Tricky Tips How to Make a Douchebag Fall in Love with You

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In life, before you meet the one destined for you, you’ll encounter many of douchebags. Too many of them, in fact. Nobody wants do date one, but have you heard that a jerk is way more attractive than a good-mannered man? They are more challenging to date, not to get married to, though.

A douchebag thinks he can play us, women, heart the way he wants it. Thankfully we’re smart enough to douche him instead. Yes, he need to learn some lesson and try to respect women a little bit more. We’re going to give you tips on how to make a douchebag fall in love with you and let him know that he shouldn’t play with a woman’s heart. Also read How to Deal with a Douchebag Boyfriend

While doing so, you might want to set boundaries within yourself so that you won’t be falling in love with him for real. Beware, a douchebag can be sooo irresistibly attractive if they want. Even though, a douchebag is still a douchebag. No need to give him your true love. But if you want to try embarking the journey of dating a jerk, here are what you can do.

  1. Ask Him for a First Date

You should be the one initiating the first move. It gives him impression that you attracted to him first, so he can be assured that you fall for him. It’s necessary for a douchebag because he consume you out of your love.

He knows very well that when a woman is falling in love, she’ll give everything to the man. He can treat you like shit and he knows you’ll never walk away. What a complete joke, isn’t he? Also read How Will I Know If My First Date With a Guy Went Wrong

  1. Build Image Through Your Social Media

No need to make second account just for the douchebag. Instead, you can build your image through your social media. A douchebag likes someone who appears fragile and needy, so that she will be depended on him.

You can sort the photos where you look lonely and seems like you need someone by your side. Get rid of all the embarrassing photos or anything that could make you look imperfect.

  1. Appear As the Most Ideal Girl

A douchebag is jerk, so he will never date someone just like him. He’d go for kind-looking, ideal girl who looks like she will follow him through. It’s what you should do if you want to make him fall in love with you. Show him that you’re the most ideal girl who is fragile and vulnerable.

  1. Always on Stand By Mode

Another kind of girl a douchebag would love: be available for him anytime he comes to you. Girls he date are backup plan for him. If he wants to call her, he’ll call her. But when he doesn’t need her, he’ll disappear. It’s the common pattern of a douchebag.

If you want to trick him so that he’ll go crazy for you, pick up his call instantly – even when it’s been week after he did so. He’s going to fall in love with you the same instant.

  1. Show Your Loyalty

Another way how to make a douchebag fall in love with you: be a loyal girl. There are many ways to tell him (not by words, of course) through your social media. On the days where he doesn’t call or text you, show him how you spend your days with no other guys.

Post picture when you dine alone, hanging out with friends, or immersed at work. You have to make him feels like he’s the only one. Also read Signs of a Girl Cheating

  1. Play the Push and Pull Trick

Do you know why a woman fall in love to a douchebag fast? Because he’s the master of chasing. A woman always loves it when a man is chasing her like crazy. On the other side, a douchebag also fall in love with a woman he’s hard to get.

Dating a douchebag is challenging. It’s like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street: you might have to stop suddenly, like Taylor Swift said. Let him chase you as hard as he wants. Give him time to know you more that he truly falls for you.

  1. Embrace His Vulnerable Side

You might not always have to appear vulnerable in front of him. Someone become douchebag not without reason. He usually come from a broken family, had a bad relationship in the past, and so on. If you want to steal his heart, you have to be the one who knows all these side.

Act like a caring mother who always embrace him and stay by his side no matter what. Him becoming a douchebag is probably a way to show his disappointment towards life. Also read How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Has A Guilty Conscience

  1. Follow His Lead

A woman likes a man who can be his provider, protector, and leader. Whereas a douchebag act likewise whenever he’s in a relationship (or with every women). Woman likes to be told what to do… man likes to tell woman what to do. Also read Ways to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

It’s like match made in heaven for you and the douchebag. All you need is to follow his lead, show him to lead the way every time. A douchebag basically likes to show off. He always want to show you his cool side acting like a leader in the relationship.

  1. Let Him Know You’re Not in for Commitment

Many women don’t realize this, but actually they fall in love easily with a douchebag a.k.a. jerk is because they are afraid to commitment themselves. You can share about what’s you’re looking for in a relationship with the douchebag, saying that you don’t want commitment too.

Those are all the useful tips on how to make a douchebag fall in love with you. One thing you must remember: a douchebag is forever douchebag, so don’t expect much from him. Don’t give him all of your heart. You’ll be the one end up getting hurt. Dating a douchebag is fun if it’s just for fun. Just for fun.

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