Ways To Get A Leo Man In Love With You (31 Sneaky Ways)

Last updated on February 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering how to tame and seduce a fiery Leo man?

Perhaps you’re aware of how exuberant this star sign can be, and you’re looking for ways to appear suitable to this personality?

Maybe you’re struggling to get on this guy’s radar, and you want to know to change that?

You’re in the right place either way! I’ve created this list of 31 helpful ways to make a Leo man fall in love with you.

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With that said, let’s look at what you can do to specifically appeal to a Leo.


31 Ways to Get a Leo Man in Love With You

It can be tricky to gain the attention of a Leo male or make him fall for you. This zodiac sign isn't primarily an excellent communicator and would mostly be around many people. Therefore, knowing how to make a Leo man notice you requires hard work but proves incredibly beneficial in the long run.

A Leo man might not be passionate about severe relationships early on but is incredibly tenderhearted and romantic when in love. He's also significantly the most stable and loyal partner you can find. If you want to know how to capture a Leo's heart, below are thirty-one ways to get a Leo man in love with you.

1. Appreciate him

If you desire to make a Leo man fall for you, you need to praise and appreciate him. Make him feel special because he secretly thrives on people's approval. He might be one of the hardest of the zodiac signs to please. However, the easiest way to get his heart is by making him feel like a king. 

Such a man wants to feel important around others. Therefore, giving him a sense of value in your life will make him interested in you. With time, he'll cherish your company because of how peculiar you make him feel. The more you appreciate the little things, the more he'll be willing to spend more time and ultimately want you in his life. 

2. Give him your support

On your quest to make a Leo man fall for you, you should be aware of his enormous ego. He tends to put his needs above others and won't necessarily regard people as much as you expect. Nonetheless, when such a male individual falls in love, he's tenderhearted and warm around his significant other. 

If you want to get a Leo man in love with you, you need to give him your support. Make him feel like the king he wants to be. If you confront or tend to disapprove of a Leo male, he'll push you away. On the contrary, approving of his words and actions will hastily get him on your side.

3. Know his friends too

The pride of a Leo man lies in the attention others give him. For this reason, he'll be around people most of the time. Even so, he'll love spending time with his friends because it's the easiest way to get noticed. If you want such a male individual to fall for you, you have to know his friend too. 

Spend time with them, find out their likes and dislikes, and give them reasons to support your crush. The more you do this, the more valuable you'll be to a Leo male. He'll let you into his life quickly because you're making him look good to others. If others find him relevant because of you, you'll become an essential asset in his life.

4. Let your intentions be known

Getting a Leo man to love you might be hard because he'll conceal his emotions to appear more masculine. Even so, he might pay more interest to the limelight than in building substantive relationships. Therefore, getting a Leo man in love with you requires making your intentions known. 

Knowing his friends would make him consider you as one, which is why you need to tell him how you feel. A Leo male might cherish your actions towards him, but your efforts will only be practical once he realizes your motives. Try to confess your feelings while making him feel special at the moment. If you make him feel like a king, he's sure to give a positive response.

5. Show your loyalty

A Leo man might seem unemotional, but he's ironically sweet and tenderhearted when he falls in love. He doesn't pay much attention to being in a serious relationship but is passionate and loyal to his partner when he enters one. What’s more, a Leo man is expressive with his emotions when he feels comfortable but will quickly pull away when he fears that you've broken his trust.

Therefore, a critical way to make a Leo male fall for you is to be loyal to him. It would help if you didn't give him reasons to be insecure about how you feel. The more you make him feel like the only lion in your life, the more he'll be willing to open up and make you part of his life. 

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6. Be strong and independent

As much as a Leo man loves feeling wanted, he also values having a strong woman. In a relationship, a Leo man is also confident and self-assured and desires to see these qualities in his partner. If you rely on him for all your needs, it'll slowly turn him off. You have to be assertive and know what you want, despite supporting him.

You might agree with him most of the time, but you should also have opinions of your own. Be purpose-driven and strive to have a life without him. If you can display the characteristics of an alpha female but still praise and appreciate a Leo male, he'll be more attracted to you. Find ways to balance these two traits, and you'll have him in your arms. 

7. Involve him in your life

Although being independent is a great way to get the attention of a Leo man, you also have to involve him in your life. This step is vital to show him how much you care. If you live a separate life, it'll make your claims less genuine. 

On the contrary, being transparent about your private affairs lets him see how badly you want him. You don't have to overwhelm a Leo with details of your life, but keep him updated about the essential news. This move will build trust in the relationship. 

