Most Beautiful Woman In Egypian History, Must see!

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Ancient Egypt they live in the desert of northeastern Africa, their livelihood is agricultural population depend on Nile river. Ancient egypt’s wealth come from flood of Nile valley which is if nile valley going to flood in can make fertile agriculture and Nile valley become a transportation for public in Ancient egypt.

Further more there are a fact that cats was considered sacred for Ancient egypt and they have a so many invention which still worth it for now such as building managment, cosmetics, calender, the plow for farming, musical instrument and toothpaste still worth it for now a fact that Egpytian men and women use make up for their healing powers and it helped them to protect skin from the sun, talk about women there are a beatiful woman in egyptian history which can increase your knowledge about history of Ancient egypt.


1. Queen Nefertiti

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Egypt’s was a famous queen, Moreover, the fact says that Nefertiti’s beauty more than Cleopatra almost perfect better than Cleopatra, The beauty of nefertiti is also symbolized by its own name “Beautiful Woman Aten”.For information that Aten is one of god in the ancient times, the name nefertiti was given by her Husband king Akhenaten (known as Amenhotep IV), Queen nefertiti have a fact that she have a parents but her parentage isn’t recorded from it history, Egyptologist believe that she is a princess from Mitanni (Syria).

Queen nefertiti was played more important and prominent role, there are steal king’s privilege serve as a priest for his people of egypt. She was wears own her unique head accessories tall, have a straight eyes and have a topped flat blue crown. In his reign that she has important role she continued to play an religious role as an example she worshipping with her husband and serving to be the female element which must be worshipped by people.

During her reign Egpyt have a good development from Economic and social. Nefertiti’s mummy is hard to discovered in the world eventhought she was a Firaun from her era, archeolog make sure that her mummy in hidden place.

Not only her mummy but nefertiti’s dead still a mystery until today, but archeolog says that they are sure nefertiti’s dead was due to ordinary illness for the time when she death is still unknown until today. Eventho she was a nickname best couple (with Akhenaten) but Akhnaten still not satisfied because her marriage still don’t have a boys, their children are girls, Akhenaten who needs a successor thorne finally marry his younger brother and their married success to give a boys his name was Tutankhanum.

2. Cleopatra

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Cleopatra is a very beautiful woman in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra beauty is very famous until now, even Cleopatra beauty has been recognized by women from time to time. To make it always look beautiful Cleopatra even always uses a variety of ways to make it look youthful and shining.

The ways it does is to use a gold mask every night before going to bed, shower and soak the body using perfume, take a milk bath and even redden the lips using a beetle or ant. Cleopatra also likes to use honey and eggs to treat her skin. Cleopatra always performs these treatments so that she always looks young and also beautiful.

in addition to beautiful Cleopatra is also famous for her intelligence in a variety of difficult knowledge such as chemistry, medicine, economics, geography and she also mastered many languages besides Egyptian, Jewish and also Greek.

This also supports her to look more beautiful, in addition to having a beautiful face, she also has an intelligent brain that makes everyone envious of her lives. Cleopatra's beauty also made King Julius Caesar of Rome even bowing to the knees by Cleopatra's beauty.

Therefore the dispute between the Roman empire and the work of Egypt could not be dammed, many conspiracies that were spread at the time and made the state of Egypt very chaotic and Cleopatra decided to die of being bitten by a cobra caterpillar in the chest. Learn cute thing to say to your girl friend about beauty, may be will increase your change get your dream girl.

3. Sobekneferu

Sobekneferu is a female pharaoh who served for 4 years in the 12th dynasty. The name of Sobekneferu means "beauty of Sobek". Sobekneferu also really likes to wear men's clothes while on duty and is surrounded by men, but when he was in the kingdom Sobekneferu is a beautiful Egyptian woman like most who like to wear clothes that show their beautiful curves. Sobekneferu died without an heir and at that time the glory of the 12th dynasty ended and fell to the 13th dynasty which suffered a setback from the 12th dynasty.

Whether their beauty is exaggerated is something that can never be proven definitvely. But written by subjects its called it”Fair of face” and “Endowed With Love” has been found for support vision.

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