Top 19 Ways to Get a Playboy to Commit with You (What You Should Know)

Last updated on May 14, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you want to know the best ways to get a playboy to commit with you, you should first understand why you are in love with someone who isn’t treating the relationship the way you wish he would. Many players date multiple women because they cannot be fulfilled by just one, and they expect You to run to them at the drop of a hat. There’s not a lot of respect there!

Think about yourself and why you are allowing this kind of treatment by a playboy. Why are you attracted to a guy who is only going to break your heart?

Most men are not only interested in sleeping with a woman, but a playboy can often want to sleep with you and run! Don’t let him play with your heart like that. If you’re convinced your player isn’t like that, you might win!

In this article, we are going to assume that your playboy has potential. Over time, he’ll start being a one-woman man and no longer need multiple women in his life to fulfill his every desire. If you are ready for a serious relationship and are sick of letting a guy play games with your heart, allow your true feelings to shine as you take the advice in this article and win him over!


How to Get a Playboy to Commit to You (Top Ways)

1. Determine the reason for his ways

Sometimes, the best course of action is just to analyze the situation. What are the reasons that he feels the need to date other girls? Do you think he will change in the future? According to Dr. Seth at eHarmony, you must find out if they not only want to settle down now but if they ever will want to settle down - one day in the future!

You don’t want to waste your time turning a dating relationship into a marriage proposal if it’s never going to happen. I mean, if he does not ever want to get married or tied down in a serious relationship, are you just wasting time with him? Think about it, and determine what’s best for you and your future. 

Dating him may be fun, but you are also making yourself unavailable for a potential mate one day if you are investing all your time and effort in dating the wrong guy. Talking about this issue with your crush can truly help the situation. He may not like the topic of conversation, but it is better to find out now rather than later after you’ve wasted time!

2. Be irresistible

If you are a creature unlike any other, he will have no reason to go chasing after other girls. You will be the only person he needs in his life. He will be talking about you to his friends and ignore other women when they approach him or hit on him because you will be the only object of his affection. 

3. Offer him plenty of sex

This suggestion is not always the best for every guy in every situation, so you will need to determine if it is the best course of action for you. However, if you are giving him plenty of sex at home, he should have no reason to go out chasing after other women because he’s fulfilled by you and doesn’t need them. 

This does come with a warning, though; if you are not in a serious long-term relationship, you may just want to be irresistible in some other way. You don’t want to come across as “easy” or cheap. Also, if your playboy is seeking other women because of another reason, this suggestion won’t make him settle down with you; he needs something else.

4. Be unique

You should try to stand out from the crowd. Be memorable and make sure that he never forgets the goods that he has when he is with you. For example, you might have a cool baseball card collection or play the piano like a pro. Whatever you are passionate about, show him your skills and talents! This way, you will surely not be forgettable. 

5. Spend money on him

Another “suggestion” is to be giving in your relationship. Think of him and purchase him something to make his day! You might send him a fruit basket at work to show you are thinking of him. Just be a sweetheart, and your kindness will blow him away!

This doesn’t work on every guy in the same way, though. If a guy has sent you clear signals that he is not interested in something serious or romantic, you are easily going to just scare him off by doing this! You need to gauge what is best for your particular relationship to see what is best for your playboy.

6. Give him a challenge

Guys love challenges. It’s like hunting for them. They want to go out and do it themselves. They want to conquer nature and know they have accomplished something wonderful all by themselves! The same holds true with women. They don’t want you to fall at their feet when you are interested in them! Just be coy and lovable!

Be a little hard to get. Make him work for your affection so that when he does win you over, he will feel like he has deserved the win! Consider not always answering your phone on the first ring. Don’t immediately check your voicemail when you get home from work or school. Be a little more independent. Best advice: Fake it till you make it!

7. Reassure him that you are enough

If you prove to this guy that you are all the woman he needs, he will forever be yours! Show him you are well-rounded by cooking, cleaning, having a career, and having your own dreams. If you love playing sports, join a sports team. Have interests outside of the relationship to show you are not needy and lonely. 

8. Look your best

look your best

When you look fine as can be, you are knocking his socks off -every time. This is true even if he doesn’t say anything. He may be so blown away that he does not know what to say! Try to make sure you always look beautiful in his presence. Do your makeup, fix your hair, wear perfume, and put on that cute little red dress with your legs silky smooth.

