Star Signs Gemini and Virgo Compatibility in Every Aspect

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Have you ever try checking out your compatibility with your crush? Well, you’re not alone if you have ever stalk about your crush’s zodiac and putting their name on google to find out how compatible you both are. Perhaps almost everyone has ever done that at least once, right? It’s not wrong though, for you to do such a thing. When we’re in love, we tends to think and act differently. We’re attracted to do things that are fun and especially, related to our crush.

Reading about how compatible we are with our crush will usually amuse and excite us, especially when the result is good. When it says that you’re a match made in heaven, oh, how happy would you be. Smiling all day long, imagining things with that person endlessly. Although when the result is not as what we have expected, we’ll probably be broken or less optimist inside. But there’s no need to be sad. As for Gemini and Virgo, you might be curious about the compatibility level, right? Check out about star signs Gemini and Virgo compatibility!


Gemini Signs

Before we get to know how compatible this couple is by their star signs, we got to know first, their personality one by one. Just like how people find out reasons why Taurus And Aquarius are compatible through their personal traits, here we will also take a brief look over Gemini and Virgo traits. Here are few common traits that a Gemini has :

  • Witty
  • Intellectual
  • Enthusiast
  • Anxious
  • Outgoing
  • Lack of commitment
  • Creative

Virgo Signs

Ever wonder how could people stated that this sign is compatible with this one? Why Taurus and Capricorn are  compatible? That all can be determined through the sign's traits. This earth sign with a woman as a logo has these common traits which you might need to know  before talking further about the compatibility :

  • Critical thinker
  • Hardworking
  • Artistic
  • Reliable
  • Remember details
  • Stubborn
  • People pleaser

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Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Talking about compatibility, it’s based on people’s traits and how they react in various situations. Every single aspect is important and supporting each other. Together, they’re combined in a conclusion that state how you and your crush probably interact with one and another.

We can't really separate them to pieces, but we need to see the bigger picture and then know what to fix, what's already good and strong, as well as what's important for us to take care about within the relationship. Here are the compatibility of Gemini and virgo star signs : 

  • Communication

We all know that when it comes to relationship, communication is the key. It's also one of the ways to make a long distance relationship work. Without good communication, people wouldn’t be able to build a strong relationship that understand and support each other. Talking about Gemini and virgo, these two signs are both awesome when it comes to communication.

They’re a good communicators who have different strength, which can be tricky at times. This might make them look at one another as stupid, just because they have different intelligence, although they both are actually smart. If this partner can understand each other somehow, they will be able to build a strong relationship regardless of their differences. As long as they both try to work it out together and tolerate each other, then nothing could go wrong.

  • Emotional aspect

Here are more about star signs Gemini and Virgo compatibility. People all have emotions. Their emotions differs just like how their character does. Here, Gemini and virgo are also different when it comes to emotional aspect. While Virgo are more logic when it comes to their selves, Gemini appears as an emotional creature here. Both of them have emotional aspect, yes.

But they’re slightly different here. Gemini tends to fear commitment. This emotions will harm their relationship with people, but so does Virgo. Virgo often feels unworthy and leave people because of that.

  • Trust issues

Trust issues has been a problem that plays around with someone’s relationship with their partner. When couple can’t even trust each other, then they would probably be prone to breakouts. Trusting each other is so essential, that when there’s no trust, there will be crush. Virgo here, is a sign with trust issues.

It’s hard for them to trust people somehow. While on the other side, Gemini is often hard to trust. If Gemini wouldn’t try enough to build their partner’s trust towards them, then of course it wouldn’t be a good thing. When a virgo gets outraged to their Gemini partner out of jealousy, Gemini will not hesitate for long to run away. Deal with this trust issues first, then both of you will have an amazing relationship. 

  • Conclusion

This partner can make it, if they work hard enough together, building strong relationship right from zero. If they want to fix their problems such as trust issues, trying to understand each other and respect each other more, then nothing could go wrong.

We all know that there are reasons why Scorpios are hard to understand, but does that mean there isn't single couple with Scorpio that works? No, right? That's because they try to understand each other. They work out on their relationship because they do give maximum effort in it.

The same thing goes for Gemini and Virgo. This couple might just have a strong relationship that last long. Of course love is also important here. You need to keep growing your love as time goes by so that it wouldn’t be too hard for the relationship to keep going smoothly.

Talking about star sign compatibility, of course it’s up to you whether you believe it or not. But, if it’s good then just hope for the best, but if the result isn’t that good, or at least not like how you expect it to be, you got to keep calm. It’s not everything. Compatibility will only guide you based on the common traits of each signs and how they would react together.

People can have different traits from their natural traits. Environment, parenting type, and any other things can also influence a person traits and personality. Use compatibility as your reference, but don’t give up on your love just by reading this, for sure.

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