This Is What To Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You For 3 Days Or More

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Has your boyfriend gone completely cold for an extended period of time? Perhaps three days or even more? 

Are you wondering how to act in this situation? This is a terribly long time for a man to ignore his significant other, after all. 

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In fact, a lot of women are using it on their boyfriend if they suspect them of cheating or getting up to other dodgy things behind their back. 

However, if you think using this tool is a bit extreme or unnecessary, there are other solutions.

Scroll down for some more ideas.


10 Things To Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You

1. Think Whether You Made Him Overwhelmed

The first possibilities is that you probably made him feel overwhelmed. Anyone who’s madly in love would like to spend the whole time with their loved ones, but a healthy relationship gives each other space.

Maybe he’s retreating for a while to find himself again. Think whether you called him too much, texting him every minutes, and demanding a lot attention from him. It’s a good lesson for both of you.

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2. Be Understanding

There are times where you want to be alone, not because you want some personal spaces. It usually happens when you’re tired and your life feels too much on you. Be understanding when he doesn’t want to talk to you because he doesn’t want to get you involved in his situation. No need to force it. He’ll come back to you in time.

3. Give It A Break

give it a break

This is still related to the personal space things. He ignores you because he doesn’t love you anymore, but because he want to have his own time. Maybe you’re occupying too much time in his life that he doesn’t feel like himself anymore.

Try to cope up with this by not calling or texting him for the whole day. And stick with it until some days. If he doesn’t text or call you first, you can go to him and talk about the future of your relationship.

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4. Don’t Let It Affect Your Emotion

People always say don’t make your lover as the centre of your universe. They’re right, especially for times like this, when your boyfriend ignored you. Life goes on. Don’t be miserable just because you don’t get a call from him this morning.

Enjoy your day, be productive, do a lot of things that makes you happy. It’s his problem that he’s now ignoring you, not yours.

5. Ask Him Right Away

Letting him have his way doesn’t mean you give up in the relationship. So this is what to do when your boyfriend ignores you for 3 days or more: ask him. It’s better to know the bitter truth, rather than being kept in the dark feeling unsure.

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Ask the reason why did he ignore you? What things you’ve done wrong? Have you say something offending to him? If he insists on having more spaces, then it’s all up to you. There are girls who’s okay with that, but girls who expect complete partnership will having a hard time with it.

6. Match His Level

There are many, many reasons that could make your boyfriends ignore you for days. It’s possible that he’s tired in answering your needless question. If you’re chatting too much about things that he doesn’t understand, he’ll surely ignore you.

Try to change the way you talk. Set aside your ego and match his level. Talk about things he likes: sports, games, music, anything that makes his interested to engage in a conversation with you. Every guy has passion inside him, you just have to find it

Talk as if you’re also interested in it – or if you’re not, you must want to know why he likes it. For example, talk about his favourite hobbies and how he first liked it. A guy’s eyes would sparkle in joy when he talks about something he likes.

7. Take Him To A Date

take him to a date

You can avoid him forever. When he doesn’t seem to make a move after days, then you should take the ball. Tell him you want to go on a date and ask him to set it up. Tell him you will do everything he wants to do, any activities he enjoys.

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Girls can be so selfish but they don’t aware of it until their boyfriend ignore them. That’s why you shouldn’t include shopping in your date. In case he doesn’t want to set anything, pick places or activities where he can enjoy. Amusement parks, movies, and concerts are the best choice to go on a date.

8. Demand Respect From Him

You have to prepare for the worst as well. After all you did, chances are he doesn’t change his silent parade. He may appeared sulky on the date and didn’t talk much. If it’s happening to you, it’s time for you to speak up.

Tell him how you’ve been feeling because he ignored you, tell him what they want, tell him you want to sort things out. It’s good to have a talk about the matters. And if things doesn’t get better, do consider to call it quits.

His responds do a lot to how he really feel about you. If the guy really loves you, he’ll change. If he’s not, are you sure you want to be with him?

9. Hang Out With Your Male Friends

Maybe your boyfriend needs a slap in his face to make him come to the right sense. Chances are he thinks that he’s the centre of your world and every little thing he does affect you. No, no, no. show him you’ve got a life too.

Hang out with your male friends and make sure he finds it out. No guys want to see his girl hanging around with other guys. Most of them will come immediately and take you away. If he cares about you of course.

But if he keeps ignoring you despite everything you’ve done, maybe he doesn't care much about you.

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10. End The Relationship

Well, this is the last and worst resort for your relationship. Things aren’t working for both of you, so the best thing is to go on your separate ways. There must be a better person for each of you.

In Summary

Those are the tips about what to do when your boyfriend ignores you for 3 days. Remember that you don’t need to hold on if he didn’t show any change in him. You deserve so much more.

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