Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Firefighter (No.2 is Terrifying!)

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When it comes to dating, looks isn’t the only thing you should look out for. Personality? It’s definitely important, just as important as lovers’ family. However, there’s also this another thing that people need to pay more attention to, occupations.

Yes, love defeats all things. Love makes everything seems okay and beautiful. But, we need to remember that love is not about one or two weeks being together. Feelings can be temporary, but your lover’s job, could probably never change.

Occupations comes with responsibility and working activities. While pilots might rarely come home, an auditor might stay at home a lot more. There are things to know before dating a translator, there are also different things to know before dating a snowboarder.

Then what if the guy you’re having a crush on is a firefighter? Yes, he is kind and stuffs, but can you accept and have you reconsidered these things you need to know before dating a firefighter?

  1. He has unique working hour

Just like a doctor who heals patients, firefighter fight the fire. Fire doesn’t come in a definite time, we can’t know when exactly fire will arise. You might be having your romantic dinner with your partner when suddenly he has to go to the rescue.

You might be fine with this once or twice, but you never know how many times exactly he will leave you in the midst of something to do his job. This is also one of the things to know before marrying a doctor, though.If you are ready to accept this, then there isn’t any problem. As long as you stick to your word, though.

  1. He isn’t working with data, he’s fighting the fire

Having a firefighter as a partner is not always a good idea. Every job has their own risks, but this job is very risky.

Your guy will be trying to stop the fire to getting bigger, but the fire is not always controllable. He’s trying to save people’s life, but no one knows exactly will he be able to save his own life or not.

This is the worst truth that you need to understand and let your heart settle with that probability.

  1. He might be distracted by the firetrucks horn

It might be a peaceful sunny day when you both are on a date, atmosphere’s good, but then he got all panic and ruin the mood when he hears the firetrucks’ horn.

Of course he’ll be worried, he has that reflect when it comes to rescuing others from the fire. This could be annoying after time, but if you are able to understand this, then you’re the right girl. Things you need to know before dating a firefighter are not always complicated things, but very important to look after.

  1. He’s a caring guy

This is a sweet truth about dating someone who works for saving others’ lives. He has that nature of caring and kindness thanks to his job.

Well, how could he be someone cold yet be willing to suffer his life for others? You’re lucky though, having someone who’s just so kind and caring beside you.

Even if there might be times when you're wondering what to do when you feel like your boyfriend doesn't care about you, while he's just being busy with his job, learn to care for him as well, he would love that.

  1. He’s brave, like for sure

If he’s not brave enough, if he’s a scarred cat, he would end up sitting inside his truck and not being able to fight. He will be automatically fired if he do this though.

So, if your guy is a firefighter and still is, means he’s a brave person. It’s as if you’re dating a brave prince who will save you from any harm. What a fairy tale, there’s no need for your to be afraid when he’s around, he will guard you with love.

  1. He might be so into fire thingy

You’re out together eating in a restaurant or playing in an amusement park, but he might suddenly talk about station, equipment, and stuffs.

Well, he’s surrounded by those things everyday, which might make him feel so passionate when he tells you about that. He might end up explaining how an equipment works when all you know is that you need to ring the fire alarm.

  1. He might not be that romantic though words

A firefighter tend to use their body while working, well they might shout to one and another to coordinate, but he might not be someone who’s so talkative.

He might not be that cheesy guy who can swoon you all the time. He might tends to stay silence and enjoy cuddling with you. But this doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, though. Instead, you can try out these cheesy firefighter pick up lines to use on guys to make him get so excited.

Having a firefighter as a boyfriend or even husband is not that bad idea. However, there are things you need to know before dating a firefighter, both the good and the bad.

He might not be available at all time, he might even harm his own life during his job. But, if you take those things into consideration, then there’s nothing wrong with you both dating.

You can love him with all of his flaws and strength, also accepting what is he doing in his life. Anyway, saving people’s lives is definitely not a bad job, right? He’s a superhero for others you might not even know. He’s a superhero for the girlfriend of the guy he saves from the fire.

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