Useful Tips On Meeting Someone For The First Time After Knowing Them Online

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Online dating has now become more convenience for most people, especially when they’re not intending for a serious relationship. They just want to look for someone so that they won’t feel lonely anymore. It’s nothing strange that online dating couple never really meet in real life and break up before it even happens.

Moving on from dating online to meeting in person is a big milestone for a couple. It’s why they need a lot of useful tips on meeting someone for the first time after knowing them online. For the first time you will know what kind of a person they really are, whether they meet your expectations or not.

To make it work and to make sure that you’re not being lied or scammed, you have to smart enough to know what’s behind their smile and words. It’s too naïve to think that everyone is a good person since chances are they only want to take out the benefits from you.

So here are the most useful tips on meeting someone for the first time after knowing them online, which is unnecessarily has to be dating.


1. Choose Someone With Similar Preference

Whether you meet as a friend or first date, everything with the “first” word is usually awkward. There will be many blank spaces between you two when you’re at loss of something to say. To avoid such situations, choose to meet someone with whom you have similar preference. Maybe you like the same band, read the same book, or enjoy the same activities.

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Having similarities reduces the awkward level a lot since you can always talk about it all the time or to fill the possible blank spaces in the middle.

2. Have A More Intense Communication Before The Meeting

have  a more intense communication before the meeting

From the day you set the meeting until the D-day, make your communication more intense than before. Ask more question into the most detail, take note of the things he said so that you can verify the truth later on. Instead of being negative, you are cautious for your own sake.

3. Consider The Place And Time Carefully

Don’t let them set the date, place, and time. Make sure you’re the one who do it and choose everything according to your convenience. From the place to time, consider it carefully. You are meeting someone you never know before and you don’t know what might happen there. 

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So the best choice would be both meeting on a daylight or at night during happy hour and must be in a crowded place. You make sure about your security that way.

4. Avoid Sharing Too Much About Yourself

Another tips on meeting someone for the first time after knowing them online is not to share too much of your personal details. Not only you have to be reserved on the dating online service, you have to do so when meeting one of them for the first place. Their intention is still unclear and you don’t know them well enough yet to trust them with your privacy. Keep the talk on general topics and if they start to talk about themselves, don’t be fixated by it.

5. Don’t Let Your Expectations Too High

If you are asked what makes you interested in knowing them for the first time, it would their impressive resume shown on their profile, followed by a series of contact which reveal their interesting side more. You can’t help but coming with certain expectation in them. Just don’t let it too high or you better off with zero expectations. 

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If that person unable to meet your expectation, you’ll be disappointed and you can’t see that they are a really decent person just because they’re not like what you have expected. So even if you have do a background research, come like you’re empty handed and not knowing anything.

6. Search For Their Background Before The Meeting

Speaking of background research, it’s a must to do before you meet someone you know online. Even though you meet as friends, it’s important to at least getting the bigger picture of how they might be. Go through all their social media account up to Google their name. It’s better to pretend that you’re surprised when they say something you’ve known rather than being really surprised of unexpected thing that they said.

7. Be More Sensitive

be more sensitive

You have to have your guard up when you meet them. Notice every strange and unusual movement, body language, or the way they speak. It’s important in case they’re telling lies to you so you don’t have to involve yourself any longer with them. It’s just not worth it. 

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8. Bring Along A Friend

This is a right thing to do when you meet to make friends. Isn’t it nice to have more friends around rather than one? Bring along your friend and ask them to do the same. With more people gather, there will be more fun and laugh. No awkwardness around since there will be someone who breaks the ice.

9. No Alcohol Taken

For your own safety, don’t take any alcohol at the first meeting. Yes, you’re playing safe since it’s the best thing you can do at the moment. You never know what alcohol might cost you and you don’t want to have any regret later. Getting drunk with someone you have never meet before doesn’t sound like a good idea, right? 

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Now that all the most useful tips on meeting someone for the first time is in your hand, you have a guideline that will get rid of all your worries. While meeting someone new could be so scary, it can be a good chance to make new friends and find someone who will be meaningful later in your life. Whatever it is, stay positive and always be cautious.

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