17 Surefire Ways To Win A Playboy’s Heart

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you fallen in love with a playboy?

Do you feel like there's no way to win his heart, even though that's what you would like more than anything else? 

Are you looking for some strategies to convince him that you're all he needs?

If so, you're in the right place. 

Below, I have listed 17 ways to win the heart of a playboy. 

The best way to do this is appeal to win him over emotionally. As gorgeous as you may be, a great pair of legs or a fantastic butt is probably not going to be enough to convince a true player to settle down. 

That's why I recommend you do some research on a man's 'Hero's Instinct'.

This is a primal part of the male brain, which is most responsible for attraction.

If you can learn to consistently activate this part of his mind, you can bend his emotions to the point that he OBSESSES over you. 

I know because I learned this skill myself. By doing so, I went from being perceived as a casual fling to being seen as a woman worth committing to. If you want similar results with the great men who are reluctant to commit, read my personal story of how I discovered the power of the 'Hero's Instinct'. 

This is the most effective method of stealing a man's heart that I have ever witnessed, especially as so few women seem to know about it. 

So, if you're tired of being treated like an option instead of a prize, I'd urge you to learn more about this psychological routine straight away.

With that said, I have listed some more basic ideas for how to win a player's heart below.


17 Ways To Win A Playboy’s Heart

1. Be unique

be unique

Stand out from other girls with your passions, interests, hobbies, and what you do with your life. A player won’t be able to resist this! He’ll want to know all about what’s important to you because you are fascinating to him. If you don’t have a passion right now, think about your favorite topic or subject and focus on that!

Consider taking a cooking class or buying some yarn to learn how to knit. You can watch YouTube videos that will teach you how to do these things. Just search for your interest and you’ll find something useful in no time. Just focus on what makes you happy, and you’ll catch the eye of a player as he wonders what you are up to!

2. Be the girl he wants to take home to meet the folks

This is a crucial way to win the heart of a player. Most guys ultimately want to settle down and get married, even the players. You just have to understand them and what they want. Many of them will want a sweet, caring girl, someone who doesn’t forget his birthday but instead does something super sweet and special for him.

I’ll admit I have won the heart of many players by being “the girl next door” - the girl they have always dreamed of marrying. It’s worked, too! I’ve gotten many proposals! I think what you need to do is to bring out your softer side with a player. Show him you are compassionate and thoughtful. Ask him if he needs a drink or popcorn during a movie.

Think of his needs, and you will win his heart. He’ll think, “Wow! Would she be like this as a wife?” He’ll wonder what else you have going on, too. He’ll ask himself if you are for real or just putting on a show for his sake. He may question if you are trying to trick him into not being a player, but you can show him your true side; just be nice about it.

3. Be a mystery

Don’t tell your player everything upfront. Make sure he is always wanting more when you leave him after a date. For example, if he says, “So, we are still on for tomorrow, right?” or “Can I call you tomorrow?” Say something like, “Yeah, maybe. We’ll see!” Just leave things open and don’t make solid plans with him. 

This worked for Bridget Jones when she won the heart of her guy! She just was very aloof and flakey, and it made him wonder what the heck she was trying to do to him. What was she really up to that she could not make solid plans or even statements? Everything seemed to be a mystery to him! Keep him guessing and wondering!

4. Play hard to get

When he asks you out, you don’t always want to be available. Instead, show him that you are busy, even if you are not, most of the time. You could be doing your laundry for all that it matters to you, but let him know you are not available for a date. I know it’s like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard to do this because you want to be available!

However, trust me. This really does work. I once told a guy I was unavailable most of the time; he asked me out, and he thought I was a player, dating around with other guys. He soon asked me to be in a relationship with him because he wanted me all to himself. We didn’t end up together in the end because he moved, but the trick worked!

5. Be a challenge

When you talk to your player, don’t always give away the answers to every question he asks you. You might say that you aren’t sure about something, that you don’t know, or that you’ll have to think about that question - even if you know the answer and want to share desperately. Instead, make him work to get information out of you.

Just be a tough cookie to break. Make him really try hard to get solid answers out of you. You don’t have to be a complete flake and annoy him; instead, just tease him a little. This will drive a player crazy, and he’ll want to spend more time with you so that he can unravel the mystery that is you. 

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6. Be interesting

be interesting

Don’t just be boring when you talk about different things. Spice up the conversation, avoiding controversial subjects in the beginning, like politics or religion. Instead, talk about things you think he doesn't know about but would be interested in. You might want to study up on some new subjects to show off your smarts!

7. Act like you aren’t jealous

Be confident, even if your player is dating plenty of other women. Know that he will pick you in the end if it’s meant to be. If it’s not, fate has just saved you a lot of heartaches. I can’t guarantee that he is “the one,” but if you want to win his heart, you shouldn’t act jealous about the other girls he’s dating. Know that you are the best choice!