9. Play hard to get

You can easily do this by not always being available. You have to find the right mix of this kind of behavior because you don’t want him thinking you are playing with his heart! You also don’t want him to actually think you aren’t interested, or he may lose all interest in pursuing you! Just find a happy medium, and you’ll be golden!

10. Listen to him

Men love to hear themselves talk and find it even more appealing when women are engulfed in what they are saying. If your playboy loves to talk, let him! Be a good listener, too. That means paying attention, asking follow-up questions, and nodding or showing another interesting body language while he speaks. Know what is being said!

11. Plan a hot date, and be fun

Enjoy yourself! There’s no reason to allow the situation to dictate how you feel. You can, but it isn’t going to turn out better because you are hurt by the actions he has taken. Instead, choose joy over hurt. Be happy and have a good time when the two of you are together. If you are someone he loves spending time with, you’ll win his heart over!

12. Make him feel appreciated

If he does little things to impress you, don’t be a snob. Show him you love the flowers he brought over before your date! Be a sweetheart and say, “Thank You!” for the kind things he does! You’ll feel better about the date and know that he thinks you are a keeper because you showed your softer side.

13. Be mysterious

If you are doing this already, great job! If you don’t do this with your current man, you should consider it. Basically, you just don’t need to always tell every little thing that is on your mind. Keep some things to yourself. Let him learn more about you over time!

14. Don’t pressure him

The last thing you want to do is to make him feel like he must commit to you or else. Guys don’t usually like to feel forced into making decisions by girls. Instead, be easygoing and show him the reasons he should choose you over others.

15. Don’t nag him about his past

Maybe your guy used to be a playboy. There is no reason to condemn him forever because of this. Instead, show him that it doesn’t matter to you. You are not going to forever judge him by what he did once upon a time. You were another person before, too. Remember?

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16. Don’t try to make him jealous

don't try to make him jealous

While bringing other men into the mix can certainly stir things up, it can often have the opposite effect that you are hoping for. If you want him to settle down with you, you should try to make him want to, based on who you really are, not by toying with his heart with stupid little games that don’t mean anything to you.

17. Ask him what he wants

Sometimes, it is best to just be honest. Find out what he is looking for in a relationship. Ask him if he could make the perfect wife, what she would look like. You don’t have to say “wife” as that could immediately scare him off, but get a good sense of what he needs in a lifetime mate to determine if you are well-matched together.

18. See if you can meet his needs

Now, you know what he wants and needs in his life in order to feel complete. The question really is, can you match this? Will you be able to be the only woman he ever needs? Can you completely fulfill him? If not, you may want to search for someone who is better suited for you, someone who you can fulfill and make happy!

19. Be yourself

Since people don’t normally change, at least not in their foundation, it’s important that you are yourself. Be who you really are and don’t pretend to be someone else if that is not you at all. For example, if you suspect this man loves blondes and dye your hair to be a blonde, you are pretending to be someone you may not even like!


How do you trick a guy into committing?

Make a player fall in love with you by being a creature unlike any other - the only girl that stands out in a room. Spend time winning him over, and you will make a player fall head over heels for you! Playing hard to get is a great strategy for getting him to commit!

How do you outsmart a player?

You could always introduce some other guy in your life, especially if your man has a lot of female friends. You don’t have to do anything with this guy, but have some fun with it! Only you will know that you are just trying to make him a little jealous!

How do you make a guy miss you badly?

The worst thing you can do is to come across as needy or desperate. Relationships, where one person is needing the other in order to feel complete, are not healthy relationships. Don’t sleep with another guy, either. Some sins can’t be forgiven by guys!

What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?

Make him feel special, but let him chase you. Play hard to get by letting him chase you. You can do this by not always being available. Don’t reply to all text messages right away; be fun, and he’ll be interested in learning more about you because you’re a challenge to him!

How do you make a man crave you emotionally?

If you want to pique the interest of a man, you should make him interested in you all of the time. Keep an open mind; be interesting, and don’t forget to show him your best features! His interest in you will go beyond what’s going on in his head; just the idea of you will drive him nuts!

To Sum It All Up

How do you get playboys to commit? Are you in a relationship with a man who doesn’t give you the respect and fun that you deserve? I hope not, but if so, you can possibly turn things around and get him to commit. Share the rest of the answers in the comments!

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