Factual Reasons Why Scorpios Are Hard To Understand

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Scorpio zodiac with this crab sign is the most mysterious zodiac among the other zodiacs. It is no wonder, Scorpio is a zodiac that is hard to understand. Some of the reasons why Scorpio is hard to understand is because of his innate character.


Scorpio Characteristics And Traits 

Below here are some Scorpio characters that you should know:

1. Dominant

Scorpio is a true leader, it's no wonder they are dominant over all the good things in terms of work or even in a love affair. Scorpio does not like to listen to the opinions of others because they want to show that they are superior in every way.

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2. The Mysterious Aura

Dubbed the mysterious zodiac, Scorpio is always full of secrets. No one can guess what his will is like. However, behind the aura of mysteriously, it turns out Scorpio has a sensitive heart.

3. Stubborn People

stubborn people

What's the reasons why Scorpios are hard to understand? Scorpio is very stubborn, once he focuses on something, then no one else can change it. If you try to change their attitude, it will not work. Scorpio is an unyielding zodiac.

4. Great Curiosity

Scorpio has a great curiosity about what's going on around it. In fact, if they have any partner he will always be curious about the secrets of his own girlfriend. Really, Scorpio was an excellent investigator.

5. Maintain Privacy

The phrase that is suitable for Scorpio, he is like diary book. Yes, Scorpio is a person who really keeps his privacy. Rarely, he updates his status or posts some photos on social media. Scorpio does not like his private affairs so public consumption.

6. Energized

Strong in reaching dreams, that's what they are Scorpio. They are always energized in doing all of their activities. Scorpio is people who are persistent enough to get something. So do not try to stop them. It will not work.

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7. Revenge

Be careful if you ever lie or betray Scorpio. Scorpio will take revenge on you. Scorpio's way of getting revenge is usually with oral. They will immediately hurt you to humiliate you. Wow, it's horrible huh.

8. Very Protective Of His Partner

The dominant of Scorpio against the people around him, he tends to like to control. They tend to be protective especially to their partner even his girlfriend. This way actually intends to protect you from the harm. But the attitude of overprotective Scorpio sometimes upset to his girlfriend. They are truly a true bodyguard, yes.

9. Wants To Always win

The principle of persistence is what makes Scorpio want to always win. Whether it's in an argument or getting something he wants. Scorpio will not allow his rivals to win.

10. Stalker

What's the reasons why Scorpios are hard to understand? Possessive, this is the hallmark of Scorpio. Maybe he looks pretty grim but actually, he has a soft heart. Scorpio is actually afraid of losing someone who is loved. Because of fear, he actually likes to be fussy even a reliable stalker.

Scorpio Is The Best Friend Signs

scorpio is the best friend signs

Behind his "scary" character Scorpio turned out to be the best friend. Why are the Scorpio best? Because they are easygoing, passionate and adventurous. For more information, please see the following points.

1. They Are Easy Going

Her confidence makes them easy to get along with anyone, no wonder they have many acquaintances everywhere. In addition, if you invite Scorpio in an event, like a birthday event. They are the right friends, it will be a great fun. 

2. Likes Adventure

Are your friends adventurous? Hiking or traveling? Yup, they are Scorpio. Scorpio is very happy to adventure. They like to try lots of new things and go to a new place. If you have the same hobby, try to invite them to accompany you, yeah.

3. A Very Loyal Friend

If you want to pour out your heart, just tell Scorpio. Scorpio will keep your secret. Do not worry they will not tell your secret to anyone. They are the most loyal friends.

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4. Have A Good Heart

The kindness of Scorpio it is no doubt, against to their friends they always give their best. The goodness is what makes people around like Scorpio.

5. Romantic Lover

In addition to being a good friend, in terms of their romantic relationship, they are a very romantic lover. Scorpio will give you some special surprises, always.

Friends That Are Suitable For Scorpio

friends that are suitable for scorpio

Who is the best friend for Scorpio? Are you suitable for them? Below here are some zodiacs that can balance them. Here is the ways on how zodiac signs act in a relationship:

1. Cancer

Cancer and Scorpio, they both have sensitive feelings. But with this, they are able to know the contents of each other's feelings. These two zodiacs are perfect when combined. Cancer is a mature figure, with this they can offset Scorpio is difficult to set.

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2. Leo

Leo is the most exciting friend to Scorpio. They will be a suitable partner in terms of nosiest their friends. Please be careful with them. You will get their nosy.

3. Libra

Zodiac scales sign is a friendly figure. They are easy to make friends with anyone, including Scorpio. he has a cheerful character that matches with Scorpio. Libra and Scorpio are the right friends to hang out together.

4. Pisces

Pisces figure provides comfort for Scorpio, especially in friendship. Pisces is a good listener, they will always hear the Scorpio's squawk and motivate life on Scorpio.

Tips When Facing The Mysterious Scorpio

Still curious, with a mysterious Scorpio character? Some of the tips below will help you in the face even you can approach them. Let's check these out.

1. Do It Slowly

Do you want to understand them or want to approach them? Do it slowly. Remember, they are sensitive and emotional people. Do not approach it too agressive. Just follow the game path, and see what response that you will get.

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2. Show Your Natural Side

show your natural side

Scorpio is very fond of women or people who look plain and natural but must be as complex and unique as he is. Scorpio is a person that wants to always be pampered and given attention. It's a great opportunity if you have a mature figure.

3. Give More Attention

Continued from the above points, you must give a little attention to Scorpio. Surprises such as small gifts, for example, Scorpio will always remember your gift even though it is only a small gift. 

4. A Bit Of Humor

If you want to know more about him, try giving a little dynamic chat and add some humor to it. With a light humor, Scorpio will show what he really is.

5. Understand What He Wants

Scorpio again, he is a sensitive person. So you must be patient and must be understood his wishes. Just be a good listener and give full support for him.

6. Lower Your Rank

Follow and obey whatever Scorpio wants. If you really want to have it do not impose your will. Seducing the heart of a Scorpio is really requires special tricks because they tend to be moody.

The point of to understand them, you just be patient to confront and understand them, Scorpio. Hopefully, the above explanation can help you solve all your problems with Scorpio.

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