This Is What To Say When Your Boyfriend Asks How Much You Love Him

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There is no way if your boyfriend does not know or realize that you love him. However, there are times when he asks about your love for him. Not to doubt about it, but he just want to be spoiled and reminded that he is loved. Now that he asks for a hundredth time, you run out of what to say when your boyfriend asks how much you love him.

But, really, how to answer that? Sometimes you need more than words’ like “I love you deeper than the ocean” or “my love for you is bigger than the world itself”. It requires you to be more creative to show your love to your boyfriend.

You could use some of the quotes below. Let’s check them out.


1. “I love you like the earth loves the sun”

Simply put, they can’t live without each other. Imagine when the sun does not shine, the earth would not have enough energy to live and it will die in an instant.

The earth and sun analogy is quite better to describe you and your boyfriend, right? Imagine his face would be: as bright as the sun. Even brighter!

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2. “If I ever have to choose between you and pizza, I will definitely choose you”

if i ever have to choose between you and pizza, i will definitely choose you

Who does not love pizza? It’s the love of everyone’s life. One hardly choose pizza over anything but the fact that you win him over the food prove that you love him that much. But wait, would he choose you over pizza as well? Hmm…

3. “My love for you is like, when you hold me it’s like I own the world”

Nothing better to describe your love for him but the words above. When you own the world, you feel victorious and it seems like everything is possible. That is how he makes you feel by loving him. It is okay to tell him that he is really meaningful to you.

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4. “I love everything about you as a whole, but at the same time I love only you. See the extreme?”

Love is like extremity, all the time. When you love someone, you may say that love is broad as you love everything about him. But strangely it is also small because among billions of people in the world you only love one person.

5. “I can’t say how much I love you because I fell in love for no reason”

If you don’t know what to say when your boyfriend asks how much you love him, maybe because you don’t know for real. Especially when he asks the question out of the blue.

So you can tell him that and instead of disbelieving it, he will consider it as sweet.

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6. “If you ask my love for you, it is as big as the universe”

Who knows how big the universe is? Nobody does, but one things everyone is sure: the universe is vast. Unknowingly vast. It is simply unfathomable. So if he wants to know how much you love him, then let him measure the universe.

7. “I was only half of a cake before, and after you came I am a whole”

When you love someone so much, then it is only right to say that they complete you. You are not perfect, neither does your boyfriend but you complete each other. He accepts your weakness as much as you accept. You get better over time and eventually you evolve with each other.

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8. “I love you like I love morning coffee”

i love you like i love morning coffee

Nobody would survive without morning coffee. You need a cup of coffee every morning to set your day. He = morning coffee, enough said.

9. “Never imagine my life without you”

As your feeling grow deeper for each other, your life also joins together. It becomes difficult for you to imagine what if someday he disappears from your life. When you have arrived at this point, you should make it worth and survive the relationship the best way you both can.

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10. “My love for you can’t be said by words. Only my heart could tell.”

Love is felt by the heart. No matter how many words you said, it can never enough to describe it. Who will not love to hear such words?

So it is all we’ve got on what to say when your boyfriend asks how much you love him. If you got your own romantic words, kindly share with others through the comment section below.

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