23 Unbearable Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Is Seeing Someone Else

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether your ex-boyfriend has moved on and has started dating another girl?

Maybe he won't tell you and you think you have no way of finding out?

Perhaps you're wondering whether there are signs your ex-boyfriend is seeing someone else?

The truth is: there are ways to find out.

My guide below features a handful of reliable signs your ex-boyfriend is dating someone else.

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If you don't want to pay for this tool, there are other ways to estimate whether your ex-boyfriend has moved on.

See my other ideas below.


23 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Is Seeing Someone Else

1. His Facebook Status Changed

his facebook status changed

Facebook is not everything, you can see a big picture of someone from his social media. The initial sign that you notice may be the change in his relationship status from 'Single' to 'Complicated'. Why? Is it too early to go public?

2. He Doesn't Call You Anymore

So you can't find the ways How to Tell Your Ex Boyfriend Can't be Friends, and opte to keep in touch with him. The moment he stop calling you means that he is seeing someone else already.

3. He Asks You About Something Suspicious

Now he consider you as his friend. So he won't build his walls high against you. He is very comfortable when he's asking suspicious questions regarding girls. Don't think that the girl in talk is you. It could be someone else.

4. He's No Longer Spend His Time With You

Just like you, he might be having a hard time moving with you and rather get through it together with you. He saw you quite often until someday when he is no longer have time to meet you and he barely answer your calls. It's just like the Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn't Find You Attractive Anymore.

5. His Friends Talk About Her

Your ex boyfriend really seeing someone else when he tells about her to his friends. If you have heard anything about some other girl from his friends, then you should move on too.

More Signs He Is Seeing Someone Else

more signs he is seeing someone else

More of the signs you have notice:

  1. You see him going out with other girl.
  2. He is not interested in you anymore.
  3. You are no longer spend time together.
  4. He barely answer you calls or texts.
  5. He keeps a distant from you.
  6. He doesn't make time for you anymore.
  7. He makes his relationship public.
  8. He posts her photos on Facebook.
  9. He cancels the appointment he make for you in advance.
  10. He doesn't share about his life to you anymore.
  11. He no longer afraid to show any emotion to you.
  12. He doesn't even care whether you're hurt or not.
  13. He tells you that he is very happy.
  14. You no longer hear anything about him.
  15. He is on his phone a lot.
  16. He doesn't want to hang out with you in public anymore.
  17. His behavior towards you has changed.
  18. He shows some PDA with his new girl.

How To Deal With The Situation

No matter how freaked out you are after realizing that your ex boyfriend really seeing someone else, you must keep your sanity and think what are the right thing to do. Here are the ways to deal with the situation:

1. Let It Go

Cry if you must but don't let it last for too long.

2. Tell Your Best Friend

It may be too hard to bear alone, so you can share with your best friend. It will lighten your feeling.

3. Take A Break From Social Media

To avoid more damage since you will see him with his new muse often, you better stay away from social media for a while.

4. It's Okay That He Move On First

Moving on is not a race, nor that it means you still love him just because you haven't date anyone.

5. Remember Why You Break Up

You broke up with him for good Reasons Why You Should Break Up with Your Boyfriend. So to make you feel better, just kep all of his flaws in mind.

What You Shouldn't Do When You Find Out About It

what you shouldn't do when you find out about it

So your ex boyfriend has already seeing someone else, it's a warning sign for you to move on. You are no longer in a relationship with him anymore, so it's not wrong for him to date some other girl. Deal with this wisely and these are what you shouldn't do after you find out about it.

1. Stalk His Social Media

Never feel urge to open his social media account upon hearing the news. You should have a bigger heart and think wiser. Don't try to find out about every little detail of his new relationship.

2. Hook Up With Someone

Don't be panic jus because he already find someone new so that you feel like should be in a relationship too. It makes you even more difficult to move on from him.

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3. Don't Take It Out On Others

Indeed, you will freaked out when you find out about him seeing someone else. But never take out to anyone around you. It's not that of a big deal anyway.

4. Locked Yourself Up

Be sad and cry but don't be sulky all the time. Enough thinking that he still wants you back and get on with your life.

5. Ask His Friends Around

Come on, do you really want to embarrass yourself that far? Never ever dig any information about him from his friends.

In Conclusion

If you really see the signs your ex boyfriend is seeing someone else, then it's probably the best time for you to move on. You'll find a better man eventually.

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