Reasons Why You Should Never Fall in Love with A Writer

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Love may come to everyone and make people blind because of it. It is a gift to be loved by someone and you deserve to feel that way. But, what make people forget about love is that sometime they think that other people will be able to bring happiness to their lives.

You are responsible to create your own happiness and if you failed then there will be no other people who are able to help you. Even though it is a love life problem but you need to bring your logical thinking to help you. So I have some information about reasons why you should never fall in love with a writer that might help you.

Reasons not to date a writer

Before you choose someone to be your partner, you will need to get to know him better. Here are some reasons why you should never fall in love with a writer, to help you to get to know him better.

1. Harder to move on

The first reason is because you are going to have a hard time to move on from him. It will be hard for you to move on when you are remembering all the sweet words he gave to you. Aside from that, you can also stalk him online. So, find the ways to move on after a bad relationship.

2. He will expect more from you

As a writer he will surely try to make the story he makes as perfect as possible. And it will take a lot of things to do for a writer to finish his writings. Since he will be that kind of perfectionist so he might have the tendency to expect more from other people including you.

3. He can be overthinking

When you have the burden or a pressure where you need to do something as perfect as possible continuously for a long period of time sometime you will just demand more. When you are trying to demand yourself more sometimes you can be just overthinking, thinking of what you have done is not enough.

4. Less effort in a relationship

And you have to be ready if he has less effort in order to maintain your relationship. Just remember that you need to know the signs you are ready for a new relationship. Get to know about his personality first before you are tired of fighting all alone.

5. Can be so emotional

A writer can be so emotional. As a writer, someone will need to write something and usually it is based on their background, interest, or belief. In this case, you better know the ways to get an introvert to open up emotionally.

Things you need to know about a writer

After knowing some reasons why you should not date a writer, there are more things that you need to know when you want to get closer to a writer.

1. Perfectionist

The first thing you need to know about a writer is that most of them are perfectionist. It will take a lot of time for a writer to find an idea before they start writing. You surely do not want to ruin your work and want to finish it as good as possible. 

2. Not allowing you to read his writings

If you are not allowed to read his writing which he currently working on, then don't. He just want to make sure it is good before he starts to show his writing to other people.

3. He does not like to be judge

As a writer with his own imagination of his writing, surely he will have a different taste compare to you or other people. He will feel down sometimes so he will need your support. There are also some signs a leo man doesn't like you that you need to know.

4. Talk to him about what you feel

Most of writer become a writer because they are able to express their emotion through their writings. Maybe it will be hard to understand him at first, but by the time goes by you will start be able to get to know him. You will also need to help him by talk to him if there is any thing that you feel is not comfortable.

This is the end of our article today about reasons why you should never fall in love with a writer. Thank you for the time given to read this article. And please find out other interesting article on our website that can help you to know more.

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