8. Remember to smile

A critical yet straightforward way to get a Leo man to fall in love with you is to have a positive aura. Such a man is mainly moved by what he sees. Therefore, you need to draw him in optimistically. If you're constantly frowning, you won't be convinced about your intentions. Smiling is notably the best way to attract his warm side. 

Individuals with this sign pride themselves in having good associations. Your cheerful personality around him and his friend will also help him have a good rapport with others. This form of approval will boost his ego and would prove advantageous to you in the long run. 

9. Find out about his ambitions

A Leo man is purpose-driven and also prides himself in this fact. Communication may not be the easiest thing for a man with this zodiac sign, but he undoubtedly loves talking about his interests. An excellent way to capture his attention is by being curious about his ambitions. Find out what he likes, and he'll be more curious about you. 

If you can make a Leo man feel unique about his goals, he's bound to want you around more often. You don't need to be an expert before you can talk about a person's ambitions. Your curiosity will make him feel valued. You can also ask for help, which will boost his ego.

10. Be romantic

be romantic

A Leo man has a hidden personality and might appear cold to others. However, in a serious relationship, he's affectionate and romantic. He is passionate about love and romance and isn't afraid to go the extra mile to express it. Therefore, being romantic is an easy way to show a Leo man how you feel.

Sometimes, subtle signs won't be enough. You have to be intentional about making such a person feel special. The more you can effectively communicate your feelings, the more a Leo male will crave to bond with you. 

Shower him with gifts, plan a romantic getaway, or perhaps, prepare a beautiful dinner for two. Leo males connect deeply with affectionate acts; therefore, you'll capture his interest this way.

11. Give him some space

This tactic might sound contradictory, but you have to give a Leo male his space. Although these male individuals enjoy being in the limelight, they don't want to feel constricted by someone's presence. Like a lion, he breeds and builds on his ego by deciding who he spends his time with. A Leo man can ignore you if he feels you're invading his privacy or space. 

Therefore, giving him some space will make him value and cherish your presence. More so, the time you spend with each other will be more intentional and meaningful. You can make a Leo man commit to building a relationship with this simple tactic. 

12. Try to do his favorite things

A Leo man might seem materialistic, but he's undoubtedly fun to be around amongst all the zodiac signs. Such a male is interested in living his best life. He loves luxury, good food, and anything that can make him feel like an alpha male. More so, he has a superb fashion sense and isn't afraid to show it. 

Indulging in the good stuff is an easy way to get a Leo man to notice you. Since he loves to splurge, intentionally engaging in what he likes will quickly get you on his good side. You don't have to break the bank to win him over. Simple things like getting his favorite food from a new restaurant will go a long way.

13. Get to know him deeply

The most critical thing to know about a Leo male is that he loves people noticing him. The more you show your curiosity about his personal life, the more he'll grow compassionate towards you. You can make a Leo man know that you care about him by asking and listening. Spend quality time with him and find out what makes him unique.

When he acknowledges that you hear and understand him, he'll undoubtedly feel loved. This process will make the relationship blossom. As the king that he rightfully is, ask him deep and valid questions to make him valuable. More so, that he can completely trust you.

14. Try not to nag him

A critical fact to remember is that a Leo male is not the easiest to communicate with. He takes his time to warm up to people because he isn't always interested in a profound relationship. If you're able to get close to such a man, you shouldn't ever nag him because this move will ruin your chances of winning him over.

To make a Leo man fall in love with you, you have to be subtle. Make him feel comfortable in your presence by not being critical. He'll turn away from anything that makes him feel insecure, so you should always be mindful of what you say. If there's a problem, show him that you're mature enough to handle it the appropriate way instead of just complaining. 

15. Try not to turn him down

The alpha trait of a Leo man makes him quite opinionated. He loves having the final say and dislikes when others disagree with him. Trying to get a Leo man to notice you requires supporting what he has to say. However, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't have opinions of your own. 

If he suggests something you don't like, instead of outright turning him down, you should think of an alternative and communicate it without making him feel less of a man. Stroke his ego in subtle ways without making him feel insecure about his decisions. If you can make your opinions a contribution to his, he'll feel supported and appreciated, which is good for you.

16. Try not to be too pushy

A Leo man likes to rule every day and everywhere. He wants to be in charge of everything and take decisions concerning matters, even if it includes you. Therefore, if you're trying to win him over, don't be too pushy or try to control him. This step is crucial because a Leo man is quite opinionated and will withdraw himself if you're too pushy. 

The trick to attracting a male with this zodiac sign is to bring up your opinions suggestively and subtly. Your calm nature over any form of aggressiveness will draw him in. If you can respect his drive to be an alpha male, you'll rule as a queen in his life. 

