Terrible Signs A Leo Man Doesn't Like You Back

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There are some dark side things from Leo that you have to know before you know what is the signs a Leo man doesn't like you.


Leo Characteristics And Traits 

Below is the dark side of Leo that you must understand.

1. Arrogant

The true leader's spirit of Leo man sometimes makes him arrogant, he wants only he is the only leader who can lead the relationship with you.

2. Not A Good Listener

You should never reveal your complaints to Leo's men, they will not listen to you. Instead, you should listen to him.

3. Lazy

Leo man only works when he needs it if his sense of laziness is out. No one can make it out of his sense of laziness.

4. Anger


Do you not appreciate Leo guy? Be careful of Leo's anger will be able to burn your heart.

5. The Prioritize Man Himself

Leo men only prioritize his own priorities, he just wants to be the center of attention and he will not care about the people around him.

6. Stubborn

Continued from the previous point, because Leo's men like to prioritize his own. That's why he becomes a very stubborn person. Want to change their mind patterns? It's like you should try hard to convince him.

7. Selfish

Yup, Leo's man is also someone who has a high ego. Their selfishness can be very negative, especially in the case of a career.

8. Possessive

The Leo man will be very possessive of his beloved lover. However, be careful of this heavily possessive attitude it can also break your relationship. 

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9. Impatient

Likes to rush in getting something, yup he is Leo. He is very impatient in terms of waiting.

10. Too Dominate

Like the boss, Leo's men just want to be a leader and do not want anyone to match himself, including his lover. 

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11. Always Be Perfectionist

Perfectionist one of the things that exist in the man Leo. Leo's men only want the perfect woman to be with him. 

The Signs A Leo Man Doesn't Like You

Seeing from the dark side of Leo is indeed a frightening especially if you are still doing things that make him do not like you. Below here are the signs a Leo man doesn't like you.

1. Nonsense

Leo's men do not like women who like talking nonsense. Talking without any facts or often breaking the promise that she made herself.

2. Coward

You are an incompetent woman, you like delaying what did you say. It is not to mention that you always run away from problems when you are dealing with Leo man.

3. You Like To Lie

A big NO! If you like to lie right in front of Leo's man. Instead, he'll like you, he'll just throw his face away from you.

4. Too Stiff

The figure of an inflexible woman will be stiff like a stone. This is not the kind of girl that Leo guy likes. 

5. Likes To Tear The Time Of Solitude

Never force a Leo man to do something he does not want. Give him time and space for his solitude. Do not ever bother him, Leo guy will not like it.

6. Aggressive


Just relax if you want to approach Leo guy. Do not behave too aggressively. Leo man will not pick you.

7. Understanding

Leo man just wants a woman who can understand about him. However, if you are only selfish do not expect Leo man will like you.

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Zodiacs That Are Not Compatible With A Leo Man

Maybe you have a zodiac that will not compatible the personality of Leo's man. Actually, who is a zodiac who does not have a compatible with a Leo man? Below here are the three zodiacs that are reported to be not compatible with Leo man.

1. Aquarius

The over-bonded of Leo man's attitude is what makes no compatibility with Aquarius. Aquarius who loves freedom and Leo man who possessives make Aquarius want to keep away from him.

2. Virgo

Leo man and Virgo woman both have perfectionist attitudes. It is great to achieve a perfect life. However, over time this relationship will not last long as both are critical and demanding each other.

3. Capricorn

Both are very stubborn like to set and like to lead, sometimes Capricorn women can be stressed by the Leo man's behavior is very over-possessive.

How To Face The Stubborn The Zodiac Of Leo Man

1. Doing His Will

Try to obey his will first. See what exactly he wants. In this position, you should be able to better understand what really a Leo man wants from you.

2. Speak From Heart To Heart

Speak in a gentle tone to him. The decrease in a tone of voice may be more able to follow what really that Leo man wants. 

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3. Hug And Kiss Him

hug and kiss him

Give a little hug and kiss to Leo guy, this could be what he wants a love and attention from you.

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4. Remind Him

Provide a positive motivation by praising his good deeds. This warning is very useful for Leo man so he can set aside his intention to always be selfish.

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5. Show Empathy

Patience, there is still another way to eliminate selfishness in the Leo man. Show him about the loss caused by him. Make it until he feels what other people feel.

6. Keep Distance With It

If it still does not work too, try to keep your distance with Leo man. Maybe he needs time to think alone. 

7. Keep Yourself Busy

As long as you keep a distance with it, busy yourself with any useful activities. Doing new activities with friends or pamper yourself at the salon.

8. Be Cool

If Leo's man is out of line, then what you have to do is show your ignorance. Instead of arguing with Leo's man you'd better not respond to him for a while.

9. Be Firm

Give the Leo man a firm and clear warning that you are serious about his selfish attitude. Tell him honestly that this is the time he learned to change.

10. Break

Consider breaking with Leo man. Make sure you are ready for the consequences of your actions. However, if you can not stand the selfishness of Leo man finishing his relationship with him is the last way.

Hopefully, the signs a Leo man doesn't like you will help you from the other sides of Leo man. Do the above tips if you have the problem with the stubborn of Leo man.

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