Signs Your Boyfriend Misses You So Badly

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Missing someone is something that’s natural. It happens to all of us, especially those who are in relationships. For some people, admitting it is easy. But for others, they are more indirect. Don’t be confused, read all these signs to help you out.


1. Quickly Replies To Messages

One of the most prominent signs that your boyfriend misses you is that he will quickly reply to your messages. Maybe he usually takes a long time to reply because he’s busy. But, when he really misses you he won’t waste any second. He also have this fear that when he takes too long to reply, you will also do the same. As soon as he replies your messages, he is very happy and eager to hear back from you.

2. Sending Unimportant Messages

Here is the signs your boyfriend misses you. Your boyfriend will most likely send you messages that might not seem that important. He will tell you the little things that he did, saw or heard. Anything that can keep the conversations flowing. Your boyfriend tells you these things so the conversations don’t stop between you two.

3. Often Calls You

often calls you

If your boyfriend usually communicates with you through messages and out of the blue chooses to call you instead, then that’s a definite sign that he misses you. When you ask your lover the reason why, they won’t give you a straight answer. Your boyfriend wants to talk and hear your voice through the phone.

4. Angry For No Reason

Missing someone can make anyone to become upset. You might start to notice that your boyfriend can get mad or angry at the littlest thing. The root of his irritation actually comes from the fact that he misses you too much. So it’s not about losing his feelings for you.

5. Always Arguing

It may seem that your boyfriend will keep arguing with you. But that argument is simply teasing. The teasing is a sign of your boyfriend is missing you. By making you a little bit mad, the two of you will still have something to talk about. Here's an advice on Things to Do when You and Your Boyfriend are Fighting.

6. Accusing You Of Missing Them

Want to know more about signs your boyfriend misses you? Your boyfriend might find it hard to admit that he misses you because of his ego. So, he’ll accuse you instead. He’ll turn the table around when in fact, it is him that misses you. You don’t have to think about it too much. It’s actually a good thing because your boyfriend is still very much in love with you.

7. Frequent Conversations

Your days will be filled with your boyfriend telling you every single detail of his day. It would either be through phone calls or messages. He will say that it’s to stop you from worrying about him. The truth is that your boyfriend is just finding another excuse to speak with you throughout the day.

8. Liking Your Old Pictures

Your boyfriend might start liking the old pictures that you post on your social media. You may begin to receive notifications from your Facebook, Instagram or other social medias. He is pressing like on all those pictures that have been posted for months because he misses you.  

9. Easily Jealous

Your boyfriend will become easily jealous and asks begins to question you. He will asks for a lot of details when you tell him that you are planning to go out with your friends. Other than being worried, he actually doesn’t want you to spend most of your time on other people.

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10. Pretends To Ignore You

pretends to ignore you

A boyfriend that has a big ego would most likely pretends to ignore you. It’s his way of concealing his true feeling. He doesn’t want you to know how much he misses you. Deep down, he can’t wait to see you again.

11. Frequently Make Plans To Go Out with You

Another signs your boyfriend misses you is when he keeps telling you that he’s making plans. The plans are about where you two can go out. He can’t wait to have some quality time with you.

12. Leaving Comments On Social Medias

To have more interaction with you, your boyfriend will leave comments on your social medias. He is looking out for you updates or activities. Leaving comments will catch your attention. 

13. Asks For Pictures

It might seem odd but your boyfriend will asks for some of your recent pictures. He misses you, so he wants to see you in your newest photo. There is nothing wrong with sending him one as long as you don’t feel weird about it.

14. Happy When Meeting You

You can see his happiness on his face when you meet him. His happiness is because he can finally pay off his longing for you by seeing you again. He also won’t stop talking with you. Also read Signs When Guys Fall in Love with You.

15. Doing Crazy Things

One of the crazy things that your boyfriend will do is to visit you out of the blue. Distance no longer matters to him. The most important thing is to get close to you so he can see you again. It's one of the Ways to Keep Long Distance Relationship Exciting.

16. Sending You Gifts

sending you gifts

Your boyfriend will start sending you gifts such as flowers, cards or others. That means he loves you and misses you. He spent some of his time to make a gift for you.

17. Says He Misses You

This last sign is the most honest of them all. Your boyfriend will directly tell you that he misses you. You should also tell him the same thing and try to spend more of your time with him. Here are some Things to Say to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work.

You can avoid these signs by asking your boyfriend about his feeling. Being open to one another will keep the relationship strong.

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