8. Be fun to be around

Take him on surprise dates, somewhere new and exciting. You might take your player to an aquarium or the opera. Really surprise him with how fun you are. Make sure you say plenty of funny things, too. A player loves a girl that makes him smile. Just be yourself, but plan ahead. Make sure you stand out from the other girls he’s dating.

9. Keep him guessing

To keep a player guessing, you should be surprising and unpredictable. Leave him little love notes around his house or apartment. Maybe stick one in his lunch that reads, “Thinking of you today, babe!” 

Then, don’t mention it; just let him enjoy the surprise you left him. He’ll think of you when he eats his lunch and won’t be able to get you out of his head!

10. Be independent

Take care of yourself. Don’t be needy or desperate. Remember that you don’t need a man to be complete. You are a complete person all by yourself. You’ll do just fine on your own. Be independent and self-reliant. You can take care of yourself; you don’t need anyone else to take on that job because you’ve got it down!

11. Bring out the best in him

To truly bring out the best in him, find out what he wants in life. Determine what his hopes, dreams, and aspirations are, and work with him to enhance those parts of his life. He’ll think you are the best woman in the world by the fact that you are able to bring out the best in him and help make his dreams turn into reality! This will surely win him over!

12. Be confident

As mentioned, confidence is everything to a player. He wants to be with someone who is sure of herself. You can show you are confident by smiling a lot and keeping your posture straight with your shoulders back. Keep your head straight, too. Walk with confidence in each step you take because you know how great you are.

If you tell yourself positive affirmations, over time, your self-esteem will be boosted without you even realizing it. Just be happy! If you are full of happiness, your glow will show it all. There are many methods to show you are confident. Just make sure you believe in yourself, and your body language will show it all.

Don’t worry about what other people think about you. Just know you are a queen and can conquer anything. If you go into the world with that mindset, you will be unstoppable. Just make sure you believe it. You don't have to be cocky when you act this way; just demonstrate that you have no fears, even if you do. Fake it until you make it!

13. Be a sweetheart

Men love women who are very sweet, even if they act like they don’t. Have good manners. Be kind, gentle, generous, and soft. You might even consider doing some volunteer work to show your softer side. Give to the poor. Don’t brag about your good deeds but show that you have a warm, beautiful soul, and he’ll fall in love!

14. Date around

Just because you are dating a player doesn’t mean you can’t be dating others. You shouldn’t put your love life on hold for this one. Instead, keep your dating card full by dating as many guys as you want. If he’s serious about you, he’ll drop the girls he’s dating and chase you down.

15. Make him jealous

You don’t have to talk about your other dates non-stop, but tell him you are busy with dates, look at texts or emails from other men in front of him, respond to social media requests on dates, and talk a little about other men. Just don’t make it your main topic!

16. Don’t talk about the other girls he is dating

don't talk about the other girls he is dating

Even though you may be curious, don’t talk about the other girls he’s dating, showing jealousy. It’s not a pretty color, and that just shows him that you are jealous when really you are confident that you are the one he will pick in the end, if it’s meant to be!

17. Change the subject

If he tries to make you jealous by talking about other women, change the subject fast. Just ignore what he’s saying, pretend you didn’t hear it, and just act like it doesn’t bother you at all. Again, fake it until you make it. You may not feel like changing the subject, but do it anyway! You don’t need to waste time talking about other women!


How do you win a player's heart?

Be kind, and the playboy will fall in love with you quickly. He’ll want you to be part of his life. He’ll develop feelings for you, wanting to capture your attention as much as possible! A player usually wants to be with a girl he can take home to meet the folks.

How do you make a gentleman fall in love with you?

A sweet guy will have different needs than a player. He will easily give you the attention you deserve; he’ll even give you a good reason to be with him. As a matter of fact, he won’t make you think you’ve made a mistake by choosing to date him!

What does silence do to a man?

Playing hard to get with a player will make him realize that you aren’t after his money or other materialist things because you are too busy to notice him. He may think you don’t have feelings for him, even if you do! He may wonder if he can meet your needs.

How do you make him crazy about you?

Girls who have a great deal of confidence can drive a playboy crazy because he’ll wonder what’s so special about you. You’ll be a mysterious butterfly he wants to get to know better and make a part of his life. He may make you a friend to start with.

How does a man act when he's falling in love?

If a guy wants to be in a relationship, he will let you know he wants you in his life. Guys don’t usually play games with girls they are crazy about because they worry they will scare them off. Instead, guys in love will stop being players and show compassion.

To Sum It All Up

What do you think is the secret to the heart of a playboy? Are you in a relationship with a guy who is a player? Do you want to keep him in your life? We’d love to hear all about your life! Please leave a comment, and share this post!

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