Things On What To Do If She Likes You So Much

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Maybe you got some powerful hints that leads you to think that she likes you. Or maybe, she told you about her attraction towards you herself! She is hoping for a grand gesture from you, but you don’t know what to do. You feel confused but ultimately, you also want to make her have the best. Your relationship with her is counting on this next move. Well, stop searching for the answer in your heart or in multiple books. We are here to help you by compiling some of the moves that, no matter what, will do no harm for the both of you.

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According to your current feelings after hearing that big news, we have divided a series of situations and outcomes into two categories. Each one have a series of moves you can do which is painless and mature. If you don’t want to break her heart continue reading!

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Indeed, here are all the things on what to do if she likes you so much and how to respond:


If You Love Her

This is the big part on what to do if she likes you so much. If you love her too, here are some next moves that can make that love ship sail smoothly.

1. Be Confident

be confident

When you know that she likes you, the thing that will make her stop is your indecisiveness. Women think that when you are indecisive and shy, you can’t protect her and be a good boyfriend that she hopes you’ll be. But being confident doesn’t mean that you should be a bad guy and not admit your faults when you need to. By being confident, you remain calm in situations. When being this confident, you radiate an energy that makes feel safer around you. Ultimately leading her to fall in love with you more.

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2. Don’t Be Like Her Friend

It doesn’t mean that her friends are bad people. It just means that you should not fall into the friendzone in this crucial time of the relationship. Do not stay at bay and take it slow with her. Although taking it slow might build up the vibe, sometimes it just means that you are giving away your opportunity to some other guy. Be bold in making moves, keep contacting her, and do what you can to make the romance alive.

3. Smile At Her

What to do if she likes you so much and you feel the same? When she sees you, make sure to smile at her. Although smiling usually appears on it’s own when being near someone, you need to keep reminding yourself this. Smiling makes woman feels like her presence makes you happier, this lead her to think that it is not an unrequited love.

4. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact give girls a butterfly feeling. She will feel that you are paying attention to her and that you are really attracted to her. Looking at her when she’s not looking also pay off. Even though she is not looking, she will still feel your eyes on her. At the end of the day she will feel wanted and that her confession was not a waste.

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5. Dating Or Calling

Nowadays, texting is normally just for the first phases of a relationship when both of you are still shy. When you’ve seen her confess your attraction or hear about her attraction towards you, step up your game. Texting will not do the job. Start taking her out or calling her for a better quality intimacy. Girls that likes you want to spend time with you longer. By hearing your voice or talking face to face, she will feel more loved and wanted.

6. Compliment Her

Tell her that her hair looks good or that her choice of clothes is absolutely stunning. Small compliment on simple matters might not seem like a grand gesture, but it sure is. These compliments will leave her smiling for days. She’ll start thinking over and over about that compliment and she will feel that you are definitely attracted to her. When she have a strong reason to believe that she likes you, she will not ever leave your side.

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7. Confess Your Attraction

confess your attraction

The moves above are just a pre-game to get her more excited to know you and be by your side. Now, you should be bold and express your feelings towards her too. When confessing there are some do’s and dont’s. If you don’t know this it might cost you the love of your life, so listen close lovers. Here are some rules on confessing your attraction

8. Take Her Out

Never confess through text or social media. Although she will know how you feel, she will still have doubts. This is because expressions and emotions are what woman detect in situations. Not seeing your sincerity is what makes her doubt.

9. Make It Thoughtful

Before asking her to go out with you, plan a thoughtful date. Maybe take her somewhere that reminds you of her or plan a grand set of words that you will use to confess to her. This thoughtful confession will make her swoon over you and it will make her doubts go away.

10. Cut To The Chase

Don’t make her bored by long interactions. The chances are, you’ll get more nervous and flake out on the last minure, or she will get bored. Make it short and memorable. It will still do the job and it will give you both a sense of relieve.

If You Don’t Like Her

Hearing the word ‘no’ after a stream of emotion and high hopes will sure be hurtful. But you shouldn’t lead her on. If you do it you will hurt her and yourself. So here are moves to do keep her heart from breaking:

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1. Stop Leading Her On

What to do if she likes you so much but you don't? This is quite obvious. If you have no interest in her, stop sending her mixed signals that can make her think that you do like her. This will make her fall harder when suddenly she knows that in fact, you are not attracted to her. To do this, you should stop flirting with her or doing romantic gestures for her.

2. Pick A Place 

Pick a place that is calm and soothing. Don’t pick a place that is romantic or a crowded place. A public place will make her feel more embarrassed when she sees that people are watching. It is better to take her to a secluded place so there will only be the two of you.

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3. Friendliness First

When confessing, don’t blurt it out when you first got together. First, say how much she means to you. Then tell her that you don’t like her in a soft way. Then, tell her how sorry you are for not feeling the same.

4. Don’t Make Her More Hurt

don't make her more hurt

There are a few ways that can make her even more hurt. Maybe you tell her this with a stupid excuse for not being with her. If you do this, she will think that she is not worth your time and that she is just another game. Then, when telling her why this would not work, do not insult her even for a little bit. Insulting her will make her feel like this is her fault all along. She might also think that what makes her herself is what drives people off, leading her to a life long self-hatred.

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5. Confess That You Are Into Someone Else 

There are some rules to confessing that you do not like her. But, choose your words good and right. Don't be too cruel. You can say something like this, "You know, you are sweet but we are sweeter as good friends."

6. Be Calm And Confident

When you are nervous and stuttering you’ll do stupid things. Maybe you will blurt out wrong words or do wrong things. Do not do this because every bit of this confession will be replayed in her head all the time. Also, when you are confident and calm, you will radiate an energy of calmness. This energy could help her feel calm in hearing your confession too.

7. Let Her Do What She Have To Do

Of course she won’t bounce back on her feet. She will feel sad for a bit. Now, let her say waht she wants and if she tells you to do something, do it. Maybe she said that she needs space, then give her as much space as she want. Do not be surprised by a sudden action that she did. Maybe she suddenly runs away or cry. Just be there for her and let her do what she wants.

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8. Offer To Be A Friend

offer to be a friend

Sometimes the nice qualities that she once was attracted to makes a great quality for a friend. Be a bigger guy and offer to be her friend. Before offering this, see if you and she wants it to. Don’t push this ‘friends’ concept on her. Sometimes being your friend will just lead her back to being in love.

9. End It On A Good Term

Of course you do not want her to be hurt or maybe you also do not want this precious relationship to be over just because of some feelings. Well, try ending it on good terms with her. You can do this by offering to keep in touch if she needs to, wishing her good luck. Just do anything that is kind, sincere, and honest. If you do something from the bottom of your heart, she will feel better and she will know that despite all of this, you really do care for her.

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Don’t forget to pay attention to the rules above before making further moves. So, maybe things end bad with her or on a happy ending. Maybe you guys are now apart or continuing your relationship to the next level! Well, on both cases, congratulation. You have done what is best for the both of you. After knowing what to do if she likes you, now, continue loving my lovers!

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