10 Ways To Make Cancer Girl Jealous

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Are you currently having a crush with a Cancer girl and wanting to make her curious? Or you want to revive your relationship that has gone flat by making your Cancer girl jealous? Or did you just break up with a Cancer girl and would like to seek some revenge by getting her jealous and letting her know you're doing fine without her?

It is common to look for a way to make a girl jealous, but in order to make a Cancer jealous, you need to know first about her character and way of thinking. In order to help you, here are 10 ways to make Cancer girl jealous!


1. Give Advice To Other girls

Cancer girls are usually independent, but they tend to need their significant others for emotional support or encouragement. It is possible for Cancer to be in need of constant support and attention. By projecting this emotional support or encouragement to other girls, it may trigger her jealousy and she would want to rely on you more rather than having you giving support to other girls.

2. Flirt With Other Girls

flirt with other girls

Cancer girls can also be very possessive at times. If they see their loved ones being close or flirting with other girls, it can also trigger their jealousy. Cancer girls would want you to focus only on them, and being with them. However, being a little away from Cancer girls might help them to feel like they lost something, and appreciate you even more when you're back. 

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3. Talk About Other Girls

Most of the time, Cancer girls are known to be insecure about how others, especially their loved ones, see them. If you want to know how to make Cancer girl jealous, you can actually start to talk about other girls, bit by bit. It doesn't have to be a compliment, sometimes you being aware about other girls can cause Cancer girl to be jealous as well.

4. Play Hard To Get

Another one of the 10 ways to make Cancer girl jealous, is by being mysterious. Whether you're just starting something with your Cancer girl, or if you are in a relationship with one, playing hard to get will work to get her jealous. Cancer needs security, so if you're being fickle and constantly changing between caring to her or ignoring her at times, Cancer girls may feel insecure and jealous. 

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5. Spend Less Time

Cancer are also known to be an emotional over thinkers, and their nurturing nature makes them want you to constantly be around them. If you reduce the amount of your presence, or reduce the time spend with a Cancer, this might drive them into thinking that it is a big problem and they can be jealous when you spend your time with anything or anyone but them. 

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6. Give Less To Your Relationship

One feature that is common in a relationship with Cancer, is that they tend to give their all in relationships. Show to your Cancer girl that instead of giving your all, you are sharing your love and attention to other people or things. This will makes them feel that it's unfair you're not doing the same thing that she did, and this can drive her into being jealous as well.

7. Be Forgetful

Cancer loves to feel secure, so when you suddenly forget any special days that is important to you both, or refusing to celebrate those special days, Cancer will feel insecure. She can get jealous thinking that you have better things to be remembered, or thinking that you are losing your feelings for her and instead loving someone else. 

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8. Be Independent

be independent

When you ask Cancer for help, they feel that they are important and thinking that you need their ability to care and loving you. Once you don't rely on them anymore, a Cancer will feel that you don't need them anymore, or whether you have someone else to replace them already. You being independent and needing your Cancer girl less will then makes her jealous, thinking that you have find someone better. 

9. Stop Pampering Her

Cancer can be like a kid sometimes, who would love their significant other to pamper her anytime. One of the 10 ways to make Cancer girl jealous, is by stopping any effort to pamper her. Easily insecure, Cancer will thinks that you have loved her less, or that you have someone else that you would rather pamper compared to her.

10. Show That You Are Happier.. With Someone Else

Lastly, the most upfront way, is to choose others over your Cancer girl in front of her. Whether it is with other girl, or family, or friends, show that you are happier compared to when you are with your Cancer girl. Show that you want others a lot more than you want your Cancer girl, and she'll see the sign right away. This will make your Cancer girl feel unwanted, or feeling that she is just a second best.

Those are some of the ways on how to make Cancer girl jealous. If a Cancer is jealous, you know that she truly cares about you. You will know that your Cancer girl is jealous, when they start giving harsh remarks and having bad mood ever so often. However, you need to keep in mind that Cancer has a very delicate and fragile nature, so they can get insecure real fast. They also have a low self-esteem, so doing these 10 ways to make her jealous will leave a permanent scar.

Cancer girl's insecurity and low self-esteem might cause you to have no idea on how to repair the relationship, and once you do these 10 ways to make a Cancer girl jealous there is no going back. Accordingly, it is also important to remember that once you break a relationship with a Cancer girl, it might be hard for her to trust you again. Consider whether doing all this things are necessary, and make sure when you decide to do these 10 ways you will regret nothing whatever the outcome may be.

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