Dangerous Things You Should Avoid Saying To An Aquarius

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An Aquarius is someone who is shy and quiet. In some areas they can be quite energetic and sometimes even eccentric. However, in both cases, they naturally think deeply and have a high and wide knowledge. Plus, they really love to help other people. These signs usually have some sensitivity when it comes to some things which means that you really need to be careful when you talk to them. Confused? Here are the sure things not to say to an Aquarius:


1. You Shouldn’t Be Alone

Aquarius fuels back up when they have some alone time, do not violate this way of coping.

2. The Only Way Is By Violence

Peaceful resolution is what an aquarius is all about. When you believe in violence, there is a big chance that they will back off from you.

3. I Don’t Believe In Peace

To go as far as saying that you do not believe in peace will ruin them.

4. You Can Only Do This

Restriction is what drives an aquarius away.

5. You Shouldn’t Do It That Way

you shouldn't do it that way

They value freedom and creativity in what they do. Saying this will eliminate all those.

6. You Don’t Need To Be Creative

Don’t restrict an aquarius desire to be creative in every way.

7. Your Goals Doesn’t Matter

Because an aquarius is a goal driven person, saying this will absolutely crush them.

8. Your Life Doesn’t Matter

This shouldn’t be said to anyone but especially not to an aquarius.

9. I Don’t Believe In Your Dreams

All of their confidence and strength will shatter once you crush the biggest foundation of their life.

10. I Don’t Believe In Your Capability

Doing this is plain wrong whether if it is said to an aquarius or anyone else.

11. I Don’t Like Who you Are

Since an aquarius values freedom especially in being who they are, this will make them hate you so much.

12. You Can Only Be Alone

Although an aquarius values alone time, restricting them to be alone forever will drive them mad because they love to be social.

13. You Should Do (Something) For A Long Period Of Time

Aquarius gets bored easily so when you say that they should do something for a long period of time, they will surely despise you.

14. You Shouldn’t Say That

you shouldn't say that

Freedom of speech is highly valued by an aquarius. Only say this when they say something rude or inappropriate.

15. You Shouldn’t Wear That

To be who they are and having the freedom to choose their clothes is what they value most. Do not take this away from them.

16. You Shouldn’t Do That

This kind of limitation will drive an aquarius mad and they will hate you for a long time.

17. Flirts Too Much

Even though you are only saying the  Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush to get an aquarius to show Signs someone is in love with you do not do it. They are repulsed by over-intimacy early in a relationship.

18. There’s No Time To Take The Relationship Slowly

An aquarius values building a relationship slowly. Doing this will make them quickly find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

19. I Like To Keep To Myself

Not being vulnerable with them will stop you from ever being close to them.

20. I Don’t Want To Tell You Stuff About Me

Not opening up will be seen by an Aquarius as a sign of hatred which is not what you want, right? 

Do Not Say These Things To An Aquarius

do not say these things to an aquarius

Like most people, Aquarius can tolerate a lot but they sometimes simply cannot tolerate some words or sentence which sets them into a bad mood. Here are more tips on things not to say to an Aquarius;

1. I Am Not A Creative Person

Knowing that you have that talent in you but you refuse to use it will make an aquarius frustrated.

2. I Do Not Seek To Grow As A Person

A person who does not grow intellectually is someone that an aquarius don’t want in their life.

3. Knowledge Is Useless

Not valuing knowledge means not respecting them.

4. Knowledge Doesn’t Make Me Grow

Not believing in the power of knowledge will drive them to an angry rant towards you.

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5. I Don’t Need To Know About This

Ignorance is unwanted by an aquarius.

6. You Need To Follow This Rules

Rules constrict freedom and is a part of what an aquarius hates most.

7. You Can’t Show Interest In That Stuff

Limiting or stopping their voluptuous attraction towards something is what makes them despise you.

Signs That An Aquarius Likes You So

The right things to say leads to a great relationship between the both of you. That is why when you start to practice the things to say you will see these signs;

1. They Support You

they support you

An aquarius like to see the talent and goal in people and if they really show the Signs She is Into Me, they will fully support you in what you do. They will even go as far as offering to help in whatever you need.

2. They Are Vulnerable To You

It is quite hard for an aquarius to open up and to become fully open to you. But when they really like you, they will be more and more vulnerable with you.

3. They Like Having Endless Time To Be With You

Alhtough they value alone time, when they really like you they will start spending more time with you. You will start to see them initiating more plans to be with you.

4. They Show Genuine Care To You

When someone really like you they'll show genuine care to you.

Aquarius is an overall great person. But they can be off when you say the wrong things. That is why you need to find the right things not to say to an aquarius. Then you will reap the benefits by seeing the signs that an aquarius likes you.

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