Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Going To Propose Soon

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The relationship with your boyfriend is joyous and merry. It have been going on for a while and it seems like things are getting more serious. You feel like he is acting suspicious around you. Is he going to do it?

A great proposal is every girls dream. This is a sign that your boyfriend is ready to commit to you and spend their whole life with you. Wipe out your suspicion by seeing these signs that your boyfriend is going to propose soon:


1. He Asks About Your Schedule All The Time

It is weird for guys to ask for schedules because they are naturally a laid back kind. But right now, they are all up on your schedule. They ask about your schedule all the time and listen intently when you do. This is because he is planning the proposal.

2. He Is Mad When You Cancel A Certain Date Last Minute

You guys have been going on endless dates but this time, he looks really mad when you cancel a date. This might be because in that date he is planning something special for you.

3. He Guards His Phone

Honesty is key in a relationship, he knows this but he still guard his phone. He even freak out when you go anywhere near it. This is because smartphone makes it a lot easier for him to plan a great proposal and if you look at it, you might figure it out.

4. He Have Been Hanging Out With Your Parents Behind Your Back

he have been hanging out with your parents behind your back

Before taking you as his wife, of cours he needs your parents blessing. But he do not want you to know this so he secretly have been meeting your parents to talk about his plans.

5. You Have A Very Romantic Date Planned

It is not very much like him to take you to a great and adventurous romantic date. When he plan this way before time and he seems really excited about it, you know that something is about to go down.

6. Your Friend Acts Suspicious

Its very probable that your boyfriend have asked the blessing of your best friends. Your best friends might act super chill around you or they might be way too happy around you. They will do things out of character. you can know by seeing How to Tell If Your Friend is Lying to You.

7. He Budget His Money Tightly

A good ring that fits for the love of his life is not cheap. So suddenly, a guy who doesn’t budget at all, budget the money really tightly. He will look sad because he can not spoil you and make you happy, but he knows it will be worth it.

8. His Parents Are Suddenly Close To You

Your boyfriend parents are suddenly very close to you. They start looking very giddy around you and they also ask you about the future and what you think of their son. It will all be very weird.

9. He Pays Attention To Your Jewelry Of Choice

To pick the ring that you really like, he will really pay attention to what style of jewelry you really like. This is a noticeable signs that your boyfriend is going to propose soon.

10. Your Friends Hang Out With Him A Lot

your friends hang out with him a lot

You know that he does not have the Signs He is Player but he hangs out with your best friend a lot. They both keep it hidden. Usually your guy takes your best friend to pick out rings or plan the proposal so it fits what you want.

11. He Is Very Organized

His days and future seems planned precisely. It looks like he have planned his couple of days or weeks ahead so that he can make this proposal unforgettable.

12. He Talks About Marriage A Lot

This is a strategy from him to know what you really think of marriage especially with him. He wants to know that you are sure of a future with him and you show the Signs She is Into Me.

More Ways To Know That Your Boyfriend Is Going To Propose Soon

1. He Always Try To Dim Down Any Possible Fight 

He don’t want the relationship to break before the big day so he dims down any possible fight.

2. He Starts Getting Sentimental 

he starts getting sentimental

He starts reminding you of your great memory together. Its just so not like him.

3. He Shows His Love More 

You know the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say and now he is doing all that signs intensely.

4. He Wants To Remember All Of Your Favorite Thing

Even though your guy already knows it, he wants to be reassured just in case.

5. He Wants To Know Your Ring Size 

This is the real signs that your boyfriend is going to propose soon.

6. He Disappears A Lot 

He spends a lot of time behind your back to plan the big day.

Tips On What To Do If You Know That He Is Proposing Soon

1. Pamper Yourself 

Get a manicure and spend a day in the spa. Make yourself look beautiful just for the big day.

2. Do Not Get Your Hopes Up

Signs are not a definite reading of someone’s motive, so adjust your expectation.

3. Show Him That You Love Him 

show him that you love him

Of course he feels tense and anxious all the time. So show him that you love him and that you are there for him, and he will feel grateful and he will have the strength to do the best for you again. Show him the This Is What To Say When Your Boyfriend Asks How Much You Love Him.

4. Do Not Ask Him Suddenly 

The last thing he want is to have all his hard work broken down because you predicted it. So act like you don’t know, it will be the best for the both of you.

5. Be Genuine 

Do not fake your happiness or reaction. When he propose, act genuine because he can see and know your expression.

The big day might be near if you are sure of the signs that your boyfriend is going to propose soon. So prepare yourself for the happy day!

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