Things to Know Before Marrying a Doctor to Get You Prepared

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For adults, dating is a whole different thing than when you're younger. When occupation get involved, your dating situation will be completely different from others. You can't use a common pattern to be applied to yours. It also happen when you are dating a doctor. As your relationship is progressing, you're going to marry them soon. Prior to your marriage, you might want to find out some things to know before marrying a doctor.

When you hear the word "doctor", the first thing come into your mind must be a white coat, a stethoscope, and an excellent brain. Yes, who wouldn't want to marry a doctor. But more than how great they look from the outside, having them as a life partner will bring you to a completely new world you never know before.

Here are some things to know before marrying a doctor.

1. They Have to be On Stand By Mode 24 Hours

A doctor is always on stand by mode for 24 hours. They are ready for a duty call at literally all the time. He can rush to the hospital at the dead of night, even unwillingly rising up between sleep. Furthermore, a doctor could leave in the middle of sexual intercourse when an emergency call suddenly coming.

2. They Always Busier Than You

You said you are busy? Your doctor partner is busy all the time. They are always busier than you. Their job is endless as patients come and go every other day. If they are not busy with patients, they will get busy with study. A doctor's education last longer than other practical knowledge. See also Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Get Married

3. It's Hard to Plan Anything in Advance

A doctor's schedule is unpredictable. You will find it hard to plan anything in advance, and you have to be ready when something's coming despite all the plan you have made in advance. Doctor is highly committed to their work. Don't be disappointed when he has to cancel the vacation plan from two months ago because they have a sudden operation coming.

4. Patients Over You

As said before, becoming a doctor is not an easy job. They can't take days off as they wish. It's all depend on their patients. And a doctor must place his duty above everything else, including their family. As they do a noble job, saving people's life should be their first priority. See also Things to Know Before Marrying a Foreigner

5. Their Spare Time is a Treasure for You

You will never know how spare time can be so precious. It's another things to know before marrying a doctor. As you get used with them busy handling patients, a rare sight of him relaxing at home is a treasure for you. This kind of quality time is more important than seeing them everyday and fighting with them all the time.

6. You Grow More Humane Side in You

Every other day you will hear a story from your doctor partner. It could be about a patient who fight for his life, a family who is fighting alongside them, and a joy felt by a mother who had just delivered a baby. These stories grow more humane side in you, which makes you grateful for this life. See also Things to Know Before Marrying a Military Man

7. You Can Learn Some Basic Medical Skills

If you are marrying a doctor, you will at least master one or two basic medical skills. You can clean your wound on your own, replacing bandage, to practicing the basic first aid. It's all thanks to your doctor lover.

8. You'll be Having a Personal Doctor!

Of course this is the biggest advantage of marrying a doctor. You don't have to pay a lot of many since you have a personal doctor! They will solve little symptoms you feel like influenza, fever, or overly tired. Imagine how much money you can save from there. See also  Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon

9. They Often Come Home Exhausted

Never ever complain if they rarely coming home with a bright, energized expression on their face. Their job is exhausting. It's literally required a lot of energy, not to mention the brain work all the time. There will be times when they are too tired to even going home and they chose to sleep at the hospital instead.

10. It Takes a Lot of Understanding

Having a doctor as your life partner requires a lot of understanding. From their inflexible working hours, you shouldn't complain when they suddenly cancel a date or family gathering. See also How to Talk to Your Girlfriend’s Mother for The First Time

Or the fact that they always come home exhausted that you can't share how tired you are for the day. It's all the consequences of their job that you must understand no matter what.

11. They Often Brings Their Work Home

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Okay, so you have made a commitment with your partner not to bring work home. They will, though. Even when they don't want to. They might not have time to come home when they don't bring their work together with them. Be understanding that they do so because they want to at least see your face at home.

12. They Make You a Good Listener

All those hardship only brings the positive result on you. Before you know it, you have more patience and you become a good listener, better tahan you were. Unknowingly you put aside you ego because you used to do so with your partner. It makes you more mature. See also Disadvantages of Marrying A Rich Man

13. You Always Proud of Them

Who doesn't want to brag about marrying a doctor? Of course you do. You will always have something to proud about. Even when you often appear alone in many occasion, everyone will understand since you married a doctor.

There are indeed some hard and easy things to know before marrying a doctor. Beside all the pride you will be getting upon marrying a doctor, you should get yourself ready for all the consequences as well. Marrying a doctor teaches you a lot about altruism.

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