Signs A Girl Likes You In High School

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High school love is a thrilling phase of love where you just can't get enough! In the midst of a hectic schedule and tons of homework there comes someone who looks perfect. And as a teen it might be hard to juggle these work and pay attention to your love life.

Also as a teen we are still exploring the path of love, and sometimes we can get lost in the process. Well don’t fret, we are here to make your high school love life a heaven. With some signs that makes your head stop spinning and some guides from us, you will be on your way to a magical love life. Meanwhile, here are the signs a girl likes you in high school.

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Although girls in high school love to play hard to get, there are a few signs that she likes you in high school. These signs are a common signs that can be found in women, but it can vary according to their personality. Make sure to check each and every one of these signs a girl likes you in high school to be really sure!


1. Constant Eye Contact

When in a classroom or at the hall, maybe you feel a pair of eyes following you. Don’t be afraid, there is a big chance that those eyes belongs to your secret lover. A girl who likes you loves to watch your moves when you are not looking and daydream about you. To put this to the test, dart your eyes to a higher or lower area and if you see her eyes looking at that way too that means she totally has her eyes on you.

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2. Laughs At Your Jokes

A girl who likes you will want to make you feel special. One of the way to do that is by laughing at your jokes. Although your jokes is not even funny, she will laugh the loudest and maybe playfully push you a little bit. Notice the girl who laughs the most when you are talking, and that is probably your next girlfriend.

3. Initiates Conversation

Maybe the material taught in the class is not hard at all and she’s the smartest girl in the school. But she asked you questions about the material and ended up talking more about you rather than the material. When attracted, a girl will do whatever it takes to talk to you. She wants to know more about you and get your attention.  So when you see a  girl that often comes up to you and randomly talk to you, she is probably waiting for you to do your next move.

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4. Body Language

There are a lot of body language to be found when she is attracted to you. First, feet motions. If you feel a girl’s feet graze yours when you’re sitting face to face, that means she wants intimacy. Second, hand gestures. When talking, a girl who likes you will want to touch you playfully and maybe push you a little.

This is a signs a girl likes you in high school, that she is comfortable and wants more intimacy with you. Also, notice her hand position when you talk to her. If she is blocking her chest with a text book, bag or other things that means she is closed and not attracted to you.

5. Smiling


They say that smiling is everyone’s best feature. Girls know that and want to make sure that her crush looks at her in the best state. A girl who likes you will smile when you look at her. They even pretend to laugh at someone’s stupid joke when you are in sight. This is because they want to look beautiful and graceful around you. A girl who smiles around you all the time might keep a big secret.

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6. Thoughtful Little Gestures

One day, she gives back the book she lend from you and you found out that she added some important notes you forgot writing. Or she gives you her food when you have none. Thoughtful gestures can come in many forms and it’s not always big. These gestures are a soft way to come to you and tell her that she cares. Re-evaluate her every kind moves that you thought was random. That might be a green light from her directed to you.

7. Their Friends Knows Best

High school girls usually have a group of friends they rely on and talk to. Believe me when I say that these friends know everything. To know about her attraction towards you, see how her friends reacts around you. Do they casually compliments her? Whisper to each other when you’re around? If you don’t want to guess for long, be brave and actually ask them if she likes you. These friends will most likely tell you the truth and help you get closer to her faster.

8. Compliments

"You’ve got the best score", "you’re so smart", "you’re so good at sport". These compliments may sound casual but this may come from a loving heart. A girl who compliments you a lot wants you to feel good about yourself. She also wants you to see her as a kind person and ultimately as your support system. She wants you to see her in a good way and hopefully make you attracted to her.

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9. Blushing And Attention

A simple move from you can make a girl who likes you think about it for days or even months. When you are attracted to someone, every moves feels significant. It’s as if its some kind of signals in the language of love. So when you see her blushing when you did a simple move, she is definitely into you. Also, when you are really close to her or accidentally touch her, she will keep her gaze to your closeness and tries to make it linger. These are a sign of a girl wanting more intimacy and love from you.

10. Notice Her Social Media

High school girls can’t get off their phone and their social media. They talk about almost everything in their social media. So it is safe to say that this is the number one source of signs. Try to see if she posts anything about romantic interests or things about a guy that strangely resemble you.

See the tags too. Someone who is into you will not mind if you tag her in a photo with you. However, if she untag herself from those photos that means she don’t want to be connected to you. Although seemingly simple, this is a strong sign that she is definitely not into you.

More Signs That She Is Into You

Here are more signs a girl likes you in high school.

  1. She sits next to you in class
  2. She comes by your locker to talk often
  3. She sits with you in lunch break
  4. She invites you to a movie screening, party, or other social event often
  5. Her friends and family knows you well already
  6. She dresses up more in front of you
  7. Your text is replied fast
  8. She randomly sends you a text to start the conversation
  9. There’s a lot of conversation about you with her
  10. She asks you about your current romantic relationship
  11. She tells you over and over that she is single
  12. Flirting and teasing is something that she does often with you
  13. She plays with her hair when talking with you
  14. When sitting in front of you, she will lean back more
  15. When sitting beside you, her body will lean to you

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How To Get Her To Like You More

how to get her to like you more

Maybe she does none of the things above or maybe she has done a few. Either way, it is time for you to lock her love by doing some steps that will make her swoon and fall more in love with you. Here are steps that will surely win her heart:

1. Confidence Is Key

Whoever said that confidence is key is a genius. In every relationship, a girl looks for a strong and confident man that can protect her and make her feel safe. If you are not confident around her, it will be likely that you do something embarrassing or also make her feel more nervous. Although nervousness may seem charming, if you are too nervous she will feel not attracted to you.

2. Respond To Her Romantic Moves

Love is a two person game. If you want to get her, simply race with her. Racing with her means responding to her flirtatious moves by initiating something too. Flirt and take her out. This will let her know that this is not a one sided feeling, causing her to not hesitate when wanting to get closer to you.

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3. Converse Smartly

When we are nervous, we may blurt out some unnecessary things. This may be fatal because after all, communication is the base of every relationship. Maybe you just want to tease her but you end up hurting her. To avoid that do not call her names, initiate a conversation you’re not even interested in and talk about things that you know will hurt her.

4. Be Kind To Her

This is surely a no brainer for all of you lovers out there. Being kind to someone makes them feel safe and happy. So, be kind to her to win her heart because most guys are not pleasant. If necessary, be extra kind to her. But remember, this have to be from the bottom of your heart or else it wont seem sincere.

5. Be Yourself

Being yourself is crucial in a relationship. Being yourself when trying to get close to her is like saying ‘take it or leave it’. And what’s the point of being in love with someone who don’t love the real you?

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So, those are the signs a girl likes you in high school and the tips. Match the signs to her behavior and follow our simple steps to being her true lover. Good luck on your nerve-wrecking love adventure, young lovers!

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