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20 Most Lovable Ways to Love a Virgo Man

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A zodiac leaves particular personality to a person, according to under which star he was born. No wonder there are many Signs an Aries Man Has a Crush on You, Signs a Taurus Man in Falling in Love with You, Signs a Capricorn Male Likes You, Signs a Leo Has a Crush on You, or Signs Gemini Man Fall in Love with you. Virgo man is also indifference. When you date him, you have to understand his personality based on his zodiac first, so you know the most lovable ways to love a Virgo Man, as listed below:


1. Give Him His Own Space

Every couple needs their own space, but Virgo man is one of them who has to have it no matter what. Men born under the star of Virgo tend to have an unpredictable emotion, which require a lot of understanding from his partner. Give him some time alone so he can relax his mind and rethinking about your relationship with him. In no time he’ll come back because he misses you a lot.

2. Show Him Your Kindness and Affection

Born perfectionist, a Virgo man wants everything to be perfect as it should be. In love, Virgo man likes to receive a lot of love and affection because for him, that is love. Doing little things like taking care of his meal is a big things for a Virgo man.

3. Don’t be in a Rush and Stay Calm

He is always cautious, sensitive and full of empathy. He is less compatible with someone in a rush and on fire. It requires a huge amount of patience when you are dating a Virgo man. Not because he is slow at things, but because he likes to do everything cautiously as it piercing his mind little by little.

4. Be Patience and Understanding

It will take a long time for him to open his heart, but you have to wait and never force him to. Willing to wait for him to finally speak up about his deepest heart makes a Virgo be sure about your love. And he will keep your name in his heart forever.

5. He Likes Physical Affection

As the modern term of “virgin”, a Virgo man enjoys physical love and affection. He likes to be kissed, hugged, and touched a lot by his lover and he’d do same things as well. Action speaks louder than words for a Virgo man.

6. Do Not Expect Him to Show His Love Publicly

One of the best way to love a Virgo man is not demanding him to show his love and affection for you in public. A Virgo man considers love as the deepest secret, so prefers to keep it as a secret to himself. Do not questioned his love even he doesn’t show it you. He simply has no desire to broadcast it, but deep inside his heart he loves your dearly.

7. No Excessive Surprise for Him

When other lovers thinks surprise is a very sweet thing to do to your beloved, it doesn’t apply to a Virgo man however. Spontaneity is not a Virgo thing. He is someone to maintain the balance in his life, and surprise will ruin it all. He prefers something that is slowly introduced to him, not big things in one go.

8. Open Up About Yourself First

A Virgo man love to communicate deeply with his lover. He wants to know about your deepest secret, your inner feeling and deepest thought. Even though he’s not open to you just yet, open up with him. This way he will slowly open up his heart and tell you about his deepest secret.

9. Share Your Daily Life with Him

One thing a Virgo man loves is sharing the little things with his beloved. It connects him to his lover spiritually and makes their bond tighter. Small things like doing trivial activities together is a good ways to love a Virgo man. Ask him to accompany you on your monthly errands or exercise together during the weekend.

10. Encourage Him to Step Out of His Comfort Zone

As Virgo is a type that is not used to show love and affection, you know that love is not like that. When you love someone you have to mean it and show it so that the other side knows. Hiding all the love and affection is not always good, so you have to encourage him and change him little by little. 

The Big Don’ts If You Want to Love a Virgo man

After knowing how to love a Virgo man perfectly, you also have to learn what things that would be a turn off for a Virgo man. Here we go:

  1. Don’t fight with him. A Virgo man likes to bottles things up.
  2. Do not avoid deep talks because it’s what he wants instead of fights.
  3. He doesn’t like to beat around the bush so tell him clearly what you want.
  4. Stay away from the mess because he likes everything to be clean and order.
  5. Don’t play cool because Virgo wants to receive love, care and affection.
  6. Never fake things or lie to him. He’s a human lie detector!
  7. Don’t take him for granted because he’ll never love back someone who’s lack of love for him.
  8. Do not criticize him too much because he’s a good critics for his own self.
  9. Never bother him when he’s at work. He is such a  hardworking man.
  10. Don’t go high over him and let him do the control, you can change this later.

So those are the most lovely ways to love a Virgo man. Remember that even though some personalities are derived by zodiac signs, some are not. People personality will change affected by the surroundings and how someone was raised. The most important things in love in patience and understanding to make it lasted long.

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