9 Tips About Is My Taurus Man Thinking Of Me

Last updated on April 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If currently you're having relationship with a Taurus man, then you might sometimes ask is my Taurus man thinking of me? Of course, it will be difficult to define a man thinking every time. But it probably important to know mainly if you just start having a serious relationship. You will imagine on how to get your crush attention without being obvious at him. You might also need to know whether he crush on you badly or not. You might also think whether he is not serious with you or the other way. If you want to know further on this matter, it will be better to check below several tips to make sure is my Taurus man thinking of me or not.


How To Make Sure Is My Taurus Man Thinking Of Me

There are several tricky tips that also simple and easy to do to make sure whether your mate is thinking of you all the time. This might sound ridiculous, but most woman will feel sweet ways to make a girl feel special when see his man thinking of her anytime. Therefore, rather than feeling doubt on is my Taurus man thinking of me, it will be better to do below things:

1. Be Honest

Try to be honest with him might be a good way to express on how much you want him to thinking of you. Therefore, it might be good to give him sort text and asked whether he thinking of you or not. This might sound funny, but sometimes it is proven the most effective things to do to your man.

2. Good Seductive

good seductive

Give him a tease or soft seduction while going out together. It will make him remember you mainly your sensual things. Therefore, if you have chance try to give a little flirt or say some seductive words through text. He will definitely curious and want to thinking of you in a sudden. That is common on how to get a Taurus man make a decision to thinking of you more.

3. Left Some Romance

By left him some romance, it will make him feeling happy and difficult to forget the moment. Such as a good romantic dinner or a good time that spent together. It will lead him to flashback his memory and then automatically remember you in his mind.

4. Mark Your Scent

It also an easy thing to make sure is my Taurus man thinking of me or not. Try to mark your scent to his stuff. Therefore, make sure to always wear a authentic perfume to let him always remember your smell and miss you much. It will be a good idea to leave your scent at his clothes or any other personal things.

5. Send Pictures

You can also send some naughty pictures or a pictures of your sweetest smile ever. It will lead to a sweet and cute things to say to your boyfriend when he got mad at you. Plus he will definitely thinking of you by now.

6. Turn Off Your Phone

If you need to prove this issue, then try to turn off your phone for half day. If he thinking of you, he absolutely will search you just to ask whether you are okay or not.

7. Put Some Space

put some space

Try to put some space too, such as by having another activity that not involving him. It can make him feel curious on what you do and will thinking what is the best way to keep being with you many time.

8. Leave Your Personal Belonging

Another idea is by leaving your personal belonging to his room or his bag. It will make him remember about your relationship and straight away thinking of you. Try to leaves your handkerchief or maybe your small things that personal.

9. Bring Spice To Your Relationship

By having a spice into your relationship, it will make him remember anything about you precisely. It will good to make him crazy on you and start to thinking about you anytime. Through a good spice, you can also develop your relationship further. Might be it could be to another step such as engagement tradition Indonesia. Therefore, this might be a good idea to follow on if you feel desperate on this issues. Usually it can works in optimum and effective ways to your relationship.

Those are several tips to make sure is my Taurus man thinking of me or not. Therefore, always make sure to do above tips to make your man crush and crazy about you. Specially if this is the start of your relationship and you feel can not forget him all the time. It might lead you thinking the same time and want to make sure that yes, your Taurus man is now thinking of you!

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