The Perks on Why You Should Fall in Love with an Artist

Last updated on February 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Artists are the true free soul. They are not afraid to express themselves and let the world knows who they really are. But it’s not the sole reason why you should fall in love with an artists. As they can find beauty in almost everything, they live their lives positively as well. Other than being incredibly creative, artists make a perfect lover.

They are very unique on their own and you will find it as something that draw you in more and more. Don’t be afraid with artists’ stereotypes before you know who they really are. Here are some logical reasons why you should fall in love with an artist.

  1. They are a Passionate Lover

Artist is one of the most passionate being on Earth. They work with passion, gain inspiration through passion, and make a passionate lover too. Just imagine when we are in a relationship without passion, how boring it could be. Artists always looking for something new, seeing the beauty even in the smallest thing, and turn what ordinary into extraordinary. They treat you with passion and they will see the beauty in you everyday. Dating an artist is simply exciting. See also If An Artist Falls in Love with You, You Will Live Forever

  1. Artists are Incredibly Smart

No artists are dumb. In fact, they are more intelligent than average people. If you are looking for a smart partner, artists should make it in your shortlist. How could they not smart if they are full of creativity? On top of that, they got the looks, style, and humor. As they have to learn about new technique and methods every other day, their brain would be as sharp as knife. Artists are surely the perfect match for you, if you agree with “smart is the new sexy” thing.

  1. You’ll Become the Muse of Their Works

One of the best perks of dating an artist is you will get a masterpiece inspired by you. When an artist fall in love, you will become the muse of their works. Soon you will find a song written about you, a drawing of your face, and many more artworks that inspired by you. You are truly lucky. See also Sweetest Reasons to Marry a Bong GirlBut the thing is, an artist tend to look for a news muse. This is why dating an artist is also challenging, since you shouldn’t make them bored otherwise they go out looking for an inspiration.

  1. You Have a Flexible Dating Time

Repeated routine sucks. You have to wait for the weekend to go on a date, but end up exhausted due to the busy week. It’s why you should fall in love with an artist. They don’t have any fixed working hours so that they would likely be there anytime you need them. You can freely choose on which day you want to go on a date and treat everyday like Saturday.

  1. They are a Great Storytellers

One sure thing you will get if you fall in love and date an artist is boring doesn’t exist in your dictionary. Artists are great storytellers with number of new stories to be told everyday. They will tell you endless story about how they find silly things in the morning and turn it into a whole new inspirations. All you need to do is tentatively listening to whole their story to laugh it off together. See also Reasons Why You Should Never Fall in Love with A Writer

  1. You Might Travel Around the World

Who doesn’t love to travel? And it’s free! It’s what you will get if you date an artist whose work require them to travel occasionally. Well, if they’re a painter they will travel the world to find objects and inspiration. Surely they will take you along with them and what’s more exciting than that? You get the whole world jealous for the privilege.

Remember that others find it hard to make time to travel the world with someone they love.

  1. They are Highly Talented

Does it need more to say? As an artist they are surely talented in their own way. Isn’t it terrific to date someone like that?

  1. You Won’t Get Bored

You have been told above that dating an artist would never make you bored. Not only the new stories that they always share you everyday, but they themselves also a fun person. You know how an artist could turn a small things into a very entertaining story, right? See also If A Writer Falls in Love with You, You Can Never Die

  1. You Start to See the World from a Different View

An artist is unique because they have a different way of thinking and how they always outside the box in anything. Spending a lot of time with them slowly change you way of thinking as well. You start to see the world from a completely different point of view that you might surprise about it yourself.

  1. It Sound Cool to Date an Artist

Who doesn’t want to date an artist? It sounds cool because it’s really cool. Artist is someone who is never give as they preserve to be who they are today. It’s highly inspiring. See also Why Should You Never Date a Musician

What You Should Know Before Dating an Artist

  • They Stand Tall on Their Ground

As an independent soul, an artist stand tall on their ground and it’s hard to change their mind.

  • They Will Disappear Often

When they are looking for a new inspiration or working on a new projects, they will be gone and disappear for a while.

  • They Might Not be Well Off

If you are expecting to date someone with a lot of money, you probably doesn’t want to date an artist. Not all artists are well off.

Artists are definitely one of a kind in the world. But there are too many negative stereotypes regarding an artist that make you hesitate on why you should fall in love with an artist. But at least you have to know how does it feel to have someone whose world is revolved around you. Artists love really hard.

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