How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Need More Attention

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In the beginning of relationship, everything run smoothly and you also feel like you and your boyfriend are the one that own the world. Drowning in huge amount of happiness, you somehow forget that relationship could turn out to not as easy as you think at the moment.

Argue or disagree or whatever it is are common things you would find in a relationship. It starts with little problems such as insignificant as decided where to hang out next and in many case that little problems could accumulate then leads the relationship into breakups. That is why if you want a long-time relationship then you need more effort to maintain it. (Read: Ways to Maintain a long distance relationship with your boyfriend)

Here are how to let your boyfriend know you need more attention

On these days, you’ve been feeling uncomfortable with his less affectionate towards you. Remember, all those simple things are matter in your relationship so you better work it out before it gets unsolvable. Here are what you can do to let your boyfriend know that you are craving for his attention. (Read: Good Ways to Get a Guy’s Attention)

1. Give Him More Attention

Relationship is a two way street and both sides considers as equal. You couldn’t expect to only receive affection from your love ones. You want your boyfriend to give you attention? Go then and give him more first.

2. Plan a Date

It is been a long time since you both have a romantic dinner. Set a date and show him that you miss these kind of moments because he didn’t give you proper attention lately.

3. Compliment His Affection

When your boyfriend give you attentions, you should compliment him sometimes. This way you could show him that his affection is important for you and you want him not to stop giving more. He can also feel appreciated.

4. Get a Bit Clingy

Being a clingy girlfriend is not that good neither that bad yet it is an effective way to show your boyfriend that you need more attention from him. With an enough portion of clingy act, you could let your boyfriend know that you ask him to give you more attention.

5. Flirt

You certainly didn’t doing it again since the first day you both were dating. But these little things are matter now if you are craving more his attention. Try to be cute and remind him why he is falling in love with you. This is can help you How to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong.

6. Don’t Doubt Your Feeling

You must be in doubt now about what you feel at the moment. You want to let your boyfriend know that you need more attention but the other side you don’t want to show him about this insecurity because its kind of embarrassing. Don’t be afraid! Need more affection from your lover is not a wrong thing so don’t holding back and take an act so your boyfriend know it.

7. Ask For Help

One of how to let your boyfriend know you need more attention is asking your boyfriend help. You can simply ask him to accompany you to library or help you with cooking. You got your attention you need and moreover you can spend time a fun time with him!

8. Give Him Time

Your boyfriend might be an introvert (read: Ways on How to Get Close to Introverts) one or the type that have difficult time to express his love. Just give him quite some time to get used to it so you would get the attentions you need.

9. Send Him Cute Sticker on WhatsApp

Use some sticker that describe what you feel while send message. It can contains your intention which is his attention in a cute way. Check also How to Talk to Crush on WhatsApp for The First Time.

10. Express Your Joy

You love when he give you attention, then show that you are happy with it. Let him know that you glad with his affection and need more.

11. Remain Silent

This is a tricky thing to do and depends on your boyfriend type. If he is a considerate person then this is worth to try. All you need to do is just keep silent with no single words to say while you are with him. If it succeed, he would ask you why you are doing that and give you more attention.

11. Smile at Him

It is such a simplest and easiest thing to do on how to let your boyfriend know you need more attention. With a single smile you can make him wonder or even make him falling over you again and then give the attention you need.

Signs that Somewhat Your Boyfriend Know You Need More Attention

After you did how to let your boyfriend know you need more attention, there would be signs that you need to look up. Here are what you need to know and should not miss about your boyfriend act which indicate he would give you more attention now.

1. Send You Gifts

Your boyfriend somehow realizes that he did not spend many of his time with you these past few days. He give you chocolates and a flower bouquet to compromise or send you a little gift to your house.

2. Ask to Hang Out More

He ask you to lunch more. Not only that, he invite you to a movie and many fun stuff to do. This is the way he wants to make up the time he didn’t spend well with you and he realized that you need more affection.

3. Say Sorry

Deep inside he knows that he didn’t give you attention properly lately. He explained what he is up to and that is why he doesn’t have that much time for you.

4. Be Like the First Time You Know Him

The way you express that you need more attention from you boyfriend move his heart. You start to see and feel he treats you with a lot of affection like all the day full of love in the beginning of your relationship.

5. Always Be There For You

This is the kind like he is literally always up to help you with everything.

6. A Lot of Love Through Text

He knows that he couldn’t be with you in person but he still wants you to get the attention you need so he do it through text. Check also Sweetest Things to Text Your Boyfriend.

More Tips If You Want to Attract Your Boyfriend into Giving You More Attention

Here are more tips if you want to know how to let your boyfriend know you need more attention.

1. Be Understanding

Before you learn how to let your boyfriend know you need more attention, make sure whatever you do won’t disturb or annoy him. You need to be more understanding too with your boyfriend especially when he is busy with school or work. It is better to let him take his time and finish all his stuffs.

2. Be More Independent

Ask for more attention from your boyfriend is not wrong, but you need to concern the condition or everything that is going on. Instead of whining to him to be more affectionate, clear up your own matters, find your own fun things to do, and become more independent. This actually could impress your boyfriend and he’d love you even more. (Read: Capricorn Woman Personality and Traits in Love)

3. Discuss the Problem

You can just simply discuss this with your boyfriend. Tell him that you need more attention. Pretty sure he would understand and with that being said you could get what you want with less effort.

4. Give Before Take

Always remember to always give your boyfriend more attention first if you want him to do the same.

5. Never Force It

If you think your boyfriend didn’t give you enough affection, it is fine to ask him directly that you want more. However, don’t force things because you need to keep your dignity and keep classy as a woman.