What to Do When My Boyfriend Shuts Me Out and Got so Mad

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Sometimes love goes straight as we want. But, sometimes there are many struggles on the way. Like this example what to do when my boyfriend shuts me up? Relax, please see the reasons first.

1. He does not comfortable

First, he feels enjoy to talk with you but when you always sent many text messages to another guy.

He seems to be jealous and this is a feeling that makes he does not comfortable.

2. His emotion

When both you two in a problem, you released your emotion to him, you angry, shouts and even cry. But, he does not do the same as you. He chooses to hide his emotions to make you win.

3. He does not respond

He does not respond, he shuts up even he just listen to you. It is because he wants to let you first to talk. After you are done then he will start to open.

4. He feels something

He does not let you know about the real thing that something that can hurt your feeling. There are many big's problems in his head now.

6. The white lies

He should do the white lies, he can not shares something that makes you sad. That is why he chooses to be quiet.  This is what can you do, what to do when boyfriend tells white lies all the time?

Signs that he wants to be alone

Well, we must see the positive think why he does this, he shuts up you out. Maybe he really needs time. Check on these are the signs that he wants to be alone.

1. You always come first

Well, my boyfriend has suddenly disappeared and stopped texting or calling, what should I do? You can go first, text him daily with proper range. Just think positive.

2. He seems busy

He always says busy all day, it is a sign that there is something that he hides from you. Now, you are not available to him.

3. He is not online

What is going on? He is not online these few weeks. He just ran away.  It makes you stop to stalking to his profile. You can see this too on the tip on meeting someone for the first time after knowing them online.

4. No time with you

It is time to go date, but he is not interested to have a date with you. He needs his time alone.

5. Reasons to run away

Many reasons that he makes and it makes you feel hurt. Does he need his time or he goes back with his ex? You should know the truth.

6. It is short and simple
He just types "Okay". It does not have a real mean. Well, you should go back this time.

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What to do when my boyfriend shuts me up

Below here are the tips on how to handle it and what you should do. These are the proper tips that you will get.

1. Don't think too hard

Surely you feel anxious and think negatively to feel guilty about yourself, right? It is natural because some people also feel the same feeling. However, the important and first thing you need to be relaxed and don't think too hard.

2. Start to do this

Take the first step to start observing it. You can ask him with soft words and gazes and say something like this, are you okay, babe?

This tip may help you what to say to a boyfriend who is depressed to feel okay again?

3. Listen to him carefully

What is he needed right now is someone who wants to listen to what he says.

He feels very bored, tired and frustrated right now. This is what can you do also, check on this tip on what can I do if I feel bored with my boyfriend but I don't wanna break up?

4. Just say it honestly in your mind

After he answers "Okay I'm fine". Next, you try to say what you want to say based on your mind like this; Is there something that bothers you? or What can I do for you? State your sympathy for him.

5. Cancel your emotions

To overcome this, never vent your emotions. Remember, you don't know and really know what's wrong the real is. He can be shut up because of you.

6. Give him time alone

If he feels upset with someone, just leave him for a while. If he is frustrated and tired of working. Give him time to do what he likes. He needs to refresh himself.

7. Check again

Maybe in some time about 1 or 2 weeks, you can see his changes. Check again, has he returned as before? Or the situation is getting worse even though he doesn't contact you at all. You may find out more.

8. Good or bad reality

You better find out for yourself what is happening to him. However, before doing this you must be prepared about the reality that happened, good or bad. If you ever find him dating with someone else. So, you need to confirm this directly to him.

9. A hope

A good hope that's you want it right now. However. if the opposite happens. He left without saying any clarity. You better leave it this man. Check on this also if he is a Virgo man, what does it mean when a Virgo man ignores you?

10. Let him go 

Many reasons are made because he feels tired of having a relationship with you. If he feels happy when you are going, just let him go and never regret a man like this.

Hopefully, the above tips on what to do when my boyfriend shuts me up can resolve your problem. Remember, face this problem with positive thinking and please check on this one too on how do I deal with my ex-boyfriend and my ex-best friend dating behind me?

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