This Is Why Do Guys Ghost After Hooking Up Like It Was Nothing - True Fact!

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Ghosting pretty much happens most in the unofficial dating. They just disappear without saying anything. I know, such a cowardly move, don't you think? It is similar to Girlfriend Slept With Another Guy. Especially when a guy does ghosting after getting what he wants.

Among the bad guy, it is might consider as an ordinary thing to do since they do it every time. One of the cases is when guys ghost after hooking up with a girl. When you go into a nightclub you will find those often but each side sometimes want it too or it is what we called one-night stand. So if you wonder about Should I Tell My Boyfriend I Cuddled with Another Guy check that out.

However, still, why do guys ghost after hooking up?

Here are why do guys ghost after hooking up

Which most of the case of ghosting include bad boys, we might wonder its just their attitude to just leave like a wind. However, a good one could do it too. So why actually they do that though? To answer your curiosity, here are why do guys ghost after hooking up.

1. They Are Basically Jerk

Why do guys ghost after hooking up? Man doesn't do such a low act unless they basically jerk. Also check this I Kissed Another Guy when I Was Drunk, Should I Tell My Boyfriend if you are in that kind of situation.

2. They Don't Know What to Do

If guys ghost after hooking up with you, maybe it is because they don't know what to do. Being has no idea, they just leave you like that.

3. They Just Want to Have Fun

What kind of guys that hooking up with you that night? If they are the one that you've met at a club, probably they just want to have fun so that's why they just ghost after have some.

4. They Don't Have Any Interest for a Relationship

Sex with a touch of love is one of the best feelings in the world. However, some guys just want to hook up without bond to a serious relationship. They don't have any interest for that stuff or A Guy Just Wants to be Friends with Benefits so they are ghosting after it.

5. They Do It Every Time

Why do guys ghost after hooking up? Bad guys don't need to think twice to leave you since they do it every time.

6. Never Intended to Do So

In some cases, maybe they don't ghost away from you or even never intended to do so. Maybe you are the one that overthinking about this matter and just don't want to lose them.

7. Need Time to Think

Sometimes, guys need time to be alone too. Probably they ghost after hooking up with you to think what are they going to so it is only temporary.

8. Don't Want to Take Responsibility

The most coward reason, they might don't want to take responsibility for what happened. Maybe this Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material can help you.

9. Find Another Attractive Girl

Why do guys ghost after hooking up? There is a possibility they already find another attractive girl. Since they got what they want from you, they will leave you just like that.

10. Clearly Don't Want You For Anything Else

If a guy ghost after hooking up with you, then it is clear they only see your body and don't want you for anything else. Especially when they blocked all of your contacts right away after that or Guys Don't Text Back Right Away.

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Signs of Guy Who Only Wants to Hook Up with You

Actually, if you open your eyes wider you can see the sign of a guy that getting close to you just to hook up with you then ghost after that. Here are signs you need to know. Check too Ways to Say Goodnight to a Guy Friend Through Text.

1. You've Heard Bad Rumor

Don't trust rumor right away is a wise thing to do since people only know what they know not the whole story. However, don't just throw it away too. It might help you to see through him later.

2. Being Overly Nice

The guy seems to chase what they want. If they want you, they will treat you extremely nice yet you should pay attention so you would know their true intention. Also check this Things to Say to Your Ex to Make Him Regret Leaving You in pain.

3. Too Much Flirt

If they do too much flirt, I mean in the completely too much way, perhaps they will just leave you after hooking up.

4. Invite You to His Apartment

You only know him for only days. However, he already invited you to his apartment. You should be careful moreover like I already said if there is a bad rumor about him out there.

Tips to Forget Out that Kind of Guy

Here are more tips to forget out that kind of guy who just ghost after hooking up. Learn this too How to Get Over a Guy Who Doesn’t Like You Back in No Time.

1. They Don't Worth Your Time

Why are you thinking about such a guy? If they ghost, then be grateful since you know now that they don't worth your time.

2. You Deserve More Than That

Know the value of yourself. You don't deserve someone that low for your life. Life is too short to mourn in a bad guy. This can help you Tips to Make a Man Crazy About You.

3. Stop Thinking It Was Your Fault

There was not your fault whatsoever when that kind of guy choose to ghost after hooking up. So you should stop thinking about it.

4. What Goes Around Comes Around

You need to believe that everything you do will come back to you. This time they are ghosting away, what goes around comes around, in another chance they will feel the pain that you feel now. Maybe it is time to learn How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Fall in Love with You Again Through Text.

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