spend your time with some unfaithful woman? As one of the most important thing in a relationship is trust, and if she doesn't have any then she's not worth your love. It could also be the Signs She's Not Interested in You but she doesn't know how to say.

More Signs She's Not Worth It

You need to look up more at the signs she's not worth your time to convinced you that you need to leave her as soon as possible. Stop wasting your time and find someone else.

  1. All she knows is having fun and doesn't seem to think about her future and dreams.
  2. She flirts with literally every man she met.
  3. She's a super busy woman who's not look for dating at the moment.
  4. She told you she just want to be friends.
  5. She looks hesitate every time you ask her about something serious, like the future of your relationship.
  6. She was driven by her friends.
  7. She's just really, really busy that she barely have time for herself.
  8. She's way too active in social media and living in it.
  9. She complains all the time and about everything.
  10. Instead of improving you, she criticize.
  11. She constantly ask you to change to someone who's not you.
  12. You sacrifice to fake yourself just because you don't want to lose her.
  13. You have nothing in common with her.
  14. She never defend you in public nor taking your side.
  15. Everything is always about her, for her own goods and for her sake.
  16. It's like only one person in the relationship, and it's definitely not you.
  17. Not only that she's not faithful, but she doesn't trust you too.

So those are all the signs she's not worth your time and you shouldn't waste more of it with her. Find someone that really deserve your love and worth it. Don't make yourself as a sacrificial lamb just because you love her that much. Love supposed to build each other and make both parties happy, not creating unbalance because one is the center and another become the sidekick.

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