Is My Taurus Man Falling In Love With Me For Real?

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You might wonder whether your crush is falling in love with you or not, and when you ask his friends they tease you to ask him directly, and so you are here. So is my Taurus man falling in love with me?

Before knowing the signs, you had better knowing his personality based on his zodiac, Taurus.


1. Easy To Get Along With

Your crush seems to be nice with everyone, including with you and your female friends out there. So this might be the reason why you are doubt. Hint: he might fall in love with you! YASSS!

2. Stubborn

He is naturally stubborn, so the news you have heard recently could be true that he often made problems with his friends and his parents.

3. Slow And Steady (Wait And See Method)

slow and steady (wait and see method)

Just like a wild animal, a Taurus man will act slow but steady until he get perfect time to attack. He would quietly see and learn you from the far if he is interested in you, so look closer.

4. Diligent

Your man is everyone’s favorite since he is silently diligent. At times, he will fix computer errors at the office or re-adjusting your terrible security setting of your phone.

His friends and relatives would constantly in touch because he seems the one who can be count on.

5. Warm And Sweet

Taurus man is rather silent with his warm look and sweet acts. Girls are usually easy to fall for this.

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So is it love? Might be. These are signs to answer your question is my Taurus man falling in love with me?

Signs My Taurus Man Is Falling In Love With Me

1. He Always Finds A Time And Reason Just To See You

If a man is in love, he would do anything just to be able to meet his lover. He would cancel some meetings, or lunches, or parties just to see you whenever and wherever you are.

2. He Always Has Excuses Only To Talk To You

he always has excuses only to talk to you

If he isn’t your boyfriend yet, he will find a way to talk to you. You can find him everywhere such as on Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter, everywhere, and available.

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3. He Tells You Things Related To You

He might sometimes tell you about his holidays and tell that he met someone that looks like you, or see some of your favorite stuffs there and he bought it for you, or have as many as selfies for you and hoping that you were there.

4. He Smiles At You Very Often

A Taurus man is a very sweet guy, he smiles often that you will fall for this. He is basically kind to everyone, but his smile can be the sign that he likes you!

5. He Acts Sweet And Sometimes Shy

When a man, in this case Taurus man, like you, he will act sweet towards you. Sometimes he looks shy doing things in front of you like talking, eating, and asking you questions. He acts very careful to impress you.

6. He Shares Things With You

At school, for example, he will share his drink or lunch, and often buy you any foods you want.

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7. He Has Big Plans With You

A Taurus man is a serious man when it comes to a long term relationship. He usually has big plans with you like being engaged, married and having kids.

8. He Tells You I Love You

he tells you i love you

The simplest but most obvious sign if a Taurus man is falling in love with you is when he lets you know that he loves you by saying I love you, I miss you, I really like you, you are adorable and many others.

9. He Wants To See Your Family

A Taurus man is totally falling in love with you when he eventually asks you to meet his parents and want to meet your family too.

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10. He Does What You Ask

This sweet Taurus will do anything you ask as long as he can. He will fight for you and always make you happy.

So they are 10 clues to answer your doubt is my Taurus man falling in love with me? Now that you have some clues, keep your relationship well with your Taurus man and hope for best.

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