120 Lovely Reasons Why My Boyfriend Is Better Than Yours

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Boyfriends are always fun to have. They can protect you and love you with their soft heart. Wondering if you’ve got someone who have all the signs he's boyfriend material? This is the way to know. Here are the reasons why my boyfriend is better than yours;

  1. He Kiss Me Goodnight
  2. He Text Me A Cute And Motivational Good Morning Text
  3. He Text Me A Calming And Soothing Good Night Text
  4. He Hug Me All The Time
  5. He Buy Me Thoughtful gifts
  6. He Can Cook
  7. He Can Play Guitar
  8. He Is An Expert In Piano
  9. He Is Always Willing To Help Me
  10. He Sends Me Cute Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush
  11. He Buys Me Flowers
  12. He Buys Me Food
  13. We Go On Romantic Dates
  14. He Takes Me To Adventurous Dates
  15. He Takes Me To Simple Dates
  16. He Makes Me Smile Everyday
  17. He Have A Great Smile
  18. He Wants To Do Anything To Make Me Laugh
  19. He Makes Time To Listen To Me
  20. He Ask Questions To Get To Know Me
  21. He Stare Into My Eyes Romantically
  22. He Stroke My Cheek Romantically
  23. He Does not Have The Signs Of A Cheater Guy
  24. He Knows Boundaries When Being Close With Other Girls
  25. He Is Willing To Learn New Things For Me
  26. He Wants The Best For Me
  27. He Supports My Choice In Life
  28. He Doesn’t Try To Change A Big Part Of Me
  29. He Sticks With Me Through The Bad Times
  30. He Celebrates My Victory
  31. He Is Happy When I Am Happy
  32. He Is My Shoulder To Cry On
  33. He Is Patient When I Am Angry
  34. He Understand The Reason Behind My Feelings Without Me Telling Him
  35. He Loves My Parents
  36. He Is Close With My Friends
  37. My Family Approves Of Him
  38. My Friend Really Like Him
  39. He Rarely Talk Bad About Other People
  40. He Always Want To Motivate Me 
  41. He Support My Dream
  42. He Acknowledge And Try To Protect Me From My Fears
  43. He Remembers Little Details About Me
  44. He Post Cute Things About Me On Social Media
  45. He Never Talk Bad About Me
  46. He Talks About Me Like I Am An Angel
  47. He Continue To Call Me Beautiful
  48. He Still Say That He Loves Me Even In Our Worse Days
  49. He Does Not Have The Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotional Psychopath
  50. He Imagines A Future With Me 
  51. He Is Family Oriented
  52. He Wants To Raise Kids With Me
  53. He Understand And Support My Passion
  54. He Gives Me Some Space From Time To Time
  55. He Have Faith In Our Relationship
  56. He Have Faith In Me
  57. He Is Loyal To Me
  58. He Is Proud Of Me
  59. He Sees Past My Physical Self
  60. He Can Get Into An Intellectual Debate With Me
  61. He Is Open Minded
  62. He Is Not Ignorant
  63. He Is Knowledgeable
  64. He Always Miss Me
  65. He Always Wants To Show The  Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You
  66. He Is Not Afraid To Express Feelings
  67. He Is Kind To Me
  68. He Is Kind To Other People
  69. He Is Often Selfless
  70. He Is Humble
  71. He Is Cute In Everything He Does
  72. He Hang Out A Lot With Me
  73. He Is Willing To Communicate For The Relationship
  74. He Is Kind To His Friends
  75. He Is Kind To His Parents
  76. He Talks Good Things About Me To His Parent
  77. He Have An Understanding Of His Place In Our Relationship
  78. He Wants To Do New Things With Me
  79. He Can’t Imagine Being With Anyone Else
  80. He Is Still Amazed By How Wonderful I Am
  81. He Can Handle His Own Problem
  82. He Is Not Afraid To Ask For Help
  83. He Is Not Cynical
  84. He Is Not Bullying
  85. He Is Not Shallow In His Mind
  86. He Is Independent
  87. He Is Not Afraid To Show Intimacy
  88. He Likes To Be Close To Me
  89. He Likes To Pamper Me
  90. He Likes To See Me Smile
  91. He Thinks I Am The Prettiest Girl He Have Ever Met
  92. He Says That He Is Lucky To Have Me
  93. He Says That He Still Can’t Believe That He Have Me
  94. He Is Not Only Sweet When It Is Valentine’s Days
  95. He Shares The Same Taste In Music With Me
  96. He Is Well Dressed
  97. He Is Driven
  98. He Is Motivated
  99. He Is Really Handsome
  100. I Can’t Imagine Being With Anyone Else 
  101. He Have The Patience To Work Through Our Relationship problem
  102. He Wants To Do Anything To Win My Heart
  103. He Have Dreams And Ambition
  104. He Is A Do-er
  105. He Sympathize With Me
  106. He Likes To Help Other People
  107. He Is Capable Of Taking Care Of Me
  108. He Understands Me More Than I Understand Myself
  109. He Is A Good Kisser
  110. He Sings Really Well
  111. He Is Not Afraid To Look Silly To Make Me Laugh
  112. He Is Tidy
  113. He Is Organized
  114. He Can’t Imagine Marrying Anyone Else
  115. He Sends Me Cute Things to Say to A Girl to Make Her Laugh Over Text

Hey, that's the reasons why my boyfriend is better than yours!

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

You know that you have the best boyfriend now it’s time to return the favor:

  1. Accept Him

The first step is to prove that you do not have the Signs of Conditional Love

  1. Support Him

Support who he is, what he does, and every part of what makes him himself.

  1. Always Think About How To Make Him Happy

Make his happiness your number one priority and you will start to come up with the ways to make him happy.

If your boyfriend have most of the reasons why my boyfriend is better than yours, then you really have someone that is a keeper. That is why you need to hold on to him by doing the ways to make him happy. You will slowly have a blooming and beautiful relationship

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