How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Has A Guilty Conscience - The Signs

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When you have been in a relationship quite a while, you will be familiar with the activities you and your partner usually do daily. You have also become familiar with his habits. Moreover, you will also have this kind of radar which can sense if there is something wrong going on. You will notice every single of change in the relationship. You are sensitive to the changes, even to the small ones.

However, somehow these signs can be so subtle which require you some sort of strong intuitive if something happens with your partner lately.


How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Has A Guilty Conscience

These signs are a guilty conscience that usually can happen in a relationship. You may sense your partner is seeing someone else or cheating behind your back. Knowing these signs makes you more aware of your relationship with your boyfriend. What are those signs? Please check it out to know if these are happening to you so that you can get out of it as soon as possible.

1. His Behaviors Slightly Change

his behaviors slightly changes

As time passes by, his behaviors towards you change. If he used to be stick to your side most of his time, then suddenly he is distant now. He also does not call or answer your texts as quick as he used to. But when you ask what happens, he says nothing happens and he is just busy with his new activities. He finds excuses to explain what happens. And then you start to notice that the changes and might initiate a breakup but he does not. He does not want a breakup either. He still wants to be in the relationship with you after all.

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2. He Spends More Time Outside Than With You

He used to spend quality times with you, doing your hobbies together. Even though it is not his hobby, he still wants to do it anyway in order to be with you. And now he suddenly makes excuses to spend more time outside than being with you.

He is still nice to you, but he is lack of time to spend it with you like he used to. It seems like he is bored, but does not speak his mind honestly because he knows it will hurt your feeling. He cannot stand feeling guilty to you. He pretends like he has many activities outside, like the important ones and expects you to understand that. 

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3. He Never Let You Meet His Family And Friends

How to tell if your boyfriend has a guilty conscience? You have been seeing him for quite a while now but he never introduces you to his friends and family. It is always you and him meeting somewhere else, never have he brought a friend with him to be introduced to you.

He also does not talk much about his family nor his friends. He might have talked about them, but only a small information that is only the surface. When you demand the details story, he will change the subject and suddenly lose interest. 

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4. He Keeps You Away From His Phone

he keeps you away from his phone

He never lets you see his phone, picks up incoming phone calls and texts. He seems very cautious that you will check out his phone so that he makes sure it is away from you. He might hide it somewhere far to keep it from your reach. He is very suspicious but when you ask why he does that he makes an excuse that will make sense to you.

Even if it may sound ridiculous, he will make sure you believe it as if he tells you the truth. He makes his excuses sound convincing that you will feel bad to keep accusing him about his hiding something from you. 

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5. It Seems Like He Is Not Over His Ex Yet

He has been dating with you for months now but he does not seem to get over his ex yet. He talks about his ex with you quite often without you even asking about it. He brags about his relationship with her, what he likes about her and the good or bad memories he had with her. You can tell it from his eyes while he is telling you the story that he is still not over her. But when you confront it to him, he will deny it. He never admits it. Still, you can still feel it, your instinct also says so. 

6. He Is Caught Of Lying To You Several Times

You know when someone is lying to you, especially when it is your partner. You can tell if he tells a lie or a truth, you can spot the difference because you have known him. Even if he is very good at it, you still can spot it. Moreover, it will become very hard to trust him when he does it very often like it has already become a habit to him. He lies to you several times and he does it not without reasons.

He must be hiding something from you. If you, by any chance know the truth, it will be the end to the relationship. He knows that well, that is why he chooses to lie to you. 

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7. He Becomes Easily To Get Angry Or More Sensitive

he becomes easily get angry or more sensitive

He is a gentleman and has never been mad at you before, but suddenly he is mad at you over small things. He easily gets angry when you ask him simple questions such as where he was last night and why he did not pick up his phone quickly when you called him.

Those simple questions will get him very angry for asking such questions. He might think you do not trust him or accuse him of having an affair with another girl, while in fact, you did not say anything. It is a sign that something is up. If not, he would not be so angry when you ask those questions.

Are these signs happening to you right now? That's the how to tell if your boyfriend has a guilty conscience! If yes, then there is no point of you to keep in the relationship with him. It is almost clear that the guy you are dating with is a douchebag and does not deserve to be kept. Get out of it as soon as you can before it becomes toxic to the relationship, and more importantly to your mental health. Before you get hurt, even more, you had better leave him and get healed sooner.

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