17. Make him feel special

A Leo man has a bold and courageous personality, which means he's never afraid to show affection when he gets close to someone. Since such a man wants to feel loved, the easiest way to capture his heart is by displaying your emotions. These individuals love it when someone goes the extra mile to make them feel great. 

Therefore, kiss or hug him in public, and try to be sweet at every chance you get. Even so, you should never forget to buy such man gifts. It will surprise you to find out that a Leo male indeed likes presents. Be thoughtful with your ideas and make him feel like you listen when he talks. To woo him over, remember that these little things matter.

18. Be fun around him

Leo men live for adventure, which is why they're attracted to women who can be fun and exciting. They're not afraid to embrace the extravagant life because it helps them attain the level of exhilaration they desire. If you can adapt to these qualities, it will make a Leo man notice you quickly.

However, you should avoid falsifying the lifestyle merely to impress them. Understand that these men are observant and would quickly point out when someone is faking joy. Aim to be the life of the party, but don't be too hungry for attention that you make the wrong moves. Be genuine and adapt to his type of lifestyle gradually. 

19. Be bold

Another trait that the Leo male is attracted to is a bold character. Confidence is a magnet that will make a Leo man fall for anyone because such male individuals are self-assured and love to associate with people of the same caliber. A woman who can speak her mind, dares to act or take charge, and isn't clingy, would undoubtedly catch his heart. 

If you're timid and desire to make a man with this sign notice you, you don't have to pretend to be courageous. Focus on knowing how to stand tall and speak your mind, and these traits will radiate confidence wherever you go. More so, it will help you gain favor with your crush.

20. Be a go-getter

be a go getter

The purpose-driven lifestyle of a Leo man makes him attracted to ambitious women with goals and aspirations. He's a go-getter himself, so he needs someone who can understand his ways and will conveniently stand by him. Therefore, you need to be at the top of your game. Focus on building your life in the same way you're trying to win a Leo over.

Male individuals with this sign dislike women that expect them to meet all their needs. You need to have your achievements if you want to capture an alpha male's heart. Merely being successful at what you do is a starting point. Flaunt your success in a conversation or display it without being arrogant, and he'll be yours.

21. Be attractive

Like most men, the Leo male appreciates a woman who takes care of her physical appearance. They love to show off their women, so you have to be prim and proper to capture his heart. Be well put together and try to avoid shabby clothes. Men with this sign put maximum effort into looking good, so you have to impress them with your looks as well. 

However, try not to go overboard with excessive makeup or loud colors. Be fashionable, sensible, and well dressed for whatever occasion you find yourself in. You need to display elegance without necessarily giving off the impression that you're trying too hard. This step will make a Leo man want you around all the time.

22. Show your talents

Everyone has something he or she can do. If you've found yours, why not flaunt it? It could be dancing, drawing, cooking, or even managing people. Whatever it is, be sure to make them known to a Leo male. He'll be impressed by your firmness of purpose and would want you around more often.

When implementing this tactic, be subtle in your approach. Don't rant about your achievement, or you'll make a Leo man feel insecure and withdraw himself. Instead, highlight your talents, skills, and accomplishments without being too obvious. He shouldn't think that you're trying to compete with him but should picture you as a companion. 

23. Play hard to get

A critical factor to remember is that the Leo man loves the chase. A lion doesn't eat random carcasses but prefers to hunt, and similarly, Leo males don't like women who fall at the first attempt. He loves to hunt before finally having his prey in his hands. The thrill of the chase is crucial to these individuals, so you have to make him work for your attention.

You should show your involvement but not be too easy to access. Ensure a male with this attempts to pursue you instead of letting him have his way with everything. The harder he works, the bigger the thrill, and the more value he will place on you. However, don't be unnecessarily challenging to show your worth. Merely know your boundaries and stick to them. 

24. Feed his ego

The Leo male has the most significant dose of ego amongst the zodiac signs. This male loves to be appreciated, praised, and complimented. Paying keen attention to his ego is key to gaining his affection in due time. He loves compliments on things like his appearance, decision-making skills, their general mode of lifestyle, etcetera. 

Such male individuals don't joke about their accomplishments and appreciate women who see and respect them for them. To feed his ego, try as much as possible to be sincere with your praises and compliments. Showing him that you're genuinely noticing these aspects, and he'll cherish you for that. 

25. Show him respect

Breaking a Leo man's ego is a big turn-off for him. He'll be distant because his self-importance means a lot to him. On the contrary, respecting him strokes his ego and puts you on his good side. Your tone and body language are pretty crucial in showing such a man that you regard him. Therefore, monitor the manner you talk to him. 

