Why Do Guys Disappear For Days And What To Do To Deal with It

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Many people come and go in your life. You should cherish the ones that stay. However, of all the people that left is sometimes the one you expect to stay because you love them. Well, what can you do if they decide to do so?

Your crush suddenly disappears last week yet you don't know the reason. You live your life normally and you both are completely fine. That is why you've been wondering what happens, what makes them just disappear like that. Also check this to know more Why Do Guys Ghost After Hooking Up.

Here are why do guys disappear for days and what to do to deal with it

Just like girls, sometimes boys have a complicated mind and way of thinking especially in a relationship. When you get to know a boy and spend time with him for a while, there would be a common case like they just disappear the next day. You don't know particularly the exact reason since you think everything is normal yesterday. Well, to answer your question, here are why do guys disappear for days and what to do to deal with it.


1. You Are Not Official Dating

You don't need to worry if that guy disappear or basically you don't have the right to worry because you both are not officially dating though. However, we know you are still going to think what the reason is. Then, you need to deal with it since you are the only one that cares.

2. He Doesn't Care About Getting A Relationship

Why do guys disappear for days and what to do to deal with it? When a guy disappears, it means they don't want to be in that situation or even relationship. He probably doesn't care about getting one with all of the reason that he only had.

3. He Busy With Work

You don't need to overthink about it. He might busy with his work and doesn't have time for you at the moment.

4. You Are Not His Priority

Well, wait, there is no such thing as a busy person in this world because it is only a matter of priorities. If they just disappear and busy with their stuff, then it is simply because you are not his highest priority.

5. He Has Another Girl

Why do guys disappear for days and what to do to deal with it? Put you in the lowest priority, it could be mean that he has another girl beside you. Well, it doesn't matter though since you aren't dating in the first place.

6. He Is On Vacation

he is on vacation

Keep your mind positive. Maybe now he is on a vacation and doesn't bring his phone so he can't call you. Yes, he is on a vacation for more than one month. Stay positive, babe!

7. He Needs Time To Think

The reason for his sudden disappearance maybe because he needs time to think about what happened between you two. He wants to make sure his feeling about you so he won't hurt you in the end. Even though by doing this he already hurt you.

8. He Has Family Problem

Why do guys disappear for days and what to do to deal with it? Remember that family comes first. He might in the middle of a family problem so he puts that first and leaves out the relationship thingy.

9. He Is Not Ready For Commitment

A boy is a boy. Sometimes, takes a long time for a boy to get ready for a serious commitment. If you were talking about getting a serious relationship, maybe it annoyed him and that is the reason for their disappearance. Maybe boys doesn't fit you, then it is time to date an older man read this to know the reason What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating an Older Man.

10. He Is Not Into You

Why do guys disappear for days and what to do to deal with it? It is because he is not that into you. Don't expect too much from a guy that disappears without notice.

What To Do To Deal With Guys That Disappear

After knowing the reason, here are more for why do guys disappear for days and what to do to deal with it. Also check Ways to Forget Your Ex to know about it.

1. Text Him First

If you worry about him, then just text him first and ask about what happened to them. However, don't bomb his phone with your text especially when he doesn't reply.

2. Wait For Him At The Moment

When a guy disappears for days, maybe he involved with something and can't tell you right away or he just busy with all of his stuff. Then, you should just wait for him at the moment neither he would come back or not.

3. Look For Information On His Social Media

Don't just wait and know nothing. You should try at least looking for information on his social media. Maybe you will find some useful information to know what he is getting into at the moment.

4. Time To Make Decision

It is already more than enough time for you to wait. You should make a decision what are you going to do with your feeling. Are going to keep waiting for unsure thing like this or what?

5. Forget About Him

If he doesn't come back after just disappear like that, then you have need to forget him right away! Your time is worth than thinking about a person that low. You can try to find a new guy like Reasons Why You Should Date A Softball Player.

More Tips When Your Crush Disappear

more tips when your crush disappear

You need this useful tips when your crush disappear.

1. Be More Considerate

Even though he isn't your boyfriend, disappear just like that is such cowardly movement. However, you don't the reasons yet that is why be patient and be more considerate.

2. Make Yourself Busy

If you don't want to think about it all the time, then try to make yourself busy. Find a new thing that can you enjoy and have some fun!

3. Don't Over Whining

Don't over whining when someone is left, it is only mean he doesn't want to be in your life. Also check this to know How to Let Your Ex Boyfriend Know You Want Him Back.

4. He Is Not Meant To Be Yours

What is yours, is going to be yours. So if he disappears, just wait for it; is he going to come back or not. If he doesn't, then he is not meant to be yours.

5. Love Is Not Everything

Instead mourn about his disappearance, do something more productive or improve yourself in a new stuff. Love is not everything, babe, your happiness are!

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