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How to Know If An African Girl Likes You – The Love Signs

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Like it or not, western or white men like darker skin coloured women like African and African- American natives. Their special look attract men beside their kind and friendly personality. African women especially the natives have very beautiful wide smile with naturally white teeth just as they born with those gifts.


Not only the skin, the smile, the teeth or the personality, African women have even more special things others don’t own. Some of them are their curly soft hair, strong facial appearance, tall and skinny figure, and last but not least is their modest lifestyle compared to western women in big cities.

As they are so many, here are some interesting facts about African women to adore. They like to cook for their meals and their big family at home. Culture is the reason behind it, also cooking at home can save some money isn’t it? Very wifey material. Moreover, they are the sexiest figure in the world compared to the first world’s women who are suffer in their obesity and fast food lifestyle. Just as good as cooking, they are wifey material for they don’t mind staying at home taking care of financially-secured men like you are. You may also find out about How to Get a Hot Girl to Follow You on Instagram

How to Know If An African Girl Likes You

People are easier to travel even from a thousand miles cities to cities around the world. Everything has been organized and real-time. This gives wider chances for men from all over the world to know, to see, to meet, and even to marry African women. So many reasons to like them and if you are one of the men who likes them but you are not sure if they like you or not, then these are some signs to know if an African girl likes you.

1. If they laugh with you

Surely not laugh to you but laugh with you. African girls like men who can make them laugh. African culture is a bit harder than the rest of the world such as their average black men who are typically more aggressive than any men in the entire world. Or the hard work with low payment which take most of their energy and time. They are soft hearted people in a hard demanding world so fun and funny men might give them fresh air.

2. If they compliment your appearance

How to know if an African girl likes you? Little sign is a sign. If they compliment your appearance such as your beautiful eyes or your tall and big body or your sexy facial hair, then they surely like you.

They love European culture. This is almost always true they like you if you are European and they compliment you in your very first meeting. They are surely interested in you. This is not love but they like you. You may also find out about How to Get A Capricorn Man to Leave His Girlfriend for You

3. If they text back almost immediately

It might related to most girls but some women in some countries are resistant to reply men texts just to look busy or make the men less worthy than them. However, African girls will reply any texts from you almost immediately if they like you. This means they are always on their phone waiting for you to make a move. So yes always text them. 

4. If they starts even the simplest conversation

If they starts to send you casual texts or phone calls on daily basis. This is the next step after the point before when they only wait but immediately reply. So better you respond or they will be shattered once you ignore this and will never come back. You may also find out about Things You Need to Know Before You Date a Sarcastic Girl

5. If they cook for you

African girls like to cook, the culture makes them cook unless they want to look careless or lazy. But indeed they are not lazy and they have best menu for your dinners.

6. If they give daily life advises

It is getting serious if they like to give daily advices for your good. It is vary from a life lesson, their personal life experience, or maybe their best personal point of views. Don’t easily feel offended by this, just listen and thank them. You may also find out about This Is How to Deal with Brother’s Annoying Girlfriend

7. If they invite you to their homes

Home is very personal for every African girl. They will not invite strangers to their home unless they like them. So if an African girl invites you to their home, then she likes you. That’s how to know if an African girl likes you.

8. If they introduce you to their parents

Introducing stranger man to their parents is a very big step for them and for you because this is as serious as the family itself. They will only introduce you to their parents if they feel ready and sure you are the one.

9. If they are interested in your culture

The culture here is not limited to European, however African girls like white men from Europe because European men are typically more polite and more romantic compared to black men from their race. Flowers, romantic dinner, and little surprises are recommended. You may also find out about What to Do When Your Boyfriend Talks to A Girl You Don’t Like

10. If they talk more about relationship

This is a final sign if an African likes you. They may asks you about your point of view of a relationship to seek for chances to have a relationship with you.

So finally if you feel like you are related to most of them, then maybe you are one or two step closer to your beautiful brown African girl you like. Here are some tips if you also like them and want a further step for your friendship. Do not talk about slavery.

This one is very sensitive and odd topic you can’t have with Africans. This means you stereotype them and seems like you don’t have broader view of this world. Other sensitive topics to avoid if you  talk or date them is their hair although they have the softest hair in the entire world. Some African girls may joke about their own hair but you better not to.

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