It would help if you didn't challenge his authority. However, this doesn't suggest that you shouldn't speak your mind or tell the truth. Interestingly, you can make a Leo man fall in love by merely being honest. Nonetheless, don't fight for higher authority, or you'll crush his ego. Give him that sense of relevance, and you'll win his heart. 

26. Be intuitive

The Leo man undoubtedly has a weakness for intellectual women. Associating with such a woman boosts his ego and makes him all the more relevant. Even so, intelligence is a big turn-on for him because it helps him grow as a person. If you want to win such a man over, make sure you are well-grounded in the topic you want to discuss with him. 

Engage with a Leo man and show off your prowess, but don't be too aggressive with your approach. Find out a topic he's interested in and chip in ideas you know he'll love. When you have nothing intelligent to say, don't be more focused on leaving an impression. Instead, gain more knowledge and prove yourself worthy the next time. 

27. Show him your strengths.

The Leo man is attracted to women of value. Someone who can fill the gap, especially when he is not around to make changes. As an alpha male, he expects his partner to take charge of situations. In the same way, the lioness goes hunting to feed the family in the wild; he likes a woman who is confident in her abilities. 

If you're too dependent, he'll slowly pull away. In a relationship, Leo males crave independence as much as they love their egos. Therefore, crying about everything will only make him more distant. He'll cater to your demands most of the time but also desires to have a strong woman who can stand on her own.

28. Show him affection

The Leo man loves to show and receive affection. As much as he loves a strong emotional woman, he likes a woman that can be affectionate publicly and privately. This process is a form of affirmation for him. It makes him feel desirable and boosts his ego. You need to show him off to the world because Leo males thrive on others' approval. 

A critical factor to remember in making a Leo fall for you is that public display of affection grabs his attention. While having a conversation, be as close to him as possible. Hold his hands, kiss his cheeks, and do anything you know will make him feel special. Try your best to always show that you're sincerely interested in him. 

29. Try not to be too nosy

Although curiosity can have a Leo man fall in love with you, prying destroys your effort. You should strive to be inquisitive at all times, but you should never be too nosy. A Leo man dislikes others monitoring him because it crushes his sense of masculinity. It would help if you didn't interrogate him but strive to be warm and affectionate with your questions.

Ask him how his day went rather than where he's been. The more compassionate you sound, the more he'll open up to you and build a solid relationship with you. In the long run, he'll fall head over heels with your subtle nature.

30. Try not to be critical

try not to be critical

A Leo male has an alpha personality and likes to be the center of people's interests. His love for people's approval also makes him quite sensitive to judgments. Therefore, if you want to make a Leo man fall for you, you should motivate rather than criticize. 

Criticism breaks his spirit and makes him less confident in his abilities. On the contrary, if you're always there to support him, he'll undoubtedly fall in love with you. This process will build your trustworthiness and make you someone he can rely on for honest advice.

31. Treat him and his friends well

You can show a Leo man that you care about him by treating his friends right. Understand that he regards his friends and wants his partner to do the same. It would help if you never tried to take their position or downplay their importance. 

Talking badly about them would only make you seem like the enemy. On the contrary, acknowledging their relevance in his life would put you on his good side. A Leo man is a people person, and being one will be to your advantage. 


How do you get a Leo man to fall in love with you?

If you make a Leo man feel special, he'll be captivated by your presence. Show him how relevant he is, and he'll be desperate to always have him around. This step is key to making a Leo male fall for you. 

How do you know if a Leo man is falling in love with you?

If a Leo man is more concerned about you than his personal affairs, it shows he's falling in love. These individuals may seem self-absorbed from a distance but are incredibly affectionate when they're in love

How do you win a Leo man's heart forever?

The way you make a Leo man feel is critical to gaining his heart. You need to boost his ego and give him reasons to be more confident. Praise, appreciate, and add value to his life to make a Leo love you forever. 

What are Leo men attracted to?

A Leo man is incredibly self-assured amongst all the zodiac signs. Therefore, displaying confidence will undoubtedly attract him to you. Be purpose-driven, strong, and independent, and you'll easily compliment him. 

How do you know a Leo man is not interested?

A Leo man will initially not be concerned about serious relationships. If you've made your intentions known and he still isn't reciprocating your advances, it's a hint that he's not interested. You should pull back and think carefully about your next move. 

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on ways to get a Leo man in love with you? Remember never to break a Leo man's spirit, or he'll withdraw himself. Kindly leave a comment below and share this article with others if you liked